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Gone are the days when engineers and doctors were considered as high profile; as now is the time when other offbeat career options are getting full attention from the general public. One such career option is customer executive staff jobs. As the name implied, customer executive staff job is the one in which you have to attend the customers and solve their queries either by phone call or in person. You can give suggestions and offers other information related to the product and services. This job is something totally different from other common career options.

But wait, before engaging in these jobs, it is important to know that what you actually want to become a customer executive staff member? Is this job really as simple as it seems to be? Is engaging in customer executive staff jobs really worth? What skills do you require so as to become a service staff member? Can this job satisfy your financial requirements? Why people often say that you are lucky to become a customer executive staff member?

See, may be customer executive jobs are interesting but it is not as easy as you are thinking right now. It takes lots of patience and smartness. How to handle the customer at their worst mood and how to deal with their queries is a big task for service staff member. But all and all, this job provides job satisfaction and that is all we need from our jobs.

What it actually requires to be a customer executive staff?

  • Educational Qualifications – All you need is a high school diploma or equivalent so as to become a customer executive staff. See, this is not the job in which you have to create projects and all. In this, you need to solve the customer queries by interacting with them.

    Apart from high school diploma, it is required to have some basic computer knowledge so as to check the email, faxes etc.

  • Excellent Communication Skills – Look, as already said that customer executive staff is something in which you have to deal with the customer problems, therefore, your fluent communication is important. You should know how to impress or convince the customer with your proficient talking.
    See, I am not saying that you have to learn the English language only. You should be fluent in more than one language especially in which the customer is comfortable. If he is speaking in Hindi then make them comfortable in their language.

  • Patience is the key – Service Staff jobs are something in which you have to make your client happy by dealing with their queries and problems. Sometimes it may happen that your client is annoying or rude but it is your duty to be cool and keep some patience.
    If you are working as a customer executive staff member then it is important for you to stay patient if they the customer come to you stumped and frustrated. Even it is your duty to make them cool and calm. Figure out what they exactly want and try to solve their problem at your earliest.
  • Knowledge of the product – See, you are hired to deal with the queries of the customers and. Therefore, it becomes important for you to have the complete knowledge of the product so as to deal with the customer’s problem.
    It is quite obvious that without knowing your product from front to back, how you would solve the customer’s problems.
  • Attentiveness – This is another important skill that a customer executive staff member should possess. Attentiveness means the ability to listen the customer’s problem very carefully. It is highly suggested that being a customer executive staff member, it is your duty to understand the customer’s problem in one go. Don’t ask the problem over and over again as with this the customer will get more frustrated.

Why is Customer executive staff job the best?

  • First reason that your customer executive staff is so lucky is that this job is easy as compared to other high profile jobs where you have to take the responsibility of profit and loss. Quite frankly, solving the customer’s problem and tell them about your product is not a rocket science.
  • This job is reliable in the sense that your company will not frequently replace you.
  • These

Job Search is one painstaking task that you cannot avoid; whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional job search, it takes a lot of effort to get a job you want. In this process, your resume plays a key role in driving you to reach your dream profession.

A good resume helps you to get placed in your dream job. You can never underestimate what a resume can do to your career: either it can make it or break it. They create your first impression with your potential recruiter or employer. It is imperative that you understand the necessity of a good resume. It helps you stand out among thousands of resumes that a recruiter sees every day.

But, what is a “good resume” made of? Does it include any magic spell to grab the recruiters’ attention?

Well, a good resume gives the recruiter what he/she needs. Different experts came together and urged to help job seekers to learn ways to reach their dream job. Through research and survey, they have found a few tricks that enable the job seekers to present their ideas innovatively.

With the change in demands from the competitive landscape, below are some of the expert resume tips that help you make it to your dream job.

Customize Your Resume

You may be applying for the same profession in different organizations. However, each organization looks for something different and is unique in their approach while acquiring the talented individuals. Learn what they want. This does the job of creating the first impression that your potential employer is looking for. It is also necessary that you don’t overdo it. It might make you look desperate. Establish a balance between exaggeration and understatement.

Highlight Your Key Skills

You may know several things. But, what is the best among them? Emphasize on the skills that you do your best. Also, remember, these key skills must match the profession that you are looking for. For instance, when you are looking for a writing profession and mentioning “coding” as your key skill may not grab the attention of the recruiter. Identify your key skills that match the profession you are looking for.

