Job Interview Tips & Techniques

Are you having an interview phobia?

Many people are facing this problem. Most of us who appear for the first time, face a lot more challenges. But if you follow the best practices you can feel more comfortable and beat most of your job interview challenges.

During interviews there are so many things that one needs to focus on to make their interview successful. A small mistake can ruin your chance to get hired. So, in this blog we are going to discuss in detail some of the best tips that work perfect to make you more comfortable and improve your chance of hiring. Before going deeper we need to understand what actually the interview process is? Interviewing is a process where interviewee and interviewer exchange their knowledge based on the job’s responsibilities. Also, an interviewer evaluates candidate performance and capability based on job requirement.

Let’s begin with tips and techniques for a successful job interview!

The below tips not only make you comfortable to overcome interview phobia but also improve the chance of hiring.

Detail research about the company

Before appearing for an interview, you need to perform very detailed study about the company like company specialization, when started their operation, board of director’s member, etc. This not only gives information about the company but also gets the insight on current and future of the company.

As per the most recent study done, it has been identified that during the interview, almost all HR/interviewers ask about the company question.

How can you perform detailed research about the company before appearing for an interview?

  1. Explore the company website and check all product/services/offering
  2. Review social media – LinkedIn and Twitter account to check about the company
  3. Review business listing website to get information about the company and its competitors

Proper dress code

It’s always recommended to have formal attire while attending a job interview. Your dress should be pleasant and it does not mean that you should go for the highly expensive clothes. You can have any formal dress.

Below are important checklist to follow –

  1. Combed hair
  2. In case you have bread, make sure it should be properly trimmed. Otherwise, go for clean shave
  3. Go for plain/vertical striped formal shirt and formal trouser
  4. Your dress should be clean and well pressed
  5. Have formal shoes and should be in perfect condition

Body language

During a job interview, you will interact with the hiring manager/recruiter and whatever you have specified in your resume, you should be able to explain it. You must have the right body language which shows that you are confident enough and seems to be the right candidate for the job.

Best tips for impressive body language

  1. Maintain smiling face
  2. Maintain eye to eye contact with the interviewer
  3. Maintain good posture throughout the interview process

Be specific and confident

To do the best in an interview, be specific and confident about what you say. During the interview process, the interviewer asks many questions and there may be few questions for which you don’t know the answer. In situations like this, don’t answer wrong, you can simply say I don’t know.

Your interview success depends more on how confident you are throughout the interview process. Employer never interested in hearing any kind of excuses.

Whatever the experience and responsibility you have specified in your resume, you should be confident about and able to impress the interviewer with your behavior, knowledge and skills.


Apart from above specified points the interview process will depend on your knowledge and skills. If you have the perfect skills as specified in the job description, then you need to follow a few basic points as specified above. This will be definitely useful in getting hired for any job. In case you would like to share feedback or suggestions feel free to write in the comment section provided below.

Happy reading!

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  • Candia Eric
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for that guide lines

  • Thank you for give a best knowledge on interview tips and techniques. The tips outlined really works well to get deep understanding on cracking interview.

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