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Good News for Mathematics Lover

Next month board exam 2017 going to be held on and students are doing their best to score the good marks. Most of the student struggling with the mathematics as they found it very tough and difficult. As per latest study done by scientist we find that students those who are good in mathematics have higher changes to perform better in their academics.

Here, is the list how scientist correlate Mathematics and better academics?

  • 1. Based on the research scientist found that positive emotion and good in mathematics mutually reinforce each other.
  • 2. Student learning and performance can be influenced by emotional reactions to learning like employment, anxiety and boredom.

Research analysis by Reinhard Pekrun

  • 1. Students who are intelligent had better grade, but the students who love mathematics perform better as compare to other student who don’t love mathematics.
  • 2. Student who are suffering with anger, anxiety, shame, boredom have lower achievement.

How actually research process?

  • 1. Performed the research on 3,425 students of class 5 to 9 relating to emotions and achievement in mathematics.
  • 2. Self-reported emotion from students were measured by questionnaires and their achievement was assessed by year end grades and cores on a math achievement test.

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