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Parents Can Start Filling for Delhi Nursery Admission

As per the order of Delhi High Court on last Friday (13th Jan 2017), parents can fill up the form in the prescribed format and this can avoid any kind of ambiguity. Justice Manmohan issued notice to the DoE of the Delhi Government, DDA and Lieutenant Governor, asking them to reply by 17th Jan 2017.

Two schools and some parents having issue with the current circulation can come for the hearing that is going to be held in 19th Jan 2017.

Under this circulation Delhi High Court put a condition relating to the school to who DDA allotted land for schooling purpose. Such school needs to put 75% seats to the local students of that area. Some of the schools raised voice against the admission of local children. They said to maintain the level of education they are focusing more on admission of quality children. On this Delhi Government initiated a priority gradations system for student admission. The first [reference will be given to the children from 1 KM, then 1-3 KM and the, if the seat vacant in the school they can go beyond 6 KMs.

As per the recent circulation, this has been made mandatory for all the school including those running on DDA land to follow the admission process which going to start from Jan 10 to Jan 31. Give preference to local children for admission.

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