Effective ways to beat stress

7 effective ways to beat stress and improve productivity

Almost everyone during the course of employment feels stressed some time. Workplace stress is a global issue and to overcome it seems to be very challenging. Over a certain period of time we feel increased stress and this leads to health problems like anxiety and depression. Stress can be happening in any of the scenarios –

  • While you are at work
  • Working from home
  • Working at client location

Many research and study show that an increase in stress can lead to real physical symptoms like headaches, constipation, high blood pressure, chest pain, and sleep disorder. So, it should be considered seriously and take preventive measures to overcome it. So, before deep diving into the ways to sort stress; let’s first explore some of the examples that can build stress and these are very generic.

  • Fear of being fired
  • Salary cut
  • Work pressure
  • Manager negative behavior
  • Favoritism within team

Now, what all symptoms you may have during the duration of stress. We have highlighted some of the symptoms that indicate your stress level is high enough and need immediate control –

  • Lack of confidence in delivering work
  • Change in behavior – become more angry
  • Lack of interest in work
  • Sleep disorder
  • Experiencing headaches, mental tension, stomach upset and high blood pressure
  • Start consuming drug and alcohol for stress release

What types of stress remote worker generally face?

Employees working remotely have different levels of challenges and some are difficult to recognize. Employees always need to find new ways of communication with their team located in different locations and he/she has to adjust his/her time accordingly. There is no social and face-to-face interaction and this leads to loneliness. More frequently, employees need to work long hours as per team availability and this leads to working burnout. Inappropriate Work-life balance negatively impacts the personal life of remotely working employees. So, over a period of time it starts hurting employees and directly impacting on mental and physical health.

How to reduce stress?

Now, moving on to the core part of this article and here we are going to share some of the useful ways to beat stress while working remotely. These are really very effective ways to overcome stress for employees working from home/ working at client location/remotely.

  1. Prioritize your work– Prioritize the work based on importance. The best thing you can do is to create a priority list in the morning. That list contains all the tasks that you have to deliver and start working accordingly. Nowadays there are a lot of apps/solutions available that can help you to create a to-do-list. Even in Google Mail and Outlook you can create a to-do list to manage your daily task efficiently. This makes you organized and meet all your deliveries on time.

  2. Build positive relationships and friends-Employees who have good friends at work are 7 times more engaged with work. But it does not mean that companies should hire friends of friends to increase the employee engagement at work. During the initial days of joining, most of us feel loneliness. Making friends at work is not easy and to have more you need to be open and spend more time in establishing relationships with team members. Start interacting with people and build positive relationships.

    Most of the company introduces a concept of “best buddy”. These best buddies help new hires to get introduced to employees of different departments, and provide guidance and support to make them comfortable within the organization.

  3. Do exercise every day-Exercise keeps everyone fit and positive. Daily exercise makes your body fit enough to fight stress and make you more productive at work. So, what type of exercise is good for you? Depending on your body type and the exercise you love you can pick. If you are a gym lover, morning gym works perfect to make you more positive both physically and mentally. So, depending on your interest, you can do 30 mins to 1-hour exercise daily.

  4. Eat healthy-Always eat healthy food to get all the vitamins and minerals to make your body stronger to fight stress. Don’t eat junk foods too often like burgers, pizza, chips, samosa, etc. Eat balanced diets that are good in carbohydrate, proteins, minerals, and multivitamins.

    You need to develop a good eating habit to make yourself strong enough to fit stress. Some of the best ideas on building healthy eating habits –

    • Never skip breakfast! This will fuel your body for the whole day and make you active throughout the day. Eat complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein in your breakfast to supply required energy to your body.
    • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking more water. This keeps your energy level high and regulates digestion.
    • To supply required minerals and vitamins to the body always eat fruits
    • Don’t drink more coffee. Restrict your coffee intake to one or two cups for the whole day. Excess caffeine intake leads to sleep disorder.
    • Always prefer to have dinner before 8:30 p.m. Also, prefer to have light dinner to make your body easy to digest.

  5. Take proper sleep-Poor or incomplete sleep leads to high stress. As per most research, experts identified that sleep disorder is a major problem of stress and behavior change. Some of the useful tips that work amazing to keep your sleep habit on track and helpful in fighting stress.
    • Develop a schedule of sleeping on time
    • Continuous sleep in night for at least 7 to 8 hours
    • Before going to bed make sure you turn off the TV, Laptop and mobile screen
    • Don’t sleep too much on weekends

  6. Don’t mix personal and professional life-Based on recent study done by one of the leading universities, it is found that 65% of employees mix office work with personal life and this leads to severe problems in their personal life like separation, ignorance, etc. It is extremely important to maintain the balance between the two. Some of the effective and best ways to maintain balance between the two –
    • Never carry office work at home
    • Spend quality time with your family members and loved ones
    • Always focus on completing the task on time and to do so you need to be proactive in prioritizing the task

  7. Be positive-You need to be positive, whatever the situation. Some of the effective mantra that works amazingly wow to remain positive
    • Whatever the negative situation always remains optimistic
    • Live in a positive environment
    • Don’t take criticism in the wrong way. Learn the skill to consume criticism in a healthy way


If you manage your stress in a perfect way, you can overcome it. Following the steps or ways mentioned here can work awesome to beat stress of any level. In case you have any comment or suggestion on handling stress please feel free to write in the comment section.

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  • This is full of information and definitely works perfect for those who are facing stress issues. Few years back I was passing through work stress and one of my friend recommended me to start doing exercise and connect with friends. This works really well to overcome stress.

    Thanks for putting it all together in a very detailed way.

  • Narveer Singh
    1 year ago

    This work is very useful to avoid stress and for the person who are facing stress..Thanks for this blog. The blog is very useful too and constructive..in order to beat work stress.

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