Privacy Policy

The privacy policy specified below will give you the complete overview with respect to the information of the website. AllJobsHub is the sole owner of the website. At different level we ask user to enter their personal information in order to process their information.

Data Collection

AllJobsHub lists latest jobs opening of different sectors like public, private and Government. We never ask for any registration from user. User can freely apply any job without any registration. At the time of applying job user need to enter name, email, phone no and message. To extract the information of users we at AllJobsHub use “Google Analytics”. Using it we identify major source of user acquisition, their behavior and action. Also evaluate the performance of the website.

Information Integration

The information integrated over the website is totally genuine. Use to extract information from numerous web portals.

  • 1. Identify the vacancy from company’s website.
  • 2. On regular basis use to explore known social platform and job portal to identify the job.
  • 3. Contact employer to understand the vacancy and integrate the same over website.
  • 4. Integration of job in the right categories.
  • 5. AllJobsHub having three important sections i.e. Jobs, Career Guide and Tech Blog.
  • 6. Career guide contains numerous articles that help individual and professional to empower their career.
  • 7. Tech blog provides deep insight on numerous IT and Digital marketing concept.
  • 8. All information that is part of website is totally genuine and unique with the motive to help individual and professional in learning and getting job.

Use of Information

The information provided by users at the time of applying the job, stored on our server and we never share these information with any third party group or any illegal or unauthentic group.

  • 1. Presenting the information in a creative and complete way.
  • 2. Shared the resume of those candidates who applied the job using e-mail.
  • 3. Every job listed in AllJobsHub has the “Apply Job” button. By clicking on it, user can apply that particular job and instantly the candidate’s resume will be shared with that company.
  • 4. Based on the requirement of different companies we at AllJobsHub integrate that requirement on continuous basis.
  • 5. Sometime we contact job seekers who meet the eligibility criteria of the job.
  • 6. Send information/new announcement relating to our products and services to the users.
  • 7. Contact user through E-mail relating to updates and modification in AllJobsHub.
  • 8. Resolve all the concern/dispute if users have any relating to the website on priority.
  • 9. Presenting right and accurate information over the website –
  • 10. AllJobsHub not making any misuse of user’s information.
  • 11. Protect the rights and property.