A Complete Guide on Google Ads Bidding Strategies

Google Ads is one of the most widely used platform to run paid campaign and having lot more option to customize your ads based on your targeting, customer, products and more. We have published articles on creating profitable Google Ads campaign, Google Ads extension, types of Google Ads campaign, and more. In this article, I am going to explain in detail all about the Google Ads bidding and strategies.

What is Google Ads Bidding?

Google Ads bidding option let you decide how much you are willing pay to achieve your goal. You can select bid on click, impression, positioning, and conversion.

How many types of bidding and what they are?

Google Ads bidding is classified in two broad categories – Automatic and Manual.

Automatic Bidding –Automatic bidding let you decide the bidding on the certain goal, i.e. click, impression, conversion, and positioning.

Following are the types of automatic bidding strategies that you can choose based on your goal –

  1. Target CPA
  2. Target ROAS
  3. Maximize clicks
  4. Maximize conversions
  5. Target search page location
  6. Target outranking share
  7. Enhanced CPC

The above-mentioned strategies helps you to choose the best that perfectly match your business goal.

Manual Bidding – Manual bidding let you manage you biding based on your budget. On a daily basis you can set it and manage. These types of bidding is most commonly used in a situation where you want more control over amount of money spent.

Types of automatic bidding strategies

Under automatic there are seven different types of bidding strategies. The most commonly used are Maximize conversion and Maximize click. Each types of automatic bidding are developed to meet specific requirement of advertiser.

Here, are the list of strategies with complete explanation –

  1. Target CPA (Target cost per acquisition)

    Google Ads target CPA bidding strategies helps you to achieve an average CPA equals to your target across all the campaign. Some conversion may cost more than your target CPA and some may cost less. Keep your cost per acquisition equals to the target CPA.

    Example – Suppose I manufacture an electronic product which cost $100 and after removing all the cost and profit margin – manufacturing, advertising, print-media, and miscellaneous expense, I am comfortable to bid $20. So, in this case, I can go for Target CPA = $20 and Google ads helps me to get the maximum conversion at the target CPA I set.

    How Google target CPA works?
    • The bidding works as per your campaign historical information.
    • Evaluate contextual information presented at the time of auction.
    Important points to remember for Target CPA
    • This work perfect for both search and display network.
    • To implement it successfully must implement conversion tracking.
  2. Target ROAS (Target return on ads spend)

    Target returns on ads spend helps you to get more conversion value/revenue at the target return on ads spend you set. Google ads automatically optimized your ad at the auction time and manage you bid perfectly to get maximum revenue.

    Example –For every single dollar I spent, I want to earn $5. This means that I want to earn 5 times of the amount I spent. In this case, my profit margin is equals to 500% of every single dollar.

    Whatever the target ROAS you set, Google Ads will automatically set your bid to maximize your target ROAS.

    How Google Target ROAS works?
    • The bidding works as per your campaign historical information and manage your bidding at auction time.
  3. Target search page location

    This is one of the type of automatic bidding strategies that works with search network campaign. This bidding strategy automatically increases/decreases the bid to show your ads on the first page or first position of Google SERP.

    Example – I have a business, and I want to show my ad on the first page/first position, I will go for this type of bidding.

    How target search page location bidding works?
    • Once you apply this strategy, it may takes few minutes to update the ad positioning over Google SERP. Under this strategies, Google update the bidding several time a day to show your ads on the target position (first page/first position).
    • There is no guarantee that every time your ad hits the target positioning.
  4. Target outranking share bidding

    Target outrank share bidding is one of the best type of bidding that works perfect to beat your competitor. This strategy also works only with search network only and helps you to out rank your competitor.

    Example – Suppose I do advertising for Amazon and Flipkart is my competitor. In such case, target outranking share bidding works perfect. This bidding strategy automatically increases/decreases the bid to outrank my competitor – Flipkart and show my bid above to my competitor.

    How target outranking share bidding works?
    • When you go for outranking bidding strategy, it helps you to improve your ad position in comparison to your competitor (specified in the out rank bidding). But, this strategy does not have any impact on the ad rank.
    • With this strategy, you can only specify one competitor.

