Role of Teamwork

In today’s world it’s not important that you are master of your field or jack of trade.The most important is how good are you in the team? Are you a team player?

In this competitive professional world it is very hard to associate individuals into a team and work together. Do you agree?

  • Expert, if not able to work in a team, it’s a failure for both team and him
  • But an expert who is a team player can bring success to any work. So, to remain competitive and successful, you need to develop the team player skills

But some positions in today’s job environment correspond to individual contributor roles (IC) and there, the success and failure depends on one’s capability and expertise. Most of the companies specific to some roles focus on IC roles and it does not mean that everyone is aligned to IC roles. As per the most recent study by NASCOM 14% of the staff belong to IC roles whereas remaining belong to the team.

So, team player is one of the important skills that every professional needs to focus on.

What do you know about team players?

A team player is a person who is good in performing his/her duties within the team, able to establish good relation with the team member and have strong bonding within the team.

What skills team members require to remain effective?

  • Develop emotional intelligence skills to interact with each other on time with least friction
  • Understand the capability of each other so that effectively distribute based on skills set and complete on time
  • Effective organizing and planning skill to prioritize assigned task
  • Good in decision making
  • Good in conflict resolution

Let’s begin the core part of this blog – Teamwork base of win win situation.

Teamwork is one of the most important elements for your professional life. The best example you can observe at the football ground, where everyone is coordinating toward making goals. Not only in the playground but also, it works perfectly in the manufacturing unit, IT, BPO, ITES, eCommerce, etc. Working in a team is one of the best examples for success in life.

Why teamwork is effective at the workplace?

If a team is strong anyone can achieve a very big target within the time, but as an individual it requires a lot of time and effort and even then you may fail to meet your target. That’s what we call Teamwork is a base of win win situation.

  1. Quality Outcome in Time: – As compared to individual effort, teamwork achieves a goal easily. Because, as a team, each one works on the same problem or task and puts their creative idea or best solution. By analyzing the outcome of each solution, they mutually agree on a common solution and work on the same. In most of the cases, a team used to achieve the target before the time.
  2. Motivate Team Members: – Even slow performers start performing well in a team. By looking over the team members’ motivation toward the work, slow performers start performing with their full pace and capabilities. Also, to be at the level of others they start upgrading themselves with required skills and education/training.
  3. Job Satisfaction: – Not only teamwork helps to achieve business targets, but it also helps the team members to enjoy their work. Job satisfaction is one of the important factors in retaining employees within the organization. So, it’s very important that an employee should be satisfied or love his/her job. In most of the cases teamwork creates positivity within the team and also motivates everyone to put their best effort.

The total outcome of the team depends on the capabilities and interest of team members. The team basically stands for joint efforts. So, by teamwork, we mean everyone in a team should put their best effort to meet a goal or target.

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