Google Mobile Test Update

Google Mobile Test Update

Recently Google made an announcement on “Google Mobile Test Tool”. Previously this tool helps you to identify the loading time of your website over desktop and mobile. Recently Google made some advancement and modify the tool by enhancing the functionality. Using this tool now you can test the loading time of your website and also help you to know much visitor you are losing due to more load time in comparison to your competitors.

As previously this tool offers you the functionality of how to make your site faster and optimized as per search engine guidelines. Also providing the grade in terms of loading time over Mobile and Desktop.

So, now using this tool you can check how much visitors you are losing as compare to your competitors by having higher loading time.

Test now your website loading time using the enhanced feature of “Google Mobile Loading Time Testing Tool” and how can you maintain the traffic on your website without losing any visitor.

Below is the link of testing the website mobile loading time –

Below are the steps you in order to test the mobile loading time –

  • 1. Open the above mentioned URL.
  • 2. Tool page will open. Over there write your website URL.

  • mobile loading testing tool

  • 3. It will take few minute to load the result.
  • 4. Once the complete evaluation done i.e. 100%, you can see the result. Below is the screen shot of my website.

  • mobile loading time score

  • 5. You can also see the comparison, in terms of how much visitors you are losing as compare to your competitors.

  • industry comparison

  • 6. You can see the suggestion from the tool that how you can reduce the loading time. Below is the screen.

  • speed up suggestion

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