Internship for skill development

Almost all of you are aware of internships!

What is an internship?

Internship is a program or opportunity offered by an employer to a student/professional which ranges from few weeks to few months. This is not like a normal employment. Internship is a program that is designed to provide technical and practical exposure to the student at work.

What is the difference between internship and apprenticeship?

Internship and apprenticeship are not the same thing. Most of the time people are confused between the two.

  1. The major difference between the two is that apprenticeship is for a longer period of time and it requires candidates to complete the task whereas in internship range for a shorter period of time.
  2. Apprenticeship lasts for 12 months to 24 months whereas Internships last for few weeks to few months.
  3. Almost every apprenticeship program is paid, candidates will get compensation every month whereas compensation is not mandatory in internship.
  4. Apprenticeship is reserved for trade occupation i.e. manufacturing, engineering, construction, etc. And in most of the cases employers hire those candidates who completed an apprenticeship program successfully. On the other hand, an internship program gives very broad experience in terms of company, job role and responsibilities.

What all technical skills you gain after internship?

Enhance knowledge

Offer a great chance to enhance your knowledge and technical skills specific to the role. Let’s assume an example: you are in the last semester of your master of computer application (MCA) and going for an internship program and your aim is to grow as a software developer targeting the Java language.

In such scenario – company help you provide a live working environment where you may get the chance to work on live projects and enhance your Java skills – servlets, springs, javascript, etc.

Get detailed overview about the company

While attending an internship program, you will get familiar with the company working culture and gain very important understanding on –

  • end to end process specific to different roles
  • how company generating business
  • churning customer into business
  • documenting data
  • repository maintenance
  • Email atticates
  • Learn numerous soft skills

Work ethics

Work ethics is one of the most important skills that can only be learned after joining a company and sometimes it takes many years to learn it. So, if you are considering an internship seriously you can gain the best work ethics skills.

Market insight

Get detailed insight on industry demand and help you to develop the skills of performing market research. These skills prepare you for the future and predict demand.

How is internship useful?

  1. Just after completion of qualification, students are not ready to perform the job in a proper way. To make them comfortable, an internship/training program is good enough. This not only trains candidates to perform the duties on time but also enhances their skill to complete tasks. Generally, companies align experienced resources who guide candidates in a live environment and provide skill training.
  2. To make college graduate experts, most of the company focuses more on internship programs. They spend a lot of money to train the youth for future demand. Purpose behind such programs is to train candidates with updated skills and get them prepared for company future demand. Most of the CMM level V based companies are offering some advanced internship programs where students can learn time management, communication skills, job related technical skills and much more.
  3. Internships provide an environment to candidates to boost their knowledge, practice experience. So, every candidate should consider this as a golden opportunity to excel in their career path.
  4. Every employer prefers to hire experienced or technically sound professionals. So, if you already completed some internship program then the probability of getting the job is higher as compared to a normal candidate.
  5. If you are a fresher and want to get the job, then the internship program will be treated as a positive sign in getting the job. This gives a strong feeling to the hiring manager that you are familiar with technology and have very industrial/corporate experience.

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