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Microsoft Going to Cut Few Jobs

Microsoft going to cut down few jobs this year – 2017. As per the source we come to know that Microsoft will cut down 700 jobs in this financial year. Globally Microsoft having 1,14,000 employees and by introducing cloud solution they will reduce the overall manpower by few percentage.

According to CNBC, the overall job cut will not be from one particular area, job cuts will be from many different departments mostly from sales and other department.

Previously Microsoft announced that they going to cut down around 2500 jobs by the end of 2017. As per the reports we are hoping Microsoft going to reduce 4% of the overall job by the end of 2017.

From last few years Microsoft cut down the jobs from several of its department. By the introduction of cloud solution and subscription free software, Microsoft starts reducing its manpower. Also time to time Microsoft trains its resource with advance training program that makes them more experts and multi tasking.

During last one year Microsoft cut down jobs as explained below –

  • 1. Cut jobs from Global sales team
  • 2. Cut jobs from Smartphone
  • 3. Shut down Skype’s London offices

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