  5. Enhanced cost per click

    Enhanced CPC bidding works based on your account historical data and increases the bid if there is a chance of conversion is high and decrease the bid if there is chance of conversion is low.

    Example – Suppose I sell electronic product on my e-commerce store @$2 and have turned on “Enhanced CPC bidding”, Google ads increase the CPC bid if an auction likely to convert into lead. So, the bid can increase to $2.50, $3 or more.

    If the ECPC sees an auction unlikely to lead to a sale/conversion, it might lower the bid to $1.5, $1.7 and so on.

  6. Maximize click

    Maximize click bidding strategy works perfect to increase clicks for your campaign. You can specify the amount you are willing to spend on daily basis and by choosing maximize click strategy, Google ads automatically maximize the no. of click within the budget you set.

    Example- Suppose I have a business requirement, to get maximum click on my product. So, I will choose Maximize click bidding strategy.

  7. Maximize conversion

    Maximize conversion bidding strategy works perfect to increase number of conversion for your campaign. You can specify the amount you are willing to spend on daily basis and by choosing maximize conversion strategy, Google ads automatically maximize the no. of conversion within the budget you set.


To get more clarification on Google Ads bidding strategies, you can put your questions in comment section. It would be my please to answer them.

How to create effective Google Ads Campaign to earn maximum out of it?

Creating a new Google Ads campaign is an important step towards your marketing activity. To make it more effective you need to evaluate your requirement first than perform some brainstorming in order to find the right campaign that match your marketing campaign. In addition that check the features that Google Ads campaign going to offer.

All the beginner those who are new to Google Ads feel it very challenging to create a profitable Google Ads campaign. Some may the fear, a single wrong step can ruin whole budget. So, in this article, I am going to share the best way to create a profitable Google Ads campaign. This article seems to be very effective and work perfect for every types of user who are using Google Ads.

To make your Google Ads profitable you need to follow step-by-step process and make proper use of all the features. Below, we have listed 8 important steps that helps you to create your ads from the scratch in a profitable way.

#1 Who are your customer?

Before start building your campaign, you need to understand- who are your customers? And what they are search searching?

To get the right answer of your questions, you can make use of Google Ads Keywords Planner Tools. The tool helps you to find the right set of keywords for your product/service/solution and corresponding to that you can check the number of average monthly search. In addition to that, it helps to get the pricing detail on click basis.

To make the right use of this tool, you should check following feature-

  1. Keywords and phrases
  2. Average monthly searches
  3. Bid
  4. Competition
  5. Location
  6. Time period

#2 How to make perfect use of Google Ads keyword planner?

I am sharing an example of how to make perfect use of keyword planner in context to my business.

AllJobsHub is an India based job searching site, and I have to find the right keywords that helps my business to get more visibility.

Based on brainstorming, I identified few keywords/phase that work well for my business –

  • Best job searching website
  • Job searching websites

Before start searching, I made some changes in keywords planner setting –

  • Update the location
  • Update the last one year month setting
  • Select the Google as search network

After performing following changes, I inputted the above-mentioned keywords in the “keyword ideas” box and get around 1200 keywords based on those keywords. Prioritize it based on “average monthly searches”. Below screen is an overview –

google keywords planner

#3 How much amount you can pay for each click?

Google Ads keyword planner shows bid suggestion corresponding to each keyword. So, you need to check how much you can pay on CPC.

Here, is a simple formula to calculate your CPC that you can pay –

Max CPC = (profit per customer) x (1 – profit margin) x (website conversion rate)

Example, your profit per customer is $400, and you have the conversion ratio of 2% (out of 1000 visitor 20 convert into customers). Let us assume; you want to generate 40% profit margin, then the CPC will be –

$400 x (1-0.40) x 2%= $4.8

Based on example, we get $4.8 as your max CPC. So, avoid using keywords that are having max CPC more than $4.8.

#4 How to perform the competitor evaluation?

