Top technology trends

Top Technology Trends 2020

Technology is evolving at a very fast pace and all those who want to groom on the latest technology need to be updated. But the career relating to that field doesn’t change at the same pace, the savvy IT professional recognizes and predicts that his/her role will not remain the...

COVID19 Impact

COVID impact on job situation in India

India in large having major population of lower per capita income. If we categorise the total population 75% to 80% comes in lower income bucket or lower middle-income segment. These large population survive based on agriculture, small & medium business, self-business or similar type of employment. Out of which millions...

get resume noticed

Get your resume noticed

There is huge competition going on and for every job almost thousands of applicants submit their resume. Now, how can you make yourself best in comparison to others? In this article we will talk about the best way to present your resume that will attract an employer in a few...

Creating winning resume

Create winning resume

Creating an effective resume seems to be very difficult for most of us. Now, what is a resume? A resume is a formal document that gives a career background of a person in terms of career objectives, work experience, education & certification and personal detail. What is the purpose of...

Q&A interview

Top Ten Interview Q&A

Are you Looking for new Job or planning to switch job? You must be under pressure with numerous sleepless nights to tackle the interview phobia. So finally, it is high time to get your boots ready for resilient interview. Over the years, there are some constant interview questions though these...

Hello world!

Hello world!

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customer care staff

Customer Executive are the lucky one

Gone are the days when engineers and doctors were considered as high profile; as now is the time when other offbeat career options are getting full attention from the general public. One such career option is customer executive staff jobs. As the name implied, customer executive staff job is the...

your dream jobs

Ace Your Dream Job

Job Search is one painstaking task that you cannot avoid; whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional job search, it takes a lot of effort to get a job you want. In this process, your resume plays a key role in driving you to reach your dream...

mechanical engineering job

Mechanical engineering job overview

Mechanical engineers are the professional who performs engineering duties in arranging and planning gadgets, motors, machines and other mechanically working gear. This branch applies standards of building, physical science and material science for the outline, examination, assembling, and upkeep of mechanical frameworks. Some of the duties of mechanical engineers are:...

customer service job

Customer service job overview

Customer service sector compensates for an interesting career. If you are a social individual who has strong communication skills and is looking for a profession that is dynamic in nature, then this field has an immense opportunity for you. Customer service is an essential piece of the marketing department of...