Standards of Education in Urban and Ruler Area

There is a huge difference in the level of education in the ruler and urban society. Ranging from technology to the facility, there is so much disparity. In this blog we are going to discuss a few most important points in detail and also explore the comparison between the two areas:

Technology: – There are a lot more technology advancements in the education sector. In urban area schools are using slide show, videos and voice interactive presentation. This helps students to learn new concept easily. In ruler areas, only a few schools are having such kind of facilities. More than 90% schools are still using old techniques of teaching.

Facility: – Schools of urban area offer some amazing facility that makes students comfortable during the study. The infrastructure and amenities are perfect that helps students to enjoy learning, whereas the infrastructures are in ruler area are not too good.

Fee Structure: – The fee structure is very high in urban area schools. The most famous school like Delhi Public School (DPS), Rayan International are charging huge amount of donation in terms of admission. The fee structure is also very different as compared to the schools of the ruler areas.

Extra Curriculum Activities: – Schools of urban area use to provide some advance activity programs like personality development classes, indoor & outdoor gaming, cultural activity, group dance and many more. In ruler area some of the schools try to maintain such kind of standards, but most of them are not caring about it. An extra curriculum activity seems to be very important for student’s personality development and it also helps to improve the confidence level.

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