You are ready with the set of keywords and the bid amount based on your profit. Now, start evaluating your competitors. Here, are some of the effective ways to perform the competitor’s analysis for your Google text ads –

  • Check the keywords manually over Google SERP and evaluate the ads, which rank best.
  • Check the landing page
  • What all extension is showing corresponding to ad?
  • Why particular text ad rank better in comparison to other?

Study these factors in detail before writing your first ad copy. Not only ad copy but also you need to pay attention to landing page because the quality score depends and CTR depends on landing page.

Apart of these, you need to identify unique selling proposition (USP). The USP helps your product/services/business to stand unique and best as compare to your competitors.

#5 How to select the right Google Ads campaign?

Google Ads supports 6 types of campaign –

  1. Search Network with Display Select
  2. Search Network only
  3. Display Network only
  4. Shopping
  5. Video
  6. Universal app

Each campaign have subtypes that determines the types of setting and option. So, based on the requirement you can choose the type of campaign and its setting.

Search network with display – If you want to target both Google search and display network using Google text ad, this is best campaign for you.

What all Search network with display campaign offer?

  1. Offering a complete way to manage ad placement over Google – SERP, Partner sites, display network site and video.
  2. Supports – text ads, image ads, display ad builder ads, and app/digital content ads.
  3. Easy to target ads based on keywords, Placements, and Remarketing list.

Search network only – If you want to target only Google search engine result page (SERP) using keywords, this is best campaign for you.

What all search network campaign offer?

  1. Some of the basic feature that helps you to manage your text ads – location targeting, bidding setting, language selection, and extension integration.
  2. Provides more control on keywords bidding.
  3. Supports different types of extension that work amazing to improve conversion.

Display network only – Google display network campaign type let you show your ads on Google display network sites, i.e. Gmail, YouTube, Blogspot, Google Finance, Google Maps, and Google partner sites.

What all display network campaign offer?

  1. Google display network support multiple types of ad formats, i.e. text, image, rich media, and video ads.
  2. Easy to manage ads placement on so many Google display network sites.
  3. The best part of this campaign is that it support multiple types of ads.
  4. Display only campaign is one of the best campaign to boost brand popularity.

Shopping – Google shopping campaign is designed for retailers who wants to promote their product online using shopping ads.

What all-shopping campaign offer?

  1. Helps you to promote your product using shopping ads. The shopping ad is more than text ad. Retailer can display information and image of product using this ad type.
  2. Easy to boost traffic to your website and local store with improved CTR. .

Video – Google video campaign helps you to create compelling video ads that helps you to engage customer over YouTube and other Google video partner sites.

What all video campaign offer?

  1. Helps you to create video ads and engage customer over YouTube and other Google video partner sites. Easy to run video ads for more than 30 secs as well.
  2. The best part of video ads is that they have very wider reach as compare to other type of ads.
  3. Google video campaign support three type of video ads – TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView video discovery ads, and bumper ads.

Universal app – Google Universal app campaign helps you to promote your app across Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Store, and Google display network sites.

What all Universal app campaign offer?

  1. Helps you to boost the downloading of your app.
  2. Seems to be one of the best campaign to increase the downloading of app.

#6 How to create compelling ads?

You are done with keywords identification, USP identification, and campaign overview, now how can you have compelling ads that attract more click and user engagement. A compelling ad offer higher click through rate (CTR) at lower cost per click.

Google Ads text ad offers following 4 elements –

  • Heading 1
  • Heading 1
  • Description line 1
  • Description line 2
  • Display URL

We all are aware of these elements. However, very few use it in a right way. Here, I am going to share some of most effective practice of creating compelling text ad.

Each element have certain limitation and to make perfect use of that.

Heading 1: 30 Characters limit
Heading 2: 30 Characters limit
Description: 80 Characters limit
Path 1: 15 Characters limit
Path 2: 15 Characters limit

How to make perfect use of heading in Google text ads?

  1. Make right use of all the available character space. You have 60 characters each with 30 characters limit.
  2. Always include keyword in your heading
  3. A heading with question have more impact as compare to normal heading
  4. Always include USP in your heading

How to make perfect use of description in Google text ads?

