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The 8 Best Career Tips for Moms Returning to Work

1. Know your Rights

One of the first things you should do, either before having a baby, or at least as soon as you can after having a baby, is knowing your legal rights with your current employer.

The first important thing to know is the amount of time off under your State’s family leave law. There is also the Pregnancy Discrimination Act that you should read and make yourself familiar with. This Act prevents an employer, who has 15 or more workers, from saying you are unable to continue your job, because of your pregnancy, or that you should also take mandatory leave.

Job protected leave should amount to 12-weeks, as stated by the FMLA, although this is unpaid. In addition, there are some States, which offer paid leave for both moms and dads. It is advisable to check your full family entitlements, as this can make a huge difference to your new situation.

2. The Right Time

This is a tough question to answer, when is a good time to return to work? There is no mythical time to say when you should return to work. It should merely just be a case of when you feel you are ready – emotionally, mentally, and physically.

When the time comes and you are considering it, you should sit down and think about it carefully, and also talk it over with your partner. If you are almost sure that it is time (around 80% sure), then that should be the time to make your move.

Remember, you will never be 100% sure, and anything less means you are still undecided if it is the right thing to do or not. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly – you should weigh up all aspects of whether you need to return for the money, or if you just need a touch back with the adult world.

3. Work Place Nerves

After you have been out of work; even if it is for only a few months, you may have started to feel your skills have deserted you. These fears, are just fears and you will soon realize, your skills are still there. There is no need to lose confidence, although you may feel a little rusty in some respects, the core skills will not have left you, and it will all come back to you as second nature.

One of the hardest adjustments to make when returning to work after having a baby, is getting back into that workplace vibe. That connection will be lost, and it will take a while to come back and make you feel at ease. You will feel definitely have a wave of mixed emotions, and will no doubt feel apprehensive of walking back into your old workplace.

Re-connection with your old work colleagues or boss is the secret here, and much of this you can do before your first day back in the office. If you have a conversation or meet up with some work colleagues before you return, this will put you at ease and make you feel part of the team again.

4. New Skills

As a new mother, you will have learnt and acquired some new found skills. You may not have noticed them though, but your skillset will now involve new people skills, time and creative problem-solving. These coupled with your multi-tasking and time management skills, will be second to none.

Although an employer will not look at these as benefits to them, you should put the onus on them, and show how these skills can help you in the workplace. You will learn to be flexible, adapt to change and relish in learning new things.

5. New Jobs

If you are not looking to return to your old employer, then do not apply for only part-time jobs. Work out what type of role would be best for you, whether that be part or full-time. If you apply for full-time positions, you might find these are open to negotiation for flexible working hours. However, it is advisable only to mention this, once you have convinced your possible employer you are the most suitable candidate for the job.

Many new mothers will feel guilt or resentment if they take on a full-time role just after they have had a baby, but there is no right or wrong answer. You simply do what is best for you and your situation.

6. The Right Working Pattern

Thinking outside the box can help when it comes to flexible working. There are many options as to how this can work, and be presented, to a prospective employer.

Some examples of flexible working are –

  • • Job Sharing
  • • Working from home – even if this is only on some days, not all
  • • Working on projects – once full-time working on a project has been completed, you take time off in lieu
  • • Compressing your work hours from five days, into four
  • • Delaying your start and finish times, to allow for your children to be taken to school

Much of these patterns will depend on the childcare options that are open to you. You may even have to combine a nanny and a nursery to get the best of both worlds, and also balance the needs of your children.

7. Working from Home

With all things considered, there is nothing to say, that you have to return to full or part-time employment, for an employer.

Today there are so many options open to a new mother to work from home, and care for their family in their own surroundings and habitat.

Many of these positions, might just offer that balance you are seeking without the need for nursery school, or an expensive nanny. This is not to say it will be easy. You will have to utilize all your time management and multi-tasking skills to make this work.

8. Work at Home Opportunities

There are many people who are seeking to work for themselves, rather than working a 9-5 job, and this is not just new mothers. People from all walks of life are taking their skills and putting them to use for themselves.
A lot of positions available can result in the depth of your skills from your previous workplace. This is not to say there are no positions available. It might just mean there is a limit of jobs you can apply for, or what you can offer.

One of the best places to start is by signing up for one of the many Freelance websites; these have many positions available that fit a wide breadth of skills. Positions available range from data entry and web research, to more advanced projects of design, or being a ghostwriter.

Even then, there is nothing to say you cannot branch out into something even more specialized. If you have the necessary skills, you can become one of the many sought-after professional resume writers who are always in high demand.