Formatting and Style

Keep in mind, that your resume is for formal interaction between you and your potential employer. Ensure it is easy to read and easy to comprehend rather than leaving the recruiter to ponder on ‘what it is’. It is always recommended to reverse your chronology and display your recent projects first. While you keep your font size simple, let the information flow in a smooth manner. Avoid anything that gives an unprofessional look and do away with the language errors.

Chuck the Cliches

For long years, individuals have approached recruiters with a career objective that has been taken from their teachers or friends (plagiarized in other words). It is very rare that recruiters see anything unique in this section. Re-consider if you really want career objective in your resume. Other cliches of resume are using the words such as “hard-working” in strengths or “I love my work a bit too much” as your weakness might not create a great impression. Revise your resume, to push these away.

Put Your Passion on the Paper

If you want to nail your dream job, put that passion of the profession on paper. Let your challenging work not go in vain, showcase it. Mention your achievements and quantify your accomplishments and experiences. However, do not detail them longer; brief them. The average time the recruiter checks your resume would be 2 minutes. Give your best in these two minutes.

The best resume posting sites look for resumes with these elements in them. Hope these expert’s tips assist you to get your dream job. Today, several resumes posting sites are available, you can select the top resume posting sites and kick-start your career.

Mechanical engineers are the professional who performs engineering duties in arranging and planning gadgets, motors, machines and other mechanically working gear. This branch applies standards of building, physical science and material science for the outline, examination, assembling, and upkeep of mechanical frameworks.

Some of the duties of mechanical engineers are:

  • Read and translate diagrams, technical illustrations, schematics, and computer-generated reports.
  • Confer with engineers and another workforce to implement working methods, resolve system breakdowns, and give specialized data.
  • Research and analyze customer outline proposals, details, manuals, and other information to assess the possibility, cost, and maintenance of plans or applications.
  • Specify system segments or direct change of items to guarantee conformance with building plan and execution particulars.
  • Research, plan, evaluate, introduce, work, and keep up mechanical items, gear, systems and procedures to meet requirements, applying information of building standards.
  • Investigate equipment failure and challenges to analyze the defective task, and to influence proposals to maintenance crew.
  • Help drafters in building up the basic design of items, using drafting apparatuses or computer-assisted configuration/drafting hardware and programming.
  • Give feedback to design engineers on client issues and needs.
  • Direct establishment, task, support, and repair to guarantee that machines and hardware are installed and working as indicated by specifications.
  • Direct research that tests and analyses the practicality, outline, performance, and execution of equipment, components, and systems.
  • Prescribe outline changes to eliminate machine or system breakdowns.
  • Create and test models of exchange outlines and handling techniques to evaluate the feasibility, working condition effects, possible new applications and need of adjustment.
  • Create, arrange, and screen all parts of the production, including the determination of manufacturing strategies, fabrication, and the task of product outlines.

Here are some career tips every mechanical engineer need to know:

There’s more to being a fruitful mechanical architect than being great at math and science. Despite whether you are a present designing graduate or have been working as a mechanical engineering administrator for quite a while, there are tips and methodologies that can enable you to progress in your profession.

Let’s have a look; you should know some of these tips that can take your building profession to the next level:

  • Think like a businessman: Engineering firms while employing mechanical engineers, think as they are hiring a businessman, as they need to make strategies and intending to get benefits. Consequently, professional architects need to understand the cost of everything produced under their supervision.
  • Perceive things outside discipline: The present items accompany different sorts of technology not at all like before. Therefore, a mechanical designer needs to learn some basics outside his discipline.
  • Be a cooperative person: Professional engineering includes cooperation among a wide range of controls that must meet up to determine complex issues and plan answers for offer items for sale to the public. Thus, relational abilities are as critical as specialized aptitude.
  • Know and follow the rules: When hired by employers, a mechanical architect needs to live with the estimations of the businesses and different sets of accepted rules to proceed onward easily.
  • Make a glorious career: After graduation, one needs to involve into an expert profession that includes configuration, research, assembling, and testing, etc. therefore, you are required to work with machines, apparatuses, and different devices. With this ability, you additionally move to the level of supervisor.
  • Get ready to work in all conditions: Being a mechanical architect, you should set an example to your companions in exhibiting and settling issues with your own particular hands. At times you get grimy while doing such things in motors, foundries and so on.
  • Be great in theory and practical: Mechanical engineers should be constantly great in theory and also in doing practical things. A good mechanical specialist will dependably relate things to the theory of all the useful things he does.
  • Continue learning: As technology changes frequently, mechanical architects must be in learning mode constantly. Great architects dependably subscribe specialized journals for refreshing their knowledge.
  • Enhance communication abilities: Develop great communication skill. Utilize such aptitudes in sharing significant information and other specialized abilities to others so as to enhance efficiency.

