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Customer service sector compensates for an interesting career. If you are a social individual who has strong communication skills and is looking for a profession that is dynamic in nature, then this field has an immense opportunity for you. Customer service is an essential piece of the marketing department of an association. Marketing services don’t end with deals. It incorporates after-sales benefits as well. It implies speaking with the clients and noting their inquiries. It might be regarding the establishment or utilization of the item, the item includes protestations against the item, repairing arrangements for administrations, grievances against low-quality administrations, and so on. Thus, the customer service team is devoted towards ensuring that the client questions are settled on the time, and they are happy with the association.

Responsibilities of a customer service:

  • Manage the clients by means of emails, via phone, or face to face.
  • Listen to the client questions persistently and comprehend it. If the issue doesn’t seem to solve, at that point forward the issue to the bosses.
  • React to the issues of the client instantly.
  • Look after the client records and update their exchange status.
  • Draft the essential archives, letter or explanations, as required by the client.
  • Keep up records of associations with the clients in a systematic way.
  • Facilitate with the inner office to discover arrangements and resolve matters.
  • Keep up a follow up on the client, whose inquiry you had tackled. Guarantee they are happy with your answer.

Education required for getting into client service:

  • Secondary school diploma or degree and four-year college education or something equivalent
  • Knowledge of client administrations morals, standards, and strategies
  • Capability in administrative and documentation methodology

Skills required:

  • One should have the capacity to use the PC very well
  • Great communication skills both written and verbal
  • Should have the capacity to deal with a considerable measure of information that is accessible, and the majority of this must be done at the great pace.
  • Candidate should have a considerable measure of tolerance when speaking with the client
  • Should have the capacity to keep up their composure regardless of whether the client is being inconsiderate
  • Should have great listening abilities, since more often, communication with the clients is done via telephone
  • Should be mindful of detailing
  • Should have the aptitude of adaptability; they should adjust to numerous circumstances with respect to the client

Salary Package:

A Customer Service Representative (CSR) earns an average pay of S$31,678 every year. Pay for this activity rises consistently for more experienced workers, for instance, it rises perceptibly for a couple of workers with over 20 years’ involvement.

Qualities that every customer service employee needs:

  • Patience: Patience is the very important quality which should be there in a customer service employee because they have to deal with people’s queries and problems all the time.
  • Attentive: The second most important quality of a customer service employee is that they should be attentive. They have to listen to the complaints and queries of the clients and they have to satisfy them at the same time.
  • Knowledge of the product: Another important skill of a customer service employee is that they should have the knowledge of each and every product. When the customer complaints about the product or ask any question related to it, a customer service employee has to answer the question. If they will not know about the product how will they answer? This is why knowledge of the product is important.
  • Ability to use positive language: The next important quality is the ability to use positive language when you are talking to the client. Sometimes clients may talk rudely to you, or they start fighting with you. But still in that condition also you have to use positive language. No negative words are allowed.

If you want to be a customer service employee, then you should possess all the qualities mentioned above. If you want to seek your career in customer service, then Singapore will provide the best opportunities. Singapore has the best of customer service jobs with a handsome amount of salary package. So, if customer service is your passion, then Singapore will help you follow it. You can also visit the job portal of Monster Singapore where you can find various customer service jobs.

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