IIM Kashipur Introducing Three Online Courses

IIM kashipur is in planning to introduce three new courses. This will be a certification programs which student can opt. There will be no need to visit the class room. Student or professional can join online using direct to device technology. They can easily interact with the lecturers. The lecture will be provided by IIM kashipur lecturer.

The name of the course will be “Executive Certificate program in Marketing Analytics and Customer Valuation”.
The course will be starting from 12th Feb 2017.

The course will run for 5 months.


What you will learn?

  • 1. Provide analytical and theoretical approach relating to digital marketing
  • 2. Search engine optimization
  • 3. customer acquisition practice using analytics
  • 4. Tracking data using Google analytics and other analytic tools
  • 5. Paid advertisement best practice
  • 6. Deep overview on CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL and other practices.
  • 7. Providing advance way to extract marketing data.

Who can participate in such courses?

  • 1. Students who want to start their career in digital marketing or analytics.
  • 2. Professional who wants to accelerate their career can join such program.
  • 3. Organization can join to learn new aspects of digital marketing and analytics practices.

Second Executive Program –

IIM kashipur going to introduce one more executive program called “Executive Certificate program in Entrepreneurship”

This program will start from 26th feb 2017.

This program will last for 4 months.


Purpose of this program –

  • 1. Helping entrepreneur to meet their goal and improve the revenue of their business.
  • 2. How to set up business in right way
  • 3. How to reduce the change of loss
  • 4. Tips to obtain funds from third party
  • 5. Setting up complete business plan

Who can be the part of this course?

Professional, student and entrepreneur all are eligible for this course. This course is basically for those who want to setup their own company.

Interested one can contact IIM Kashipur to get the detail information about such courses.

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