employment contract

Most of the time candidates make the wrong decision in signing the employment contract. In this blog we are going to discuss few most important points that candidates need to remember before signing employment contract. One wrong decision can ruin your life so always read and understand the employment contract.

1. Roles & Responsibilities: This is the most important as it explains your exact role in detail in the company. This gives complete idea about what are the duties you need to perform after joining. You can check whether the job roles and responsibilities are similar to one as specified in the job description or not.

2. Job Location: Location of the job is again a very important factor. If your job is near to your residence then you can save commutation time and can utilize your time in other activities. Also make clear that your job should not be movable as it takes a lot of time for the employee to get adjusted in a different environment which may also affect his / her capabilities.

3. Working Hours: Never agree for the fixed working hours. Always try to prefer flexible working hours. Never agree to work on holidays or on leave days. Check the extra working hour compensation benefits. Also check the hours of work and shift patters before signing any employment contract.

4. Notice Period: Generally, notice period varies from one to three months from organization to organization. So, always check whether or not your notice period is too long or short. If your notice period is too long then it can create problems in getting the new job. So, always check the notice period.

5. Leave & Holiday Policies: Leave and holiday compares to be the most important for any employee at any level. So, you can evaluate following :
a) Total numbers of holidays in a year.
b) Total earn leaves and how to avail earn leaves
c) Total Casual leaves and how to avail casual leaves
d) Sick leave policies
e) Leave encashment

6. Compensation & Benefits: Most of the companies run various types of compensation and benefits like monthly outing, fun at work, games and skill development programs, etc. So, check whether companies are offering compensation and befit plans or not.

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