Demands in this profession are increasing day by day; as a result, various opportunities are there in this field. So, if you are looking for mechanical engineering jobs, then Singapore is the best place to start your career in this. You can also visit the job portal of Monster Singapore where you can find various jobs according to your profile.

Customer service sector compensates for an interesting career. If you are a social individual who has strong communication skills and is looking for a profession that is dynamic in nature, then this field has an immense opportunity for you. Customer service is an essential piece of the marketing department of an association. Marketing services don’t end with deals. It incorporates after-sales benefits as well. It implies speaking with the clients and noting their inquiries. It might be regarding the establishment or utilization of the item, the item includes protestations against the item, repairing arrangements for administrations, grievances against low-quality administrations, and so on. Thus, the customer service team is devoted towards ensuring that the client questions are settled on the time, and they are happy with the association.

Responsibilities of a customer service:

  • Manage the clients by means of emails, via phone, or face to face.
  • Listen to the client questions persistently and comprehend it. If the issue doesn’t seem to solve, at that point forward the issue to the bosses.
  • React to the issues of the client instantly.
  • Look after the client records and update their exchange status.
  • Draft the essential archives, letter or explanations, as required by the client.
  • Keep up records of associations with the clients in a systematic way.
  • Facilitate with the inner office to discover arrangements and resolve matters.
  • Keep up a follow up on the client, whose inquiry you had tackled. Guarantee they are happy with your answer.

Education required for getting into client service:

  • Secondary school diploma or degree and four-year college education or something equivalent
  • Knowledge of client administrations morals, standards, and strategies
  • Capability in administrative and documentation methodology

Skills required:

  • One should have the capacity to use the PC very well
  • Great communication skills both written and verbal
  • Should have the capacity to deal with a considerable measure of information that is accessible, and the majority of this must be done at the great pace.
  • Candidate should have a considerable measure of tolerance when speaking with the client
  • Should have the capacity to keep up their composure regardless of whether the client is being inconsiderate
  • Should have great listening abilities, since more often, communication with the clients is done via telephone
  • Should be mindful of detailing
  • Should have the aptitude of adaptability; they should adjust to numerous circumstances with respect to the client

Salary Package:

A Customer Service Representative (CSR) earns an average pay of S$31,678 every year. Pay for this activity rises consistently for more experienced workers, for instance, it rises perceptibly for a couple of workers with over 20 years’ involvement.

Qualities that every customer service employee needs:

  • Patience: Patience is the very important quality which should be there in a customer service employee because they have to deal with people’s queries and problems all the time.
  • Attentive: The second most important quality of a customer service employee is that they should be attentive. They have to listen to the complaints and queries of the clients and they have to satisfy them at the same time.
  • Knowledge of the product: Another important skill of a customer service employee is that they should have the knowledge of each and every product. When the customer complaints about the product or ask any question related to it, a customer service employee has to answer the question. If they will not know about the product how will they answer? This is why knowledge of the product is important.
  • Ability to use positive language: The next important quality is the ability to use positive language when you are talking to the client. Sometimes clients may talk rudely to you, or they start fighting with you. But still in that condition also you have to use positive language. No negative words are allowed.

If you want to be a customer service employee, then you should possess all the qualities mentioned above. If you want to seek your career in customer service, then Singapore will provide the best opportunities. Singapore has the best of customer service jobs with a handsome amount of salary package. So, if customer service is your passion, then Singapore will help you follow it. You can also visit the job portal of Monster Singapore where you can find various customer service jobs.

The IT industry is one of the fastest growing industry if not THE fastest. Several reasons account for the excessive growth of the industry, one of the biggest being the growth in the dependent industries like digital marketing and advertising. With the growth in industries dependent or taking advantage of digital technologies, a lot of unusual jobs are created as well which otherwise were a small part of the core industries. Information Technology isn’t untouched by it either.

These specialized jobs in the IT industry are lesser known because of the nature of profile and work that isn’t visible on the outside. They have recently been discovered as an essential part of the operations to become functional as an independent profile. Some of them have gone on to become industries in themselves. The general IT job openings have segregated themselves from them for the most part as well, another reason for the lack of awareness. So here are what you may not know about the new-age IT jobs.