  1. Description section offers 80 characters space. To make it catchy, you can have perfect description.
  2. Write your description in such a way that explain your business/product/service value and significance of having it.
  3. You description should clearly states that how your product/business/service is best as compare to your competitors.

How to make perfect use of display/path in Google text ads?

  1. Always include the campaign the UPS, Call to action and offer in your display URL
    • www.alljobshub.com/JOB_For_All
    • www.alljobshub.com/Career_Opportunity

In addition to that, you can make perfect use of extension to make your ad more compelling. Check more on how to make perfect use of extension.

#7 How to design a perfect landing page with higher CTR?

Landing page is one of the most important element that impact the overall success of an ad. A perfect landing page have higher CTR and better conversion. Here, are some of the effective strategies that work best to create a perfect landing page –

  1. Create the landing page on the basis of targeted keywords
  2. Must have perfect heading. Heading should be good enough to attract visitor and compel them to read the rest of the content.
  3. Always include the detail information, offers if any, USP, benefits and call to action (CTA).

#8 How to optimize Ads regularly to get the maximum ROI?

To keep your ads profitable, always optimize it on regular basis. Here, are some of the setting that you need to care-

  1. Always evaluate the ads based on CTR and conversion. Check the low performing ads.
  2. Manage the bidding based on devices – desktop/mobile.
  3. Keep adding new keywords and remove the non-performing keywords with low searches.
  4. Manage the bidding of keywords that are ranking lower.
  5. Keep reforming the negative keyword list on regular basis.
  6. Optimize the landing page if the quality score is low. You can add more content or optimize the content by integrating keyword specific content.
  7. Evaluate the conversion based on your profit margin as explained in point 3.

Want to get the complete insight on Google Ads Extension and how to make perfect use of it?

In this article, we are going to explain all types of extensions – automatic and manual that Google Ads offer and how to use it to make your text ad more appealing and engaging.

Google Ads extension is one of the strongest and most important part of text ads.

What is ad extension in Google Ads?

Ad extension are the way to add additional information to your Google text ads to make it more engaging and helps user to get more information about your business.

Ad extensions helps you to show your business location, phone number, services/solution, rating, product price, app link and more.

google ad extension

What are the types of ad extension?

Google ad extensions are broadly classified in two main categories – manual and automatic ad extension.

Manual ad extensions are easily managed based on your requirement. As per your requirement, you can choose the best and customize it as per your requirement.

Manual ad extensions are –

  • Affiliate location
  • APP
  • Call
  • Callout
  • Location
  • Message
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Sitelinks
  • Structured Snippets

In automatic/automated ad extension, Google automatically pulls data using various sources to create an extension for your text ad. You cannot manage it.

Automated ad extensions are –

  • Automated call
  • Automated message
  • Automated sitelinks
  • Automated location
  • Dynamic callout
  • Previous visit
  • Structured snippets
  • Seller Ratings

Manual Ad Extension Best Practices

Affiliate Location Extensions

Affiliate Location extension helps people to find nearby location where you sell product. This type of extension works well for large brand who have their store across the country. Based on the user query relating to product, this extension show nearest store that sells your product.

How to make perfect use of Google affiliate location extension?

  1. 1. This extension is perfect for retail chain type of business, where you have so many store across the country.

App Extensions

App extension helps you to promote your app download with proper thumbnail, CTA button (call to action) and app thumbnail.

How to make perfect use of Google app extension?

  1. To make it effective, integrate the conversion tracking for both IOS and Android.

Call Extensions

Call extension helps you to add phone numbers to your text ad, which improve the clickthrough rate. Mobile user can easily make a call by just clicking on the call extension button specified over text ad.

How to make perfect use of Google call extension?

  1. Have the right set of keywords that helps to generate business.
  2. Always integrate the right phone number.
  3. For desktop user specify, “get call for free”.
  4. To track the performance of each call you can enable the call conversion tracking in Google Ads with your Google forwarding number.

Callout Extensions

Callout extension helps you to specify the most important text that enhance the look and feel of your text ad. Callout extension is much similar to sitelink extension, without clickable links.

