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Map the Gaps Between You and Your Dream Jobs

Everyone dreams about his/her career and to achieve that few of them work really very hard. But working hard is not the only solution. We need to first identify our weakness that restricts us in getting the right job. After that, create an action plan to achieve all our barriers that restrict us in getting the right jobs.

In this article we are going to discuss the most important barrier that restricts us in getting the right job and how to overcome all:

  • Qualification: – If you don’t have the required qualification to perform the job, then it will be impossible to get the job. So, to get it you can join some course. Now-a-days there are lots of options available you can join part time or correspondence courses.
  • Is Job Description Perfectly Matching Your KRA: – Before applying the job read the job description carefully? This helps you to identify the required skill the job required. Evaluate yourself on the basis of job description. You can prepare yourself.
  • Special Skill Requires: – There are few jobs that require special skill like certified programmer, certified consultant, etc. You can appear for that certification course by making perfect preparation. Once you complete it, mention it on your CV.
  • Experience: – If you don’t have the required experiences then wait for the new opening that requires lesser experience or wait for your experience to increase. Depending on the vacancy the job openings fluctuate. So, don’t be panic. Till the time prepare yourself for the job.

Hope above specified points are helpful to everyone. If you have any concern and suggestion relating to this article then feel free to share your inputs in the comment section. We are continuously publishing the best and important career blog.

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