Database Administrator

This is a well know job but the catch is as the databases and archives are moving onto the cloud systems, this job is vanishing unless you have a sound knowledge of automation. This leaves a lot of experienced personnel in the dark and levels the field for freshers and experienced professionals alike. DBAs had been a high paying job for a while. While the openings may be decreasing, it is still needed in organizations with added criterions, and added benefits as well. It is the increasing size of the IT-based industries that is continuously demanding DBAs and evolving the profile into a new format.

Data Architect

This one is for the more mathematically inclined individuals and had been less demand for a long time. The job is to model systems and databases for efficient flow of information. If DBAs manage and troubleshoot databases and archival (storage) functions then data architects create them in the first place. With ever-changing custom needs of technology-driven organizations, data architects have seen a very steady rise in past few years. As data science goes mainstream, data architecture will see a tremendous jump in job openings and applications, and subsequently compensations too.


Device Operations (or Operatives) also called DevOps among the IT communities is a simple job with higher criterions on the technical front. The profile requires you to configure and manage online devices like servers, storage, etc. With businesses looking towards a more flexible approach to handling web traffic and load on their devices (to reduce costs flexibly and secure uninterrupted operations), DevOps has taken a strong place in the IT industry. The pays are high, the demand is high, and awareness, very low.

Systems Analyst

Part technical and part managerial, systems analyst is a job for driven individuals. The work is about understanding, deciding, maintaining and troubleshooting, and managing all the networks and systems including the optimal use of hardware and software. On the business front, they are required to operate with minimum cost for maximum output and on the technical front, they are responsible for smooth and uninterrupted operations of all systems. It is a key job in most organizations and often requires management education (degree, diploma, or certification) with technical education (or experience).

Data Scientist

Data science is the youngest of options one can go for. In its infancy, it had already shown a promising future for both professionals and the industry. It involves acquiring (mining), segregating, analyzing, and using the vast collections of data, old and new, to advantage. It is usually used to strategize marketing campaigns, feed algorithms for better outputs, machine learning, etc. Reasons why Data science and Big Data analytics have become a quintessential part of businesses in the digital and non-digital world. This calls for an equally big demand and pay scales for the profile.

And there are probably even more jobs that haven’t caught mainstream attention. Consulting professionals from the IT industry may reveal many more such opportunities (and maybe even open opportunities). Just like big data analytics, some might even be in their infancy and to grab them, one has to be updated with technology trends and news with an analytical approach. And as we move forward, these jobs will become mainstream as well, so watch out!

Multinational company, commonly called as MNCs are those companies which are based in different parts of the country for business expansion. In order to set a benchmark, these companies authorize themselves to make business in any part of the country. With coming years, it is going to expand at large and will define itself with the world.

MNCs Like Oracle, Amazon, Wipro and various others are one of the most renowned companies which having been doing business from past many years. Companies like these have set an example for the upcoming generation who are preparing for job to work under these companies. There are many of jobs opportunity for the job seekers who are searching for jobs in Electrical Engineering, Human resource, Finance, Telecommunications, Computer Engineering and many more.

Let’s discuss about the major benefits working under MNCs:

  1. Exposure: When a candidate qualifies for the MNC interview, he/she is exposed to the world of innovations, ideas and creative thoughts. Exposure to the MNC provides a gallery of learning where employee is made to revamp and adapt to the environment of the company. When an employee is made acquainted with the other things he/she gets motivated and ultimately productivity is increased.
  2. Adaptability: Many of the firms apart from MNCs do not make employees to make adaptable to the current scenario of the organization. For this, MNCs are termed as the best. They allow candidates to participate in extra activities and are made to cop-up with the environment of the company.

  3. Professionalism: When compared with public sector companies, MNC are best in professionalism. Each and every work performed under these organizations goes with pro handling of activities and performance. Culture is professional, Employees come with proper attire and even great form of decency is maintained.
  4. Payment Structure: MNCs are calculated as great form of making money because of the variable in package. This is not followed by the public sector units in which it varies according to the post and employee is liable for a fixed amount. At the time of interview job seeker can bargain about the salary package but in govt. sector it remains same for every member.
  5. Standard of living: Employees working in MNCs are very professional and maintain their standard of living. It is often seen that many of the employees in MNCs are well versed with money, home and other forms of living. This is what makes MNCS a better option to choose apart from public sector units.

