Difference between MBA & PGDBA Program and which is best?

MBA and PGDBA are both related to management studies, but there is a difference between the two. University use to offer MBA degree, whereas independent colleges use to provide Post graduate diploma in business administration. In terms of skill MBA focus on development in broad management skill where as a Diploma course focusing on a particular aspect of the business. MBA is a 2 year course and here you learn all business management subjects whereas PGDBA course duration is not fixed.

Now move on the subject which is the best program and why?

1. In terms of job opportunity PGDBA is considered to be the perfect course. If you have completed your PGDBA from the reputed B School, it will be very easy for you to get the job.

2. There are lots of options available in PGDBA like finance, accounting, human resource, marketing, IT and many more. In diploma, you will be trained in a perfect way by getting the specialized education.

3. PGDBA course duration is not fixed; it is ranging from college to college. Some college offering 1 year program and some offers 2 years.

4. The best part of MBA is that the MBA course is affiliated to some university and most of the companies prefer only MBA not PGDBA.

Here, get the brief idea about which course is best and why. So, if you are planning to go for the best management program than explore our blog “Top B-Schools in India for MBA – Boost Your Career”.

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