Strategies for a Successful Job Search

Are you looking for a job or planning to switch? It is a good idea to make a proper plan of what you all need to do beforehand. A perfect plan works amazing to search for your dream job more quickly.

So, what plan do you need to create?

Before going into detail let’s first understand the significance of AllJobsHub in finding a job. Here, we would like to share how you can leverage AllJobsHub as a perfect platform to search dream job?

AllJobsHub is designed and developed using advanced features that help you to find the relevant job matching your skills, experience and qualification. Also, you can use the search feature to find a dream job.

  1. AllJobsHub’s home page lists 10 most recent jobs in chronological order. So, just by opening a website you can instantly see the top 10 most recent jobs and if anyone is matching your skills you can apply in just 2 clicks.
  2. Click on the “more jobs” button and you can load more jobs into the list.
  3. From the menu user can select the respective job category. Listed 17 broad jobs categories that list jobs specific to that category. So, if a job seeker is looking for software or information technology jobs can click on “Software/IT” job categories and find the jobs in chronological order.
  4. Home page has a search option that helps you to find the target job based on available filter options. The filter broadly classified into three categories –
    • Keywords – Specify your skills, job title, job, etc
    • Location – If you are interested to search job specific to location, you can specify the location and search job specific to that location
    • Category – Broadly there are 17 job categories, based on what you can search

    You can apply the filter of all three types or you can use anyone based on your interest.

  5. AllJobsHub Job search

What makes AllJobsHub a unique job portal?

  1. In just 2 clicks you can apply for a job. This saves your time.
  2. There is no need for signup/registration
  3. No limitation on number of job apply
  4. To apply a job candidate need to specify name, email id, phone number and upload CV only

In addition to AllJobsHub below are some of the strategies that help you to search for a job instantly. Let’s explore in detail the most effective strategies for a successful job search.

  1. Build your network – Network is one of the most important elements to get the right opportunity instantly. Today, time is the biggest constraint and to make proper use of it you need to have a targeted resume not more than two pages.

    Some of the effective strategies to build your network –

    • Create a professional profile over LinkedIn with call to action text and skills that are more trending in your field
    • Add target members into your connection
    • Reach out to target recruiter/decision maker/hiring manager with mail feature
    • Join multiple job groups relating to your interest
    • Keep yourself active in those group
    • Make your profile more active and update to date

  2. Perform SOWT analysis – SWOT analysis is a great way to identify your strength, opportunity, weakness, and threat. Use our great guide on SOWT analysis for better career. While exploring job descriptions, you may find that some of the jobs have few skills where you are not expert enough. Using SWOT analysis you can work on your weaknesses and get prepared for your dream jobs.

    Before searching for a job you should evaluate your skills and competencies.

  3. Define your job search criteria – Most of the popular job searching platforms offer features to create filters matching your skills/profile/job type. Creating filters is a good idea to get automatically update matching your criteria. Keep your profile updated on all the popular job searching sites.

    You have talents and experience that can help you to find the right job. Create the filter in the same direction. This helps you to find the job instantly.

    In addition to search criteria what all you can do in the job portal –

    • Keep your profile 100% complete
    • Make your profile up to date with accurate information
    • Search job using different filter type
    • Time to time update the profile to improve your visibility

  4. Keep checking job portal regularly – On a regular basis you need to check the jobs portal. You can speare dedicated time thrice a week to search for a job. Before applying for a job check the job description in detail. This helps you to get the insight on what employer is looking for.

    Matching the job description with your skills is a good idea to evaluate your competency for the job. If it’s matching perfect you can apply. Over the job portal most of the jobs have a contact person email id. So, after applying you can follow up using that email id.

    Follow up is a great idea to remind the recruiter/hiring manager that you applied for this job and eager to know the update.

Hope you like the strategies outlined above. In case you have any suggestion or feedback feel free to comment in the section provided. We are happy to incorporate your feedback/suggestion into content.

Happy Reading!

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    Most of them are not making the right use of the job portal to search for a job. The points outlined in this blog are really very helpful for all the job seekers. Also, the key highlights of AllJobsHub, help us to understand the significance of it over other job portals.

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