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Why Most of Us are Choosing Professional Courses Over Other Courses?

Professional courses are having lots of advantages as compared to other courses. Many of us are choosing professional courses over another due to numerous reasons. In this blog we are going to share the most important points.

1. Learning & Development: – The main motive of professional courses is to develop the student as a professional with advance learning and training programs. Lots of training, professional and internship programs are being organized to make students expert in their respective fields.

2. Salary Structure: – Graduate from professional courses are getting higher salary as compare to other courses. At present the most famous professional courses are BTech, BCA, BBA, Bachelor of journalism and much more. The initial salaries of the students from these courses are ranging from 2 lakhs to 5 Lakhs.

3. Placement Assistance: – The requirement of professional graduate is on huge scale and industries prefer to have the professional graduates. As per our survey, professional students get the job easily. As per last year data 65% of student from the reputed college easily get the job in top MNC. Some of the professional courses guarantee to provide 100% placement facility.

4. Professional Training: – To help students to stand out of the crowd, professional courses organize a number of professional training programs in each semester. Such kind of training is considered to be very important for developing technical and professional skills. Some of the training and workshop programs provide detailed industries real life exposure. Also help students to get updated with the new technology and equipment that is currently in use and high in demand.

So, if you are planning to join any professional course, then first evaluate your interest and then check the best university. You can check the status of university on the basis of full fledged, recognized, UGC approved, placement ratio and faculty.

Internship plays a very important role in developing the technical and practical skills within the student. To develop the technical skills most of the professional and technical courses include some internship program. Most of us are aware of what is internship. But before digging deeper, we would like to share the brief introduction about the internship?

What is Internship?
Internship is a program that is designed to provide technical and practical exposure to the student at work. Generally internship programs range from a few weeks to a few months. They also depend on the course requirements. Such kind of programs helps student to get the jobs easily and also help them to perform the work in a perfect way.

Now let’s move on the role of internship and its advantages in skill development.

1. The most common problem the employers are facing is that many graduates don’t have practical skills to perform the work in a perfect way. Theoretical knowledge is totally different as it only gives the overview. But to get the matter you need to have the practical experience.

2. Internship helps student make them technically sound and also helps them to be confident at work. Most of the CMM level V based companies are offering some advance internship programs where students can learn time management, develop communication skills and much more.

3. Every employer prefers to hire experienced or technically sound professionals. If you are a fresher and want to get the job, then internship program will be treated as a positive point in getting the job.

4. In the real world environment to perform the job in a complete and perfect way, you have to be perfect. This can only be achieved by practical experience.

Creating attractive and killer resume is not a tedious task. The resume is considered to be a brief introduction about you and your knowledge, experience, work, and qualification. To create catchy CV you need to follow a few basic tips while writing resume.

1. Career objectives: Always include the career objective in the beginning of your CV. It must be correctly written and match with your career goal plan.

2. Experience: In experience section, mention your roles and responsibilities with different organizations.
a) Include the total years of experience.
b) Include the designation and tenure that you worked for different organizations.
If you are a fresher then leave this section.

3. Technical Skills: Mention all your core specialization. In this section you can include following skills programming, management, software, recruitment, operational, etc.
Don’t include fake or irrelevant skills. One wrong mistake can ruin your whole interview.

4. Technical & Academic Qualification: – Starts with your most recent qualification. Mention complete education detail like course, university, college and percentage.
If you have done any certification and rewarded with any awards than include it in this section.

5. Personal Detail: In personal detail section includes all your personal information like full name, date of birth, single / married and address.

What are the basic points you need to remember while creating a resume?
1. Always restrict your resume to 2-3 pages. Don’t make lengthy CV.
2. Include all correct information related to your experience, qualification, personal detail and skills.
3. If it’s possible, include the reference detail in your CV.
4. It should be simple. Don’t use multiple colors and images to make it attractive.

There are so many job portals available online that offer you the facility to search and apply for jobs. Most of us simply search the job and start applying for it. Here, we are going to share the most effective tips for searching and applying for the right job.

1. Get registered over the most famous job portals and also make your complete profile. There are many options at present including,,,, and many more.

2. Create an account over LinkedIn. This is one of the best social portals for professionals. Here, you can find lots of career / job opportunities.

3. To search a job, follow these techniques:
a) Enter your skills / designation
b) Enter the location where you are interested to work.
c) Enter years of experience you have.