How to make perfect use of Google callout extension?

  1. Easy specify the most important USP of your product/services/solution that attract user.
  2. Help to improve the CTR of your text ads.
  3. To get the best you can segregate the callout extension based on search term.
  4. Specify all your important callout in 25 characters only.

Location Extension

Location extension helps you to show your store address and hours of operation on your text ad. This extension works amazing well to increase store visit.

How to make perfect use of Google Ads location extension?

  1. This extension is more powerful when for you have local store and you want to increase the visit.
  2. In order to integrate this extension, you need to connect with “Google My Business”.
  3. To get the better result, integrate location extension with callout extension.

Message Extensions

Message extension one of a great extension that is specially designed for mobile user only. While enabling this extension, user/customer can see the button in addition to text ad on mobile device and using that user/customer can contact via text message.

How to make perfect use of Google Message extension?

  1. This work for mobile user only. So, while implementing focus on the mobile user.

Price Extensions

Price extension helps you to present your text ad with pricing. Using this extension, you can present your product/services/solution with pricing.

How to make perfect use of Google Price extension?

  1. Price extension works only when you achieve first position over SERP.
  2. You can highlight 3 items/products/solution with pricing.
  3. Always go for the unique URL for each of the item/product/service/solution.
  4. To get the maximum of return, use price extension with call and location extension.

Sitelinks Extension

Sitelinks extension helps you to show more number of links relating to your product/services/offer in addition to destination URL.

This help user to get the clear view of your offering/services/product. The changes of click is more as compare to ordinary text ad.

How to make perfect use of Google Ads Sitelinks?

  1. Maximum character allowed 75 characters.
  2. On mobile 4 links are allowed whereas on desktop 6 links are allowed.
  3. Sitelink work amazing with Broad Match Keywords.
  4. Include most important services/offer/product in your sitelink for better outcome.
  5. Always go for mobile optimized sitelinks.

Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured Snippet extension helps you to highlight three additional heading text of your business. This can be brand name, services, solution, products, and more.

How to make perfect use of Google Ads structured snippet extension??

  1. This extension support 13 different types of heading – services, solution, products, style, courses, brand, amenities, destination, hotel, model, and more.
  2. The character limits for each heading is restricted to 25 characters only.
  3. To make it attractive keep is simple and catchy.

Promotion Extensions

Promotion extension helps you to advertise your offering using coupon and deals. If you are making perfect use of promotion extension in combination of price extension, you can generate good conversion.

How to make perfect use of Google Promotion extension?

  1. Always select the right discount.
  2. Landing page must the discount related information.
  3. To get the maximum of return, use promotion extension with price extension.

Automated Ad Extension

As already mentioned above that sometime Google automatically pulls data using various sources to create an extension for your text ad. You cannot manage it. The best way to manage extension is to go for Manual extension only. You can easily manage it as per your requirement.

You get the clear overview on what are extension, its type and how to implement in a perfect way. Now, what are the benefits of having extension on text ads.

Benefits of having extension

  1. Boost the quality score and text ad rank.
  2. Improve the CTR to 10% and more.
  3. Increase the number of click as compare to other competitor’s ad.
  4. Improve the performance of ad over mobile phone.

What types of Google Ads campaign is a good fit for your business?

Google Ads is one of the most widely used platform to run paid campaign on Google and its network site. Based on the overall survey Google stands as a first choice of marketer to run digital marketing campaign.

Recently Google made an update of change of name. Google Adwords name changed to Google Ads.

6 Campaign types supported by Google Ads

  1. Search Network with Display select
  2. Search Network only
  3. Display Network only
  4. Shopping
  5. Video
  6. Universal app

As most of are familiar with the types of Google ads and its campaign type. But, very few using it in a correct way. In this post, I am going to explain the types of campaign and its perfect use based on types of business and its objectives.

The selection of campaign is more depends on the business objective, not its type. In this article, I am going to explain each campaign and how it fits perfect with business objective.

Let’s starts exploring each campaign type one by one.

