Be Vocal about Local

Be Vocal about Local to boost Inida’s global trade strategy

Deadly virus corona which has staggered not only India but entire world and forced people to packed in their houses. No Buzz of traffic for flights around the globe. India is griping under a thunderstorm of deep economic recession & never before unemployment challenge. The livelihood of millions of Indians has been depleted with continuous lockdown of 90 days. Though corona is steal spreading it wings in India but for the sake of the survival of the country, economy need to resume at the earliest. India’s prime minister Narendra Modi’s recent address to nation featuring massive 21Lac Crore rupees of economy revival package came as lifeline for the economy depleting day by day. Our prime minister announced various measures to uplift the morale of people of nation with national plan of economy revival called “Aatmnirbhar Bharat” & “Vocal about Local”. Though Mr. Modi is stern admirer of globalization & free world trade facility, nevertheless the conditions in COVID is getting worse day by day. Thus, to fight the current pandemic situation, we all Indian need to focus on Vocal about local by promoting the local brand or India made product.

Similar to Trump the current US president advocating his nations to aspire the policy of “American First” everywhere. Modi’s vocal about local is all about making India self-reliant towards every industry.

‘Vocal about local’ epitomises the trade protectionism imposed to achieve an economic trade mathematics that domestic manufacturing can be resurrected by actively encouraging customers to buy products ‘made in India’. Made in India is all about making India self-reliant in terms of every aspects like manufacturing, technology, agriculture, production, supply chain etc. Also with vocal about local movement the government is aiming to sustainable self-sufficient economy and make India economy strong enough to fight problem like this in future.

Hashtag #VocalAboutLocal. India symbolises Go local. Trust local. Go for a self-sufficient and self-reliant India. Believe in Made-in-India and put your buying power into products and services that are made locally.

A movement & A call for #VocalAboutLocal #AatmNirbharBharat – promoted by Government to make Indian economy strong enough.

Be Indian, Buy Indian, Promote Indian: the new revolution of India being self-reliant!

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