Most of the job portal’s search criteria offer multiple search options for searching a job as specified above. By inputting right details you can find the correct job that perfectly matches to your skills, experience and designation.

4. Before start applying for any job, First of all you need to explore about the company. If the company is good, then explore the Job description in detail. Read each and every thing in detail. The JD will tell you about the job roles and responsibilities.

5. If the job description perfectly matches your skills and experience, then you can apply for the job.

There are lots of jobs that offer you the facility to earn money without working in any organization. Here, we are going to discuss the different types of work / jobs that offer you the facility to earn money. If you are planning to start your own business, you can pick any of the three options specified below.

1. You can create a website / blog and start optimizing it as per search engine guidelines. Then submit it to the Google Ad Sense. Depending on the traffic on your website or blog, you can earn money.

For this particular activity, you need to have good knowledge of Website designing & development and also expert in search engine optimization. It’s not a month activities you need to work continuously for many months. After the approval from Google Ad Sense you can start earning money.

2. You can create an account on freelancing website and depending on your skill and specialization you can get the work. There are numerous website that offers such kind of facilities.

You only need to create a complete profile over this website start bidding on different projects based on your matching skills. Depending on the project have completed, you can earn money. But on a regular basis you need to bid to get the project and also keep your account updated by qualifying different test.

3. Teaching jobs are one of the traditional ways of earning money. At present many of you are choosing tuition as the best option for earning money. You can provide tuition to the students and depending on the subject, time and lecture you can charge them.

In this blog we are going to share the 5 best tips that help to boost your career and also to develop your overall personality.
1. Ask for feedback: – You can always ask your reporting manager / boss for the feedback. This helps you to get deeper insight about the area of improvement. Create an action plan as per the feedback. Analyze all your negative points and create an action plan to overcome such issues.

2. Join Courses: – Sometime there may be a situation when you require upgrading your skill and knowledge. So, to upgrade your knowledge and skills, you can join courses on weekends.

To complete the job, you need to be proficient with the skills and technologies it requires. Depending on your availability and time you can choose the courses and upgrade your skills.

3. Create your career plan: Always have proper career plans if you want to grow like a professional. It’s better to create a 5 year career plan.

a) Brainstorm about your career goals. Think about following before setting goal:
i) What you want to be after 5 years?
ii) Your career goal and how you are going to achieve it?

b) Create milestone at half yearly basis to measure the success of your goal.

4. Take new challenges: Always ready to accept new challenges. This helps you to enhance your skill and learning. This also helps to improve your confidence level.

5. Positive attitude: Always have a positive attitude at your work station. Now, let’s focus on how to maintain positive attitude at work:

a) Always treat your team member and co-workers with respect.
b) Analyze the problem deeply and always maintain the team spirit.

A job is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business. The duration of a job may range from an hour (in the case of odd jobs) to a lifetime (in the case of some judges). If a person is

Engineering courses remain in demand from the begging and 60% of the science stream students prefer to take the admission in it. At present there are so many options in engineering. Students can choose the stream based on their interest and scope of that stream in the current market.

Let’s explore the different trade in engineering and its scope: –

IT / Computer science
: – IT and computer science is the newest stream in engineering. IT and computer science stream seems to be the first choice for girls. Those who are having good analytical and logical skills can join this stream. In this stream student will learn different programming languages and software subjects. The present and future of this stream is very demanding.
Initial salary ranges from 2 lakhs to 7 lakhs.

Civil & Construction
: – Now a day this is one of the most demanding streams, due to the growing infrastructure requirement. Now the civil engineering has extended scope to different segments like environmental engineering, metro, railways and many more. This trade of engineering going to be very demanding.
Initial salary ranges from 1.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs

: Mechanical branch is the evergreen branch and from the past many years, this seems to be the first choice of students. There are so many reasons why students prefer it as their first choice:
a) Salary structure
b) Mechanical exposure of different machinery.
c) Challenging and great work profile.
There are lots of options for the mechanical student as they can join Power sector, manufacturing industry, refining, agriculture, dairy and many more.
Even in market there are lots of job opportunities for mechanical engineering candidates.

Initial salary ranges from 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs.

: Mining is not as popular as mechanical and IT trade. If you are planning to go for engineering than Mining should be your last option. Still, there are many job opportunities for mining students at coal mines, copper mines and gold mines. Getting a mining job is not very difficult, but the roles and responsibilities involve lots of conditions like pollution, risk, etc.