MNC jobs are very advanced and require sharp and creative minds of employees. Private companies make money through their resources and are pay them a handsome amount in order to run their business and get good results at the end of year. Differentiating between the two is pointless, because jobs under MNC are far better than any other companies. This is why many of the candidates prefer for job in MNC where they can get exposure as well as a brand name attached to it. Also there are various organizations where any candidate can apply through job portal and can make career bright and successful.

Author Bio – Ashish Kumar is an online media enthusiast and a blogger who closely follows the latest career guidance and job trends In India and Online Digital Marketing Trends. He writes about various related topics such as Various Digital marketing technique, Job Opportunities in India, Trending subjects and many more.

Do you think that salary is the prime factor of jobs in India? Top companies have experienced major changes in past 10 years. An Indian job portal Worknrby has done a survey according to that these issues are because of not getting the right candidate for the empty positions. Because of this mismatch problem, some employees face challenges in the recruitment process and not get the satisfying payroll.

Global human capital consulting firm- Watson Wyatt, conducted a CEO Forum. “Building Peak Performance Teams to Conquer Global Markets” was the key topic of this forum. This seminar lead by John Haley, President of Watson Wyatt, and Dr. Chuley Lee, Regional Director for Asia Pacific had major discussions.

Guest speakers from Tata Consultancy Services and Aditya Birla Group were a part of this forum. The guest speaker from Aditya Birla says that,” India has a work population of 500 millions. And, this number will rise with years with 335 millions growths”. Haley predicts, “If I look from employees’ perspective, teamwork and leadership are major commitments in a job”. He adds, “Indian job market has an advantage with a net labor cost, approx 40%. And, future growth depends on the motivating the people with incentives and benefits.”

Does a high pay profile is only a satisfaction for the employee?

The forum by Watson Wyatt, gave conclusions regarding the Indian employment sector. Top Indian companies focuses on firm’s growth. They believe more in “leave or stay” policy. Company’s progress focuses on this policy during appraisals. On the other hand, the seminar also led to a contrary conclusion. There were debates on discontent ratio of working people. The research shows 52% of unhappy employees. This ratio was the ones unhappy with their salary. The forum shows discontent because of difference in profile and salary.

Survey stats were a proof to this discussion. Cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune were a part of this research. Ten industrial sectors were a focus. Few of them were telecom, logistics, retail, education, construction, healthcare, etc.

  1. 30% of employees are happy with maternity and paternity facilities.
  2. 60% of women in the employees believe that unpaid benefits are important as higher pay scale.
  3. 70% of dissatisfied people suggested their concern with the difference in their salary and market standards.

Before joining any companies do a pre-research and take a better decision for your career.

In a highly competitive industry, it is difficult to build your own brand. Yes, it is challenging but it is not impossible.

One of the challenges that businesses face is effective differentiation because if you start a business now, you will be forced to compete against well-established companies. Strategy and change consultants share six ways to help your business truly standout in a highly competitive industry.

  1. Provide excellent customer service: Even when you’re not in the service industry, you must treat all your customers like royalty. All customers expect excellent customer service. They would not want to wait in long lines or receive poor responses from customer representatives.
    In fact, about 76% of customers claim that they look at customer service as a test of a company’s
    competence[1]. Business experts further emphasize that remarkable customer support has loyalty-generating power.
  2. Build stronger customer relationships: Customers today equate experience with brands. Once they have a bad experience that remains unsolved, they’ll most likely write off that brand. Remember that negative feedback can spread instantly through word of mouth and social media.

    So aside from giving excellent customer service, you should admit your mistakes and fix problems immediately. Whether the mistake is your fault or someone else’s, you should accept it. In fact, more and more customers opt for businesses that admit their mistakes and take steps to fix them.

    If problems have been dealt with properly, you can even build stronger customer relationships.

  3. Price your products or services right: Regardless of the industry you are in, all customers want high-quality products or services at a reasonable price. How reasonable the pricing is will depend on various opinions, but it is your obligation to find the right balance and price your products right[2].

    Remember that this will either make or break your offering’s popularity. The key here is to let your customers know exactly what they are paying for because, really, there is nothing like honesty and integrity when it comes to brand building.

  4. Develop something new: Never stop reinventing your business as new technologies, processes, and solutions are introduced. For instance, use mobile apps and social media to promote your products and services.

    Today, an increasing number of buyers are using their smartphones to get what they want and need. These attention-grabbers can help your business stand out from the crowd.

  5. Offer a guarantee: If you are 100% confident about your products and/or services, guarantee it. Adding such type of assurance to your campaigns conveys a strong message that you really care about your customers’ satisfaction. Make sure, though, that you can back up such guarantees when the time comes.
  6. Invest in future leaders: To ensure the success of your business, you must invest in top talent. When meeting with jobseekers, you should think about the future and not about the short term.