Search network with display select campaign is perfect in following business objective–

If you want to reach the large audience over both search and display network, you should go with this campaign type. As per Google, this is one of the best campaign to reach most of your customers. All your ads appear on both search and Google display network sites based on user query matching your ads.

If you don’t have enough time to manage both search and display campaign separately, you can go and have the one “search network with display select” campaign.

Search network only campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you want to target only Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) only, this is the perfect campaign and helps you to acquire the first position on SERP.

If you have very small budget, you can start with this campaign. This helps to get the better result in low budget.

Want to have more control over keywords bid.

Display network only campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you want to build brand awareness, Display Campaign is the perfect option.

Want to advertise on specific website to display your products/services. Google have millions of website in network site. These sites helps you to display showcase your product/services as per your marketing objective. Based on your marketing objective you can prioritize the display campaign on impression, visits, and conversion.

If you are interested in remarketing campaign, then Display network is the best campaign to start with.

If you want to display the ads on YouTube, Display campaign offers you the feature to run display campaign on YouTube.

Shopping campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you have an ecommerce store, you should go for shopping campaign. This campaign helps advertise you products from your e-commerce site over Google Shopping. To run this campaign, you need to have a Google Merchant Center.

Video campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you want to promote your videos, Google video campaign is a perfect match. They offer lot more feature to format the ad, i.e. ad after few seconds, and buffer videos.

Help you to create or place your video content over YoutTube.

Universal App campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you have an APP and want to get it promoted over Google search, Google display, and Google video network, you should opt Universal App Campaign.

If you want to increase the APP installation.

Conclusion –

The selection of campaign is much more depends on you business objective not the type of business. If you want to create brand awareness – Display campaign is the best option, for search ad only – search network is good, for reaching large customer – display with search network, for app- universal app campaign, for shopping – shopping campaign, and for video promotion – video campaign is perfect.

Dynamics Customized Text AD

Google Adwords providing an option that offers you the functionality to create the “Customized Text” ads. Instead of creating multiple static text ads we can create Dynamics text ad. Based on the keywords, business data and time we can create the customized text ad. This is a dynamics text ads you don’t need to create multiple text ads. Using Dynamics text ad you can meet the different search query of user.

How Dynamics Text Ads work?

1. Ads updated on the basis of the current time.

2. Based on the following attribute the dynamics ad updates –

a) Products

b) Categories

c) Price

3. Target the right set of keywords which perfectly matching the search query.

4. Right use IF condition based on the device, time, audience, gender or age.

Set Up Ad Customizers

How to Set Up Ad Customizers?

Based on the query of the user and type of device we can set the Ad Customizers. Now, let’s explore how we can set up the Ad Customizer –

Creating Ad Customizer Data –

1. You need to define the custom attribute. Custom attribute consists of following

a) Device Preference

b) Scheduling

c) Start Date

d) End Date

e) Customer ID

2. The targeting attributes would be –

a) Targeted Keywords

b) Target keyword text

d) Target ad group

>e) Target campaign

f) Target Location

g) Target location restriction

Few of the important point you should keep in mind relating to Dynamics AD –

1. You cannot pause the ad customizer but yes you can pause the ad associated with ad customizer.

2. You can remove the data from the from the ad customizer. There may be a situation when you want to remove those dynamics ads that target user of specific region. In such case we can remove that particular row from the ad customizer.

3. If you delete the whole data set you cannot create the same ad customizer with same name. You need to create the new ad customer and upload the data set/attributes.

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Google Adwords Text Ads Overview

Before discussing in detail the perfect guidelines for Google adwords text ad. Let’s first discuss the Character limits.

Google Adwords Text Ads Character Limits Overview of Last One Year

In last 1 years Google made few changes in their Text ads of Google Adwords. Google Adwords text ads having characters limits.

older  text ds

Previously the character limits of the text ads was –

Title – 25 Characters

Description Line 1 – 35 Characters

Description Line 2 – 35 Characters

Display URL – 35 Characters

Destination URL – 1024 Characters

Few months back Google Adwords made some changes in the Character limits. Also reduce the no. of ads placement over Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This is what we call “Extended Text Ads”.

extended text ads overview

Extended Text Ads Characters Limits

Title 1 – 30 Characters

Title 2- 30 Characters

Description – 80 Characters

Display URL – 15 characters (Domain automatically extracted from the Final URL. Based on your requirement you can customize the URL path.)

