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Do you think that salary is the prime factor of jobs in India? Top companies have experienced major changes in past 10 years. An Indian job portal Worknrby has done a survey according to that these issues are because of not getting the right candidate for the empty positions. Because of this mismatch problem, some employees face challenges in the recruitment process and not get the satisfying payroll.

Global human capital consulting firm- Watson Wyatt, conducted a CEO Forum. “Building Peak Performance Teams to Conquer Global Markets” was the key topic of this forum. This seminar lead by John Haley, President of Watson Wyatt, and Dr. Chuley Lee, Regional Director for Asia Pacific had major discussions.

Guest speakers from Tata Consultancy Services and Aditya Birla Group were a part of this forum. The guest speaker from Aditya Birla says that,” India has a work population of 500 millions. And, this number will rise with years with 335 millions growths”. Haley predicts, “If I look from employees’ perspective, teamwork and leadership are major commitments in a job”. He adds, “Indian job market has an advantage with a net labor cost, approx 40%. And, future growth depends on the motivating the people with incentives and benefits.”

Does a high pay profile is only a satisfaction for the employee?

The forum by Watson Wyatt, gave conclusions regarding the Indian employment sector. Top Indian companies focuses on firm’s growth. They believe more in “leave or stay” policy. Company’s progress focuses on this policy during appraisals. On the other hand, the seminar also led to a contrary conclusion. There were debates on discontent ratio of working people. The research shows 52% of unhappy employees. This ratio was the ones unhappy with their salary. The forum shows discontent because of difference in profile and salary.

Survey stats were a proof to this discussion. Cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune were a part of this research. Ten industrial sectors were a focus. Few of them were telecom, logistics, retail, education, construction, healthcare, etc.

  1. 30% of employees are happy with maternity and paternity facilities.
  2. 60% of women in the employees believe that unpaid benefits are important as higher pay scale.
  3. 70% of dissatisfied people suggested their concern with the difference in their salary and market standards.

Before joining any companies do a pre-research and take a better decision for your career.

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