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There is huge competition going on and for every job almost thousands of applicants submit their resume. Now, how can you make yourself best in comparison to others? In this article we will talk about the best way to present your resume that will attract an employer in a few seconds.

Almost you spend hours in creating a resume, but when it comes to the recruiter/hiring manager they hardly take 20 to 30 seconds to decide whether to initiate the next step or not. So, what are the key points a recruiter/hiring manager is looking for? You must have a target resume that perfectly matches the job for which you are applying. Below are some of the best ways that work great to increase the chance of getting noticed and hired.

Emphasize the key skills and targeted keywords in the top section of your resume

Before applying for a job, review it based on the skill they are looking for. Include targeted skills in your resume that perfectly define your resume as the right match for the profile. Also, make sure that it should be presented in such a way that helps the recruiter/hiring manager to easily identify and evaluate it based on other applicant’s resumes.

For example, you are applying for a digital marketing manager and in the job description it is creaky specified that they are looking for performance managers who are good in generating leads and maintaining brand performance across digital channels. To apply for a job like this, your resume must include all the skills that perfectly match with the Job description.

Here are some of the important key points that works perfect to get shortlisted –

  1. Plan, manage, and execute search engine marketing campaigns, including account setup, campaign structuring, extensions, Ad copy writing, bidding optimization, and budget management.
    • Increase conversion by 28%
    • Reduce CPA by 15%
  2. SEO by optimizing highly-targeted web content that drives inbound traffic
    • Increase blog traffic by 25% on monthly basis
    • Increase website traffic 15% on monthly basis
    • Grow email list by 200% using subscriber form and resource section
    • Optimize website for voice search and featured snippet
    • Develop and implement link-building campaigns
    • Detailed analysis using Google search console, Moz, Ahrefs, Screaming fog, SEMRush, AdvanceWebRanking, and Google analytics
  3. Run paid campaigns on social media targeting Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube
    • Track and manage brand pages and proactively reach out to key influencers and bloggers within the community to build
    • Target multiple groups and communities to reach millions of customers
    • Increase follower, likes and overall post engagement
  4. Nurture prospects, by delivering the right content to prospects at the proper stage of their journeys to ultimately nudge them toward the next conversion using Email Marketing Automation tool
  5. Manage email marketing strategy using Sandy. Running email marketing campaigns, creating newsletters, managing email databases, optimizing campaigns for better deliverability and higher open rate.

You should incorporate this information on the top section of your resume just after the career objectives. Profile like this influences the recruiter to shortlist and initiate the next step. The Recruiter/hiring manager hardly takes 30 secs to decide go/no-go.

You can create a killer resume like the one specified above and upload the same on the popular job portal. This helps you to get searched and shortlisted by recruiter over job portal instantly.

Get rid of irrelevant experience and non-essential information

In case you have more experience associated with lot of companies, you can highlight those which perfectly match the job requirement. You can mention all but specify roles and responsibilities that perfectly match with the job.

Don’t make your resume lengthy by specifying personal, family, hobbies, and anything that are not relevant to job information in your resume.

Make your resume short and targeted specific to the job. We have published a blog on step by step guide to create winning resume. In case you feel challenges in creating your resume you can use it as a reference document and create a killer resume.

Proofread before sharing

Proofread read your resume before sharing it or uploading to any job postal. Check for typos and grammar errors. In case your resume has a lot of spelling and grammatical errors this will make a negative impact on the recruiter and reduce the chance of getting shortlisted.

Below are some of the effective ways to proofread your resume –

  • Take the print out of your resume and read it from top to bottom 3 to 4 time
  • Check each section of your resume and make sure you have specified more accurate information
  • Make sure you have specified all the skills that perfectly matches the job that you are looking for

After proofreading you save it to PDF format and share the same with the recruiter or upload the same format into the job portal. The best part of PDF is that nobody can make any changes into your resume and seems to be secure.


Are you facing challenges to get your resume shortlisted or noticed? The steps outlined in this blog works awesome to get your resume shortlisted in less than 30 secs. In case you need any help to create a killer resume or looking for trendy resume format please reach out to us. We welcome new and innovative ideas. So, in case you have any recommendation or suggestion please write to us in the comment section provided below.

Happy reading!

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