There are many companies, who offer these services, and many are always on the lookout for skilled writers to perform these tasks. You might find that this service is lacking in your area, so putting the word out with family and friends can give you an opportunity to offer your services to the many job hunters who require professional looking resumes.

You don’t need any fancy degrees to take on this area of employment – all you need is a keen eye for detail, and a bit of creativity!

As a new mother, you may have taken a knock with your workplace confidence, but you have to remember you are the same career woman as you were previously. The only difference, is now you have a child. There is nothing to be scared or ashamed of; you can hold your head up high, regardless of what work opportunity you seek.

Before you have a baby, and consider returning to work, or even staying home and working, you should make yourself a checklist. This will ensure for a smooth streamlined process when the time comes. This can be from knowing your rights with your current employer to working out that best time for you return to work. It can be a difficult decision to leave your newborn baby and return to work, but sometimes, it is what you have to do, to make a means. Remember though, the bottom line is, there is no right or wrong answer – it is merely up to you, and is a personal choice, that needs to meet your requirements.

Should You Quit Before or After Finding a New Job?

Many people are searching for a job that is more suited to their passion and skills than their current position, but they’re not sure if they should quit their current job to search full time or keep working to pay the bills while looking. If you’re starting to think that a new job is on the horizon, read on to learn whether or not you should quit before or after finding a new job.

Pros of Staying

If you stay at your current job while on the hunt, you have a reliable source of income and a sure way to pay your bills. You also look more reliable the longer you stay at your job — especially to potential employers.

Staying at your job will also ensure you aren’t stressed by how long a job search can take. With competition and unemployment on the rise, a job search can take months — or even a year. You don’t want to get more stressed and worried about how you’ll make ends meet as your job search drags on.

Cons of Staying

Most of the time, people start looking for an alternate job because they are unhappy with their current position. If you find that staying at your job is increasingly stressful, it may affect your mental health and cut into the amount of time you could be job searching. You have to weigh your own happiness and mental well being against your savings. Seriously consider how long you would be able to go jobless before leaving your position in favor of a full time job hunt.

Pros and Cons of Leaving

Often, people find that leaving a stressful, draining job lifts a great weight off their chest. They are immediately happier and more carefree. Unfortunately, this feeling doesn’t always last. Searching for a job full time can be just as draining, but without the benefits of pay to balance out the equation.

Leaving a position also allows you to run away from a situation without full dealing with it. You won’t be able to strengthen yourself emotionally and mentally if you don’t confront the situation you’re in. This can affect your positions in the future, as hiring managers will consider you a weak candidate that cannot handle pressure and responsibility.

If You Must Leave Your Job

If your job is harmful to your mental or physical health, you should probably leave. A soul crushing position is not one you should stay in — even if it means your income will suffer. One way you can make up your income during a job search is with freelance work. Many companies are looking for writers and editors to work from home writing and reviewing basic work. Applying for these is usually a quick process that will yield a result in a few weeks. While most of the time, the pay isn’t what you prefer, it can help make ends meet in the meantime. Another option is taking on a hospitality position. These require little to no training — just a good attitude and a customer service oriented perspective. While a service job may not be ideal, it’s another way to ensure you can pay your bills.

What Should You Do?

Every job and every situation is different. You have to weigh the pros and cons of leaving your job early based on your own judgment and experience. Review how your job affects your mental health, how long you can go without a job, and what kind of side jobs you can work before you make your final decision.

Author Bio:Jordan Perez is a freelance writer from Los Angeles. She has years of experience writing across a number of different industries, including job searching and resume writing. She has been published across a number of digital platforms.

Five soft skills your finance CV needs to demonstrate for an interview invite

You find the perfect job, spend hours crafting a CV detailing why you are the one they are looking for. Then check your emails a gazillion times a day for that all-important interview invite. But it doesn’t arrive. What’s that all about? You are the cake to their custard, so why did they not call you up? One common reason is not demonstrating soft skills appropriately within your CV.

Show your softer side

Recruiters want to hire people who can get the technical element of the job done as well as being a good team fit. To demonstrate the kind of soft skills being searched for in finance roles I searched a jobsite for ‘Finance’ vacancies in the UK which were offering a salary of £25k+. All the roles that came up had soft skills in their essential criteria. This means that whether you are a Finance Director or a Management Accountant your CV needs to demonstrate that you have the soft skills or you don’t qualify.

The key skills that were mentioned within the roles were (in order of how often they were mentioned) team player, relationship building, good communication, analytical, organised and innovative.

