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Is Cover Letter Really Matters For Job Seekers?

Most of us use to think that whether cover letter really matters? Yes of course! It matters most because it gives a brief introduction about your profile. When you are applying for any job, you should include the cover letter accompanying your CV. This serves as a brief introduction of your profile. But while writing a cover letter, make sure that it should be informative and should be brief summary of your profile.

What are the points one should keep in mind before drafting a cover letter? Let’s discuss it in detail.

  1. Before applying for any job, you need to understand the job’s role and responsibilities. Based on that you need to draft the cover letter. The cover letter should clearly tell that your profile completely matches the jobs requirement and you are the right candidate.
    While drafting letter make sure that you are not misguiding employer or recruiter. Always include the skills in which you are perfect and which matches the job description.
  2. It should not be very big. It should include the important points that clearly describe that you are the perfect candidate for the job.
  3. As compare to cover letter, resume matter the most. But the combination of two can play very significant role in making the first impression. Most of the time candidate or job seekers use to make lengthy resume and cover letter and that leads to negative impression. Always try to include the important points and try to reduce the size of your resume and cover letter to the important points i.e. your main skill, roles and responsibilities.