best resume

Creating attractive and killer resume is not a tedious task. The resume is considered to be a brief introduction about you and your knowledge, experience, work, and qualification. To create catchy CV you need to follow a few basic tips while writing resume.

1. Career objectives: Always include the career objective in the beginning of your CV. It must be correctly written and match with your career goal plan.

2. Experience: In experience section, mention your roles and responsibilities with different organizations.
a) Include the total years of experience.
b) Include the designation and tenure that you worked for different organizations.
If you are a fresher then leave this section.

3. Technical Skills: Mention all your core specialization. In this section you can include following skills programming, management, software, recruitment, operational, etc.
Don’t include fake or irrelevant skills. One wrong mistake can ruin your whole interview.

4. Technical & Academic Qualification: – Starts with your most recent qualification. Mention complete education detail like course, university, college and percentage.
If you have done any certification and rewarded with any awards than include it in this section.

5. Personal Detail: In personal detail section includes all your personal information like full name, date of birth, single / married and address.

What are the basic points you need to remember while creating a resume?
1. Always restrict your resume to 2-3 pages. Don’t make lengthy CV.
2. Include all correct information related to your experience, qualification, personal detail and skills.
3. If it’s possible, include the reference detail in your CV.
4. It should be simple. Don’t use multiple colors and images to make it attractive.

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