Google Adwords Text Ads Overview

Before discussing in detail the perfect guidelines for Google adwords text ad. Let’s first discuss the Character limits.

Google Adwords Text Ads Character Limits Overview of Last One Year

In last 1 years Google made few changes in their Text ads of Google Adwords. Google Adwords text ads having characters limits.

older  text ds

Previously the character limits of the text ads was –

Title – 25 Characters

Description Line 1 – 35 Characters

Description Line 2 – 35 Characters

Display URL – 35 Characters

Destination URL – 1024 Characters

Few months back Google Adwords made some changes in the Character limits. Also reduce the no. of ads placement over Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This is what we call “Extended Text Ads”.

extended text ads overview

Extended Text Ads Characters Limits

Title 1 – 30 Characters

Title 2- 30 Characters

Description – 80 Characters

Display URL – 15 characters (Domain automatically extracted from the Final URL. Based on your requirement you can customize the URL path.)

Google Adwords Text Ads Guidelines

Before writing the text ads you need to remember the following points –

  • 1. Must make the proper spelling and use of capitalization and symbols to all ads.
  • 2. The information specified in the ads should be perfect and relevant to the landing page/targeted page.
  • 3. Never use inappropriate content.
  • 4. Google Adwords restrict the use of adult content. So, if you are writing ad for adult content must follow the guidelines.
  • 5. Never use the trade mark of others in your ads.
  • 6. Follow the character limits

To make your text ads more appealing, the best practice are specified below –

  • 1. Must include the call to action word that describe your business perfectly and attract user as well.
  • 2. Must follow the proper guidelines of Google Adwords.
  • 3. Must link with the relevant landing page.

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