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The IT industry is one of the fastest growing industry if not THE fastest. Several reasons account for the excessive growth of the industry, one of the biggest being the growth in the dependent industries like digital marketing and advertising. With the growth in industries dependent or taking advantage of digital technologies, a lot of unusual jobs are created as well which otherwise were a small part of the core industries. Information Technology isn’t untouched by it either.

These specialized jobs in the IT industry are lesser known because of the nature of profile and work that isn’t visible on the outside. They have recently been discovered as an essential part of the operations to become functional as an independent profile. Some of them have gone on to become industries in themselves. The general IT job openings have segregated themselves from them for the most part as well, another reason for the lack of awareness. So here are what you may not know about the new-age IT jobs.

Database Administrator

This is a well know job but the catch is as the databases and archives are moving onto the cloud systems, this job is vanishing unless you have a sound knowledge of automation. This leaves a lot of experienced personnel in the dark and levels the field for freshers and experienced professionals alike. DBAs had been a high paying job for a while. While the openings may be decreasing, it is still needed in organizations with added criterions, and added benefits as well. It is the increasing size of the IT-based industries that is continuously demanding DBAs and evolving the profile into a new format.

Data Architect

This one is for the more mathematically inclined individuals and had been less demand for a long time. The job is to model systems and databases for efficient flow of information. If DBAs manage and troubleshoot databases and archival (storage) functions then data architects create them in the first place. With ever-changing custom needs of technology-driven organizations, data architects have seen a very steady rise in past few years. As data science goes mainstream, data architecture will see a tremendous jump in job openings and applications, and subsequently compensations too.


Device Operations (or Operatives) also called DevOps among the IT communities is a simple job with higher criterions on the technical front. The profile requires you to configure and manage online devices like servers, storage, etc. With businesses looking towards a more flexible approach to handling web traffic and load on their devices (to reduce costs flexibly and secure uninterrupted operations), DevOps has taken a strong place in the IT industry. The pays are high, the demand is high, and awareness, very low.

Systems Analyst

Part technical and part managerial, systems analyst is a job for driven individuals. The work is about understanding, deciding, maintaining and troubleshooting, and managing all the networks and systems including the optimal use of hardware and software. On the business front, they are required to operate with minimum cost for maximum output and on the technical front, they are responsible for smooth and uninterrupted operations of all systems. It is a key job in most organizations and often requires management education (degree, diploma, or certification) with technical education (or experience).

Data Scientist

Data science is the youngest of options one can go for. In its infancy, it had already shown a promising future for both professionals and the industry. It involves acquiring (mining), segregating, analyzing, and using the vast collections of data, old and new, to advantage. It is usually used to strategize marketing campaigns, feed algorithms for better outputs, machine learning, etc. Reasons why Data science and Big Data analytics have become a quintessential part of businesses in the digital and non-digital world. This calls for an equally big demand and pay scales for the profile.

And there are probably even more jobs that haven’t caught mainstream attention. Consulting professionals from the IT industry may reveal many more such opportunities (and maybe even open opportunities). Just like big data analytics, some might even be in their infancy and to grab them, one has to be updated with technology trends and news with an analytical approach. And as we move forward, these jobs will become mainstream as well, so watch out!

IT Jobs Present & Future In India

IT job market is changing at a very rapid rate. IT and software jobs are largely dependent on the foreign market. These are one of the most emerging and the fastest growing sectors for job opportunities. Now, let’s move why student preferring to opt IT / software courses? There are so many reasons, but we are going to cover few important:

1. High Salary: In IT or software field generally people are getting higher salary as compare to other sectors. Before choosing the career, salary is considered to be the most important part. So, if you are planning to do professional courses after 10+2 or after your graduation, then you can take admission in IT / courses. But check the current reputation of college / university.

2. Jobs in Overseas: The chances of getting the job in abroad are very easy and high in IT sector. Companies generally send the employee to the foreign countries depending on the projects they are working or can handle.

3. Professionalism: – Most of the IT company founders are from foreign countries and here employees get an opportunity to learn advance business skills. Also working in westerner environment makes you more organized, punctual and dedicated to work.

IT jobs present market condition

At present the IT sector is doing great and there are lots of opportunities available. In India every year, 1.5 million engineers pass out and getting the right job for everyone is not possible. In India there are hundreds of IT / Software companies that offer a good number of vacancies to the fresher and experience employee.

But the worst part of IT jobs is that it largely depends on overseas market. In 2008 due to recession in the US most of the IT based companies stopped hiring candidates and also started firing employees. That year was worst for all IT professional. But now the IT market in India is good and having lots of opportunities.

IT jobs future market condition

For the future we cannot predict anything but we can say it all depends on the overseas and Indian economy. As per our survey, we identified that for the coming 5 years in the future, the IT job market seems to be safe and perfect for growth.