Google Adwords Text Ads Guidelines

Before writing the text ads you need to remember the following points –

  • 1. Must make the proper spelling and use of capitalization and symbols to all ads.
  • 2. The information specified in the ads should be perfect and relevant to the landing page/targeted page.
  • 3. Never use inappropriate content.
  • 4. Google Adwords restrict the use of adult content. So, if you are writing ad for adult content must follow the guidelines.
  • 5. Never use the trade mark of others in your ads.
  • 6. Follow the character limits

To make your text ads more appealing, the best practice are specified below –

  • 1. Must include the call to action word that describe your business perfectly and attract user as well.
  • 2. Must follow the proper guidelines of Google Adwords.
  • 3. Must link with the relevant landing page.

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Google Price Extensions Deep Insight

Google recently introduce a new extension called “Price Extension”. Using this extension we can showcase our products with prices. So, interested user can explore the product directly from the Ads. In the ad itself user can see the prices corresponding to the products. Now no need to go for Google Merchant Center. In Single Ad you can integrate multiple products with prices. Even every products have a link too. So, interested user can explore the product in detail by just clicking on the product image. In this article we going to provide the detail knowledge on “Google Adwords Price Extensions”.

Steps to keep in mind while creating extensions

  • 1. Go to the Google Adwords
  • 2. Select the campaign/Ad Group for which you want to add price extension.
  • 3. Move to “Ad Extension” click it.
  • 4. Press “View” move to “Price Extension”
  • 5. Press +Extension
  • 6. Press +New Price Extension

For this new price extension you need to specify the price, language, type, currency, price qualifier, link, header and description. For detail please see the below specified screen.


Points To Remember –

  • 1. Header can be up to 25 characters.
  • 2. Description can be up to 25 characters.
  • 3. Over mobile devices header and description appears to be shorter.

Benefits of Having Price Extensions

  • 1. This extension helps to grab the attention of visitor whatever the AD position you have.
  • 2. If your audience is more focused towards price, this extension work best and help to convert most of your click into conversion. Only those visitor clicks who are interested in buying your products. With other extension the conversion ratio is very low.
  • 3. Save money. Now using this extension you can show the price corresponding to different products. You don’t need to for other services like merchant center.
  • 4. You don’t need to pay more in order to display the price corresponding to different products. It works like a other extension. You only have to pay when user click on it.

For overview please see the below specified image.


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Soon Having Images in Sitelink Extensions

On 22 Nov 2016 sitelink extension showed images corresponding to the ads in a form of swipeable carousel. But not on desktop we saw this on mobile devices. In 2013 Google tested a similar feature using image extension but soon they dropped it.Again Google testing similar feature using sitelink extension over mobile devices.

We are hoping this new feature is only tested over mobile device not on desktop. Hope very soon they going to launch this Image swipeable carousel functionality in Sitelink extension. For detail please have a look on the below specified image. This will give you detail overview on the “Images in Sitelink Extensions


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Bidding Strategies in Google Adwords

Google Adwords offers numerous bid option and based on your requirement you can choose the bidding strategies. Generally we have three different types of bidding strategies i.e. clicks, impression or conversion. So, based on your requirement you can choose the one which perfectly fulfilling your requirement. We are going to discuss in detail what are the types of requirement we generally have?

Case 1: If you want to have traffic on your website, you must go with the click option i.e. CPC (Cost Per Click).

Case 2: If you want to create awareness of your brand, you should go with impression i.e. CPM (Cost per thousand impression) and VCPM (Viewable Cost per thousand impression).

Case 3: If you want to user perform action on your website i.e. filling the form or subscribing the services, you should go with CPA (Cost per Acquisition).

Let’s move deeper into Bidding Strategies –

Manual CPC Bidding

If you want to have full control over the bids you can choose the Manual CPC bidding option. Here, you can control the bidding based on your choice.