Show don’t tell

How do we included soft skills in your CV though? Well to start off with I will tell you how not to. The amount of CV’s I see where candidates just right ‘good team player’ or ‘organised’ in their key skills makes me want to pull my hair out in frustration. The first rule of writing, and yes folks a CV is written piece of sales material, is ‘show don’t tell’.

I am not going to believe you if you tell me your ‘organised’, however if your CV says historic process of achieving payment on outstanding invoices, organised invoices according to buyers and embedded a system of regular reminders which resulted in 70% of the outstanding invoices being paid.’ Boom. I read that and I think you, my potential employee, are organised.

Let me show you some examples on how to include the other key soft skills as well.

Team player

In this situation, the employee is looking for someone who can work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organisational aims. For instance:

‘Collaborated with colleagues to achieve month end; involved working together to ensure all the necessary information is collated and accurate.’

‘Developed an analysis on spend against budget for four departments; Sales, HR, IT and Estates and shared with colleagues to produce an overall management report pack.’

Relationship building

Developing relationships with suppliers, buyers, other internal team managers is key to most financial roles. So, for instance your CV could include:

‘Cultivated relationships with six suppliers; held regular meetings to discuss process improvements, review invoices received and address any queries’

Good communication

Now for communication you must remember to demonstrate both written and spoken communication. Part of your ability to communicate effectively will be assessed by the employer when reviewing your CV. If the content of your CV is not succinct and clear it may give the indication that you are not a good communicator.

Firstly, thoroughly check your CV for long wieldy unclear sentences. Then get a friend/ colleague to do the same. Sometimes when you write you know what you are trying to say but what’s on the paper doesn’t actually say that. It’s important to get a second person to have a looksee. Examples of points you can include in your CV include:

‘Communicated effectively with managers and presented progress updates in monthly meetings’

‘Worked with departmental heads to develop a business case for a new IT System; process involved understanding the information they required from the finance team and presenting it in an easy-to-read format.’


The ability to analyse trends and variances in data is key to any financial role. You can demonstrate this several ways in your CV. The important thing is make sure you reference analyses within your personal profile and your work experience section. An example of the kind of information you could include is:

‘Analysed spend against forecast for the previous three years in the HR department, found a consistent overspend of £20k due to use of agency admin staff, analysis was utilised in a business case from HR to recruit a permanent HR admin staff member’


Employers want people who can think outside the box. Who can highlight areas for development in their work processes and come up with pragmatic solutions. If an employee is looking for someone who is innovative, then there’s higher scope for career progression within that organisation. You could include examples of anything you have done differently while in the role. For instance:

‘Highlighted a database to Management which allowed Departmental Heads to input data directly and then automatically produced the monthly reports this reduced workforce requirements and improved information accuracy.’

Author’s Bio: I am Emily, a professional CV Writer and content contributor at CV Folks. My interests range from career consultancy to reading anything inspirational and controversial on the internet. I am also a digital media enthusiast.

Is Cover Letter Really Matters For Job Seekers?

Most of us use to think that whether cover letter really matters? Yes of course! It matters most because it gives a brief introduction about your profile. When you are applying for any job, you should include the cover letter accompanying your CV. This serves as a brief introduction of your profile. But while writing a cover letter, make sure that it should be informative and should be brief summary of your profile.

What are the points one should keep in mind before drafting a cover letter? Let’s discuss it in detail.

  1. Before applying for any job, you need to understand the job’s role and responsibilities. Based on that you need to draft the cover letter. The cover letter should clearly tell that your profile completely matches the jobs requirement and you are the right candidate.
    While drafting letter make sure that you are not misguiding employer or recruiter. Always include the skills in which you are perfect and which matches the job description.
  2. It should not be very big. It should include the important points that clearly describe that you are the perfect candidate for the job.
  3. As compare to cover letter, resume matter the most. But the combination of two can play very significant role in making the first impression. Most of the time candidate or job seekers use to make lengthy resume and cover letter and that leads to negative impression. Always try to include the important points and try to reduce the size of your resume and cover letter to the important points i.e. your main skill, roles and responsibilities.

Teamwork Base of Win Win Situation

Teamwork is one of the most important elements for your professional life. The best example you can observe at the football ground, where whole team members are coordinating toward making goals. Working in team is one of the best examples for success in life. Now, we move into how teamwork is more effective at work place. As a team you can achieve very big target within the time, but as an individual it requires a lot of time and efforts and even then you may fail to meet your target. That’s we call Teamwork is a base of win win situation.

