CBSE Updates for Diabetic Students

CBSE recently announced that all the diabetic students can take snacks during exam time. As per the survey data there are around 4 lakhs students who appearing in CBSE board exam are suffering from Type -1 diabetes and out of that 14,000 are from NCR. Few of the KV schools informed that students who are suffering from type-1 diabetes can have mid snacks at the time of exam. CBSE also informed students to carry snack during examination time.
Who initiated this decision?

Dr. Ashok Jhingan the chairperson of Delhi Diabetes Research Center approach CBSE board to have facility of having snack at the time of exam for all the diabetes students.

This decision was taken because of so many reasons –

  • 1. As per the study students those who are suffering from diabetes feel headaches, irritability and confusion because of low sugar level.
  • 2. The levels of sugar are very low and they need to have the insulin.

Due to all such reasons Delhi Diabetes Research Center decided to provide mid snack to all type-1 diabetes patient.

Delhi Diabetes Research Center is working on this and very soon going to provide the detail report on this circular.

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