Detail Overview on Google Guidelines on Pop-up

Now a day’s most of us use their mobile phone and tablet to access the website, forum, blog and other web document. To provide the more accurate information and in right way Google introduce a guidelines relating to “Pop- Up”. All the webmaster need to follow the guidelines specified by Google. In this blog we going to explain the guidelines.

Before moving to the guideline let’s first understand why Google introduce this?

Previously user use to access the website using desktop and over desktop user can easily manage the pop-up i.e. closing/clicking on pop-up.

The pop-up restrict user to access the complete information or website over the mobile. To sort out such kind of problem Google introduce some guidelines.

Why these guidelines are important?

If the website don’t follow such guidelines the website may lose their ranking/visibility over Google Search Engine Result page.

mobile popup guidelines

Why Google introduce this guidelines?

As mobile having an average of 5 inch screen and Popup can leads to frustration in terms of accessing the website information. Due to that Google in the bigning of 2017 introduce an update relating to popup.

Now, let’s explore what are list of pop-ups that will be flagged by Google?

  • 1. Popup that covers the main content of the page when a user land on the page.
  • 2. Popup that disable the background content and restrict user to close it.
  • 3. Popup that appear just above the first content fold and pushing the content below the fold.

How can you make your website mobile friendly?

  • 1. To make your website mobile optimized you need to follow the pop-up guidelines.
  • 2. Need to make your website fully responsive.
  • 3. Content should be easy to download.
  • 4. Easy to navigate on any part of the content.
  • 5. Links and button are easily to view and clickable.
  • 6. Compatible with different mobile devices.

website mobile optimization

If you want to test the mobile responsiveness of your website please use the below link

This helps you to know whether your website is responsive or not. Also provide the detail report relating to the issue your website having in terms of responsiveness.

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