After setting the manual bid, all the keywords under the Ad Group will have the same bid.

You can control the manual bid at keywords level as well. By moving to keywords you can set the manual bid.


In the above print screen you can see there is an option called “Enable Enhanced CPC”. By enabling this feature Google Adwords will adjust your bid 10% up and down based on the keywords performance. For the performing keywords it will increase the bid upto 10% and for the non performing keywords decrease the bid upto 10%.

Automated Bid Strategies

Under automated bid strategies of Google Search Network you can have following option –

  • 1. Target Search Page Location
  • 2. Target CPA (target cost per acquisition)
  • 3. Target ROAS (target return on ad spend)
  • 4. Target Outranking Share
  • 5. Maximize Clicks
  • 6. Enhanced CPC (Enhanced cost per click)

Let’s discuss each types of automated bid strategies in detail. Before moving further let’s first understand what is automated bid strategies?

Automated bid automatically adjust your bid to achieve the desire result. So, based on our requirement we can choose the option from the types of automated bidding strategies.

Target Search Page Location: – Under this option Google automatically set your bid to such number which help your ads to attain the top position over search engine result page.


Target CPA: – Google Adwords automatically set your bid to receive as many conversion as possible. Google Adwords decides the CPA value based on the conversion activities of last few weeks.
In the below screen you can see the targeted CPA recommended by google 895 INR.


Target ROAS: – Google Adwords automatically set your bid to receive as much conversion based on the average return on ad spend.


Target Outranking Share: – Under this bidding option you can specify the domain which you want to outrank. Google Adwords automatically set your bid and help you to outrank the specific domain.

In the below screen you can see, there is a space for “Domain name to outrank”. Here, you can specify the name of the domain which you want to outrank.


Maximize Clicks: – Under maximize click option Google Adwords automatically set your bid to have as many click as possible within specified budget.


Enhanced CPC: – Enhanced CPC bid increase/decrease your bid upto 10% based on the performing and non-performing keywords respectively.


What are the criteria required to qualify for CPA Bidding?

  • 1. You must enabled conversion tracking.
  • 2. In last 30 days campaign must received at least 15 conversion or campaign must received conversion at the similar rate in last few days.
  • 3. If you are already using CPA bidding and your conversion drops below 15 in last 30 days, CPA bid will remain enabled unless you trun it off.
  • 4. If you stop the CPA bidding and in future wants to start you need to qualify the above 2 points.

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Reasons for Google Adwords Text Ads Disapproval

There are so many reasons for ads disapproval. Before moving into detail first we need to understand what is text ads? Text ads is the most basic type of ads which appear in Google SERP.

Google Text Ads consists of following elements and each having certain characters limit–

Heading – 25 characters

Description line 1 – 35 Characters

Description line 2 – 35 Characters

Display URL – 35 Characters

Destination URL – 1024 characters

Note: – Using Extension you can increase the size of text ads.

Now, let’s explore what are the reasons which can leads to the ads disapproval.

  • 1. Never use adult, dangerous words in your text ads. This can leads to disapproval of your ads.
  • 2. Never use copyrighted words. This can disapprove your ads.
  • 3. Never integrate phone number in text ads. To integrate the phone number you can go for the call extension.
  • 4. Always limit your ads as per the characters specified above.
  • 5. Don’t include special characters too often in content part.
  • 6. Never write the content of text Ads in CAPS..
  • 7. Don’t claim that your company/business is no.1. To do this use extension. Consumer rating extension is perfect to claim your business.
  • 8. Landing Page/Destination Page and Display URL should be the part of same domain. If it not matches your ad may be disapproved.

Action To Be Taken After Ads Disapproval –

  • 1. Always fix the disapproved ads on priority. To avoid getting further notification.
  • 2. Google don’t have historical data relating to disapproved ads. So, you can delete the disapproved ad and create the new one as per the guideline specified above.
  • 3. Continuous disapproval can leads to account suspension. In case of continuous disapproval you can delete the ads and create the new ads as per the guidelines.

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