COVID19 Impact

India in large having major population of lower per capita income. If we categorise the total population 75% to 80% comes in lower income bucket or lower middle-income segment. These large population survive based on agriculture, small & medium business, self-business or similar type of employment. Out of which millions of workers has been migrated to other states for the sake of their livelihood. Most of them lost their earning too. Though we as an Indian still strive to satiate our hunger, our zeal to grab the developing & development nation category is truly impeccable.

From last quarter of 2019 world started to observe a deadly virus called “Corona” taking the lives of millions. This originated from Wuhan, china this virus has engulfed almost every country across the globe. The speed with which the virus mutate is always been a concern across the globe. Multiple researchers’ efforts towards achieving the vaccine of this deadly virus has gone in vein. As the measure to prevent the spread of virus the Lockdown (similar to curfew) has been imposed by every government around the world. India started lockdown in mid of march 2020 to curtail the impact of COVID-19. Though some restraint has been imposed by the measures taken by government but the lockdown made the treading economy as standstill. Factories, companies, business units are asked to close the operation since last 70 days. Migrants, workers, employees of business units has been impacted adversely with this lockdown. Though some of IT/ITES/ KPOs+BPOs have quickly remodelled their operations through work-from home module. But still 70-80% employment has been severally impacted by COVID.

Not only COVID-19 impacted metro city employment, but it also adversely impacted urban population. Because of continuous lockdown in rural & semi-urban segments even farming is been staggered mode with almost zero production. Though apex financial institution of India RBI has come up with some measures like loan rate decrement & EMI moratorium but the bleeding in job sector is still struggling to survive in turmoil of Job loss. According, to studies 60-70% of jobs in India is going to be impacted by COVID-19. It has high time for Indian government to take stern measures to curb the consequences posed by lockdown else our economy & millions of lives will go in backfoot.

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