  • Quality Outcome in Time: – As compared to individual effort, team work achieves goal easily if the two situations are compared. Because, as a team, each one work on the same problem or task and put their creative idea or best solution. By analyzing the outcome of each solution team mutually agrees on common solution and work on the same. In most of the cases, a team use to achieve the target before the time.

  • Quality Outcome in Time

  • Motivate Team Members: – Even slow performers start performing well in a team. By looking over the team members’ motivation toward the work, slow performers start performing with their full pace and capabilities.

  • motivate team member

  • Job Satisfaction: – Not only teamwork helps to achieve business target and motives of the people, but it also helps the employee to enjoy their work. Job satisfaction is one of the foremost elements for everyone who works with the organization. In most of the cases teamwork creates positivity within the employee and also helps employee to put their best effort.

  • job satisfaction

The total outcome of the team depends on the capabilities and interest of team members. The team basically stands for joint efforts. So, by teamwork, we mean everyone in a team should put their best effort to meet a goal or target.

UPSC Medical Officer Admit Card Released

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) recently made an announcement relating to the release of admit cards of Medical Officer, Manager Grade I posts. All the candidates those who are appearing for the exam can download their admit cards from the official website –

Process of downloading the admit card

  1. Candidate first have to go to the official website i.e.
  2. Move on to the link “e-admit for medical officer, manager Grade-I”
  3. Click on the “E-Admit Card”.
  4. Finally candidate can download the Admit Card. Candidates can print the same.

Those who qualify the exam will be selected.

Those who don’t know about the UPSC can read the below paragraph.

UPSC is an Indian Central Authorised agency who conduct the Civil services Examination, Engineering Services Examination, Combined Medical Services Examination, Combined Defence Services Examination, National Defence Academy Examination, Naval Academy Examination and other important government exams.

For detail update candidate can explore the below link –


SA University Admissions 2017-18

Great news for all the students those who want to take admission in PhD and Masters. Recently South Asian University announced admission for 2017-18 batch. Before moving into detail lets first understand about South Asian University.

About South Asian University

  • 1. South Asian University is an international university. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the part of this university.
  • 2. Established by governments of the eight member nations of the South Asian Association.
  • 3. Offering education for Masters and PhD programmes.

Last date of applying 25th March 2017.

Entrance Test will be held on 9th April 2017.

Following are the courses offered by University

  • 1. Economics
  • 2. Computer Science
  • 3. Biotechnology
  • 4. Applied Mathematics
  • 5. Sociology
  • 6. International Relations
  • 7. Legal Studies

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

Candidate must have graduation/Post-graduation in the relevant field from a recognized university/institution.

Process of Applying

  • 1. Go the official website of the company and log on.
  • 2. Click on the link – “Admission 2017 Open Apply Now”.
  • 3. Then click on “Apply Online”.
  • 4. Need to fill the form as per the instruction and then click on submit.

Seat Availability

  • 1. 50% seats are for the Indian applicants for the Master’s program/courses
  • 2. 4% Seats are available for applicants from each of the following regions – Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka
  • 3. 10% Seats are available for applicants from each of the following regions – Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • 4. 10% Seats are available for applicants from outside of SAARC region.

For each region, merit list will be created separately.

AP Intermediate Exam 2017 Update

Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate recently released the admin cards for the 1st and 2nd year exam relating to General and Vocational courses. All the candidates those who are appearing in the exam can download the “Admit Card” by logging into the website – >

About Andhra Pradesh Board

Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education established in 1971 and this is the first ever state in the country having the education pattern of 10+2+3. This is popularly known as BIEAP.

Examination Schedule

The Andhra Pradesh Board going to organize the 1st year exam from 1st March 2017

The Andhra Pradesh Board going to organize the 2nd year exam from 2nd March 2017

Note: Practical exam already over in the month of Feb.

Steps to Download Admit Card

  • 1. Go to official website and login –
  • 2. Click on the link from where admit card can download.
  • 3. Enter the required detail
  • 4. Click on submit button

After putting the required detail candidates can download the Admit Card.

Empowering People & Organization

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently deliver a keynote in Mumbai relating to how technologies can empower people and organization.

Detail About The Event

This is a two day event, held between 21st Feb to 22nd Feb 2017. Around 1,500 businesses and government decision maker were present. The main motive of this event is on how we can empower people and organization using technologies.

Most of the Government decision maker and political member addressed technology evolution. The key members those who are part of this event are –

Lord Jonathan Evans, Former Director General, MI5, Günter Butschek, CEO, Tata Motors Ltd., Anil Rai Gupta, Chairman and MD, Havells, along with Nadella

To get updated with the event please explore the below link. Here, you can explore the event video.