If you love mining field, then go for mining and also clear 2nd class and 1st class certification. This will boost your career in terms of money and growth.

Electronics & Communication
: Electronics & Communication is also most popular and highly demanding stream. Not only boys, but girls also prefer to take admission is this stream.

Candidates from this stream having so many job opportunities in different types of industry. Students from this field deals with designing and development of electronic devices and software interface.

Initial salary ranges from 2.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs.

: Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering are branches of Aerospace engineering, which has a very promising future. An aeronautical engineer is responsible for the designing, building, and understanding the science of aircraft. Aeronautic engineer job duties include research and development, parts assembly and/or the maintenance of aircraft, testing, etc. A few of its specialized studies involve the potential dangers of new aircraft technologies or fuel efficiency, and studying the effects of aircraft on the environment.

Initial salary ranges from 2.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs.


Biotechnology is a branch where you will study how to make the use of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture those products which are intended to improve the quality of human life. This trade is dedicated to develop improved species of animals and plants by cross breeding or cross pollenization. In recent years, it has expanded its scope, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of drugs, antibiotics, hormones, recycling the waste, degrade oil slicks or organic waste, monoclonal antibodies to identify antigens, and genetically engineered bacteria to produce human hormones, etc.

There are many career possibilities for Biotech students and the initial salary ranges from 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs.


It is a multi-disciplinary stream which covers subjects from various branches including chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronics and computers. It is a specialized branch of electrical and electronic engineering and it deals with automation, measurement, and control. Almost every manufacturing and process industry like steel, oil, petrochemical, power and defense production have their separate instrumentation department. Hence, the demand for instrumentation engineering will be there. Plus, the growth in the avionics, aeronautical and space science sectors has also increased its scope.

Being an instrumentation engineers, you may be involved in works like designing strain gauges or sensors which capture data about the efficiency, safety, and reliability, devices like dynamometers for measuring torque, aircraft sensors, blood glucose monitors, and smoke detectors. Initial salary ranges from 2.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs.

Few important things can help you to crack any interview. Most of the time candidates feel confused and frustrated during the interview process. Before going for the interview explore the job description in detail and check whether you know each and every thing or not. To get the job, knowledge matters more, but apart from that you need to focus on few more important things.

1. Research: before going for the interview do some research about the company / organization. Try to find out answers to following questions:
a) What solutions and services are company offering?
b) Brief introduction about the company.
c) Top management of the company and their name.

2. Your Attire: Your attire speaks more about you so if you’re going for marketing interview, use formal attire. Dress in a perfect way and feel comfortable in whatever you wear. Try to avoid multi-color T-shirt, cargoes and funky dress during interview.

3. Be Confident: During the interview process, always try to maintain an eye contact with the interviewer. While answering questions, be specific and confident whatever you speak. If you don’t know the answer of any question simply say no because one wrong answer can spoil your entire interview.

Most of the time candidates make the wrong decision in signing the employment contract. In this blog we are going to discuss few most important points that candidates need to remember before signing employment contract. One wrong decision can ruin your life so always read and understand the employment contract.

1. Roles & Responsibilities: This is the most important as it explains your exact role in detail in the company. This gives complete idea about what are the duties you need to perform after joining. You can check whether the job roles and responsibilities are similar to one as specified in the job description or not.

2. Job Location: Location of the job is again a very important factor. If your job is near to your residence then you can save commutation time and can utilize your time in other activities. Also make clear that your job should not be movable as it takes a lot of time for the employee to get adjusted in a different environment which may also affect his / her capabilities.

3. Working Hours: Never agree for the fixed working hours. Always try to prefer flexible working hours. Never agree to work on holidays or on leave days. Check the extra working hour compensation benefits. Also check the hours of work and shift patters before signing any employment contract.

4. Notice Period: Generally, notice period varies from one to three months from organization to organization. So, always check whether or not your notice period is too long or short. If your notice period is too long then it can create problems in getting the new job. So, always check the notice period.

5. Leave & Holiday Policies: Leave and holiday compares to be the most important for any employee at any level. So, you can evaluate following :
a) Total numbers of holidays in a year.
b) Total earn leaves and how to avail earn leaves
c) Total Casual leaves and how to avail casual leaves
d) Sick leave policies
e) Leave encashment

6. Compensation & Benefits: Most of the companies run various types of compensation and benefits like monthly outing, fun at work, games and skill development programs, etc. So, check whether companies are offering compensation and befit plans or not.