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Everyone wants to succeed in life whatever the profession he/she is in. It all depends on how one is making perfect use of talent. Almost everyone one facing some problem/challenge to achieve the success which they wanted to. If you can manage those problems efficiently you can overcome all your barriers that appear as an obstacle to achieve the success that you are aiming for. So, the question is how one can identify strength and weakness, and derive opportunities and threats from them? SWOT Analysis is one of the most effective techniques that works amazing to work on this and get prepared for a better career ahead.

SWOT analysis is nothing but it is the analysis of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. SWOT analysis seems to be very effective to uncover opportunities that you previously were not able to do. And by understanding the weakness you can get detailed insight on threats and prepare in advance to fight barriers in your career development. Making right use of SWOT analysis can help you to get detailed insights on yourself and help you to separate yourself from your colleague and further work on enhancing the skill to take your career to the goal aiming for.

In this blog we are going to cover the way that helps you to make personal SWOT analysis for a better career. To make the right analysis you need to deeply evaluate your career by asking few critical questions from you. So, to initiate please take out a plain sheet and answer the below questions.


To identify your strength, you need to answer the following questions.

  1. What are the special skills that make you better as compared to others?
  2. How can you perform your duties better than others?
  3. What are the positive behavior you have?
  4. What are your achievements?
  5. What other recommend your greatest strength

While answering these questions you need to consider people around you who are into similar role within your organization or outside the organization working in the same profession.

Some may find it difficult to answer all these questions. Those can list down their personal characteristics. Out of that you can easily identify your strength.


Now move to what are your weaknesses?

  1. What are the activities you usually avoid to perform?
  2. Are you highly confident in performing your duties perfectly?
  3. What are your negative habits that most people don’t like?
  4. What are some of the habits that restrict you to grow higher on your career ladder?
  5. Are you skilled and educated enough to complete tasks?

While answering these questions you have to be realistic and 100% accurate than only you can come up with weaknesses. Most of us while reviewing weakness ignore/ avoid answering these questions.


You can identify opportunities by answering below mentioned questions

  1. Name the technology or any training program that helps you to grow?
  2. Is your company growing and how you can take the advantages to meet the business requirements?
  3. Can you provide a better solution to the problem?
  4. Do you have a better approach to perform your duties which can be helpful in meeting business objectives?


Some of the best questions that help you to identify threat relating to your career

  1. Do you have any competitors in the organization relating to projects?
  2. What are the major hurdles that restrict you from performing work at your job?
  3. Is your job highly challenging and requires you to continuously upgrade your skill?
  4. Any of your weaknesses leads to threat?

SWOT analysis of your career helps you to identify your weakness and threat, and also helps you to overcome your weakness. Every professional needs to perform such an analysis on a regular basis. This not only identifies your weakness or threat, but also helps you to plan for success in your career.

The best is to perform this analysis every 6 months or year!

In case you are looking for the SOW Analysis template, below is the format. Feel free to use.

SWOT Analysis

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