    Top talent are usually missed by companies because of a lack of certain skills and experience that can easily be taught in a short period of time.

    As a business owner, you must look beyond this and search for future leaders of your company. Hire people who can grow, who have a strong desire and motivation to stay in your company for the foreseeable future, and who have the potential to become future leaders as well.

    The best way to search for top talent is to work with reputable recruitment agencies. The best recruiters know exactly what your business is looking for.

    Make sure to trust your recruiter when they endorse potential candidates applying for the latest jobs available in your company. It’s their job to screen jobseekers to make sure you get the best people shortlisted. Remember that the perfect match does not usually show on paper but only when you meet them in person.

    Standing out in a highly competitive industry is not an easy task. In fact, it is getting more difficult. But there are several opportunities to help get you ahead of the competition and attract the talent and customers you need.
    By taking care of the items listed above, you’ll be ready to face all the challenges your business may encounter head on, and create strategies that will ensure your brand stands out.

Author Bio: David Mackenzie, A recruitment professional with over twenty years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, David is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones.

Every job portal uses some kind of dynamic functionality to evaluate the candidate’s profile on the basis of some dynamics and fetch the results according to that. So, to enhance the visibility of your profile, you need to be familiar with the functionality. Once you gain the insight about the functionality of data you’re fetching, can give the best result and able to get the best recommended job.

In this blog we are going to discuss about the functionality that job portals following in order to fetch candidates’ profiles. Also, we are going to discuss, how you can achieve profile visibility.

  1. The profile visibility will depend on how frequently you are updating. The more you make changes and keep updated your profile you gain better visibility. At present the most popular job search sites use to show that profile that you need to update your profile on regular interval. You can make updates in terms of skills, resume title, experience and many more.

    But whatever changes you are making, it should be accurate. If they are found incorrect at a later stage your profile may be rejected by the recruiter or employer. You may have multiple options to add skills in your profile and update it. So, you can make changes in any of the field and after that save it.

    By updating, we don’t means that you need to update your profile on a daily basis. You should update it twice or once a week. This is enough to improve profile visibility.

  2. Need to have a complete profile over job portal. These are considered to be one of the important factors in profile visibility. Recruiter or employer always prefers to explore that profile that is complete. To make your profile complete you need to make it complete in all aspects. Different portal having different requirements. So, fulfill all the requirements like mobile number validation, email verification, integration of skills, experience and employer detail.

Most of the job involves lots of stress and pressure at work. This leads to reduce in productivity and performance of the individual. There may be various reasons which lead stress at work like high work pressure, unfriendly working environment and many others. But it does not mean that you are powerless. In this blog we are going to share the best way to sort out stress at work.

  1. Workout on your weakness: – Identify the situation that leads to weakness. Study the situation in detail and start a making perfect action plan that will help you to sort such kind of situation.

  2. Take care of yourself: – In stress, you should take proper care of yourself. Most of the time, stress can adversely affect your mental and physical health.
    It does not require that you should take some medical treatment. The best solution is to think positive, increase your level of energy and deeply understand the problem. Repeating such life style helps you to notice some improvement in stress handling at work.

    What life style you need to follow:

    • Regular exercise: – Regular exercise helps you to stay fit and provide positive energy. This also seems to be very effective in stress like situation. Regular exercise it not that you should join any gym or club for fitness. You can do any physical exercise on a regular basis like running, walking, swimming, dancing, playing sports and many more. This helps you to be more focused at work.

    • Healthy food: – You should maintain the habit of eating healthy food. Healthy food keeps you fit and helps to maintain your energy level up and improves concentration.
    • Lifestyle: – You should have a balance lifestyle. By balance life style we mean you should take proper sleep and make yourself active in other activities that make you happy. Sound sleep is very important to make you fit and perfect. Due to low sleep, you may be a victim of insomnia

  3. Prioritize work: – The best way to fight stress at work is to prioritize your work and according that start focusing. Most of us may not be able to perform well in stress, the best way to handle stress is to maintain some sense of self control. This gives you positive energy. Here are the tips that work perfect:

    • Time & task management: Manage your time effectively by dividing your overall time in a perfect way. Allocate your 8 hours in office life totally dedicated to work. During this time frame divide the overall task of the day and then prioritize them. To feel full of energy, take few intervals like tea / coffee and lunch break.