Google Search Console Soon Removing Oldest Feature “Sitelink Demotion”

Google announced that they are going to drop the functionality of Sitelink “Demotion Feature” from Google Search Console/Google Webmaster. This is one of the oldest feature that Google webmaster use to have. Very soon they going to drop this feature and user cannot see this particular functionality in their webmaster account.

We basically use this feature for –

  • Demoting link – In order to remove any link of our website from featured sitelink over search engine result page we use this feature. Sitelinks are the page links that search engine fetch and represent over Search engine result page in a form of snippet.
    For detail please see the below image.
    The section highlighter with 1 represent the main domain with title, url and description. Whereas section 2 represent the sitelinks.


Why Google Search Console/Google Webmaster Remove this feature –

Now, Google saying its algorithm is much smart and can identify automatically the most important links of the website and can show the same in the form of site link.

Why Site Link is so important?

Site link is compare to be very important in order to divert user attention. If your website have the organized structure Google automatically the most important link and present it in form of sitelinks.

Google Search Console Empower Its Security Issues Report

Google Search Console empower its security issues report by enforcing detail description relating to each type of security issues.

On 6th Sept, 2016 we noticed some improvement in the “Security Issues Report” of “Google Search Console”. Now, webmaster can get the detail information corresponding to each of the security issues detected by safe browsing.
Webmaster can get the specific detail information corresponding to Malware, deceptive Page, harmful download and uncommon download. Here, you can get the “Tailored Recommendation Corresponding to each type of the issue, including URL which webmaster can check to identify the main reason of the issue also webmaster can take specific action to sort this issue out” Google told.

You can check the security Issues report –

Google Search Console Dash Board –> Security Issues

By exploring the above path you can move to the security issues report section. Below screen will give you a brief overview. My website is not affected with any of the security issues that’s why it’s not showing anything.


Targeting Domains To Specific Country

To have country specific traffic over your website is not a big issue. You can achieve this by following the few simple tips. Now a day’s company use to have multiple domains and each domain targeting specific country.

Now, the question comes how you can target specific country. Here, the tips that help you to achieve it.

  • 1. Buy the Top Level Domain Based on Geography
    If you want to target Australian audience go and have domain. For UK you can go for and similarly for the rest.
    If you have the .com or .org domain then its very difficult to target specific country over search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc. So, the best practice is to target country specific Top Level Domain. This helps you target the right country.

  • 2. Targeting Using Google Webmaster Tool
    Under Google Webmaster Tool there is an option that helps you to target specific country corresponding to domain. For detail overview you can explore our blog “Targeting country Using Google Search Console”.

    Below are the steps that help you to set the location targeting:

    a) Search Console Dashboard –> Search Traffic –> International Targeting
    b) Move to Country tab
    c) Select the desire country and tick mark the check box.

  • google webmaster targeting

  • 3. Server Hosting Location
    Location of the hosting matter the most. If you want to target in Australia you must host your website on Australian server. Based on IP address the website load faster and search engine crawler easy to identify the location of the domain.

  • 4. Backlinks
    Based on the Backlinks search engine identify the location as well. If a domain having backlinks from specific country it helps search engine crawler to identify the domain targeting region.
    So, here the important tips to acquire backlink from specific country:

    a) Identify the most important website from specific country using various off-page optimization techniques.
    b) Blog commenting
    c) Guest Posting
    d) Local Listing
    e) Directory listing

  • 5. Using Content for Targeting
    a) Write country specific content over your website.
    b) Use country targeting keyword.
    c) Integrate country targeting keywords in the title, Meta description and Meta keywords.

  • 6. Hreflang Attribute
    Use hreflang attribute to specify specific language and country in the source code of your website. This guide the crawler to identify the language and region you are targeting.

    <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-IN” href=””>
    <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-AU” href=””>
    <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-NZ” href=””>

    Here, you can see we are having two domain and targeting three languages English India, English Australia and English New Zealand.

How to Filter Query in Google Webmaster?

Google Webmaster compare to be more effective in checking the website health and search behavior. We are going to discuss in detail the perfect use of “Search Analytics”.

Follow this path

Google webmaster -> Search Traffic -> Search Analytics

This section will present the most important search queries corresponding to your website.

You can get search analytics overview on the basis of following:

  1. Queries and its clicks, impression, CTR and position over search engine
  2. Pages and its clicks, impression, CTR and position over search engine.
  3. Number of clicks, impression, CTR and position over search engine corresponding to different countries.
  4. Devices used and number of clicks, impression, CTR and Position corresponding to different devices.

Using Queries, Pages, Countries and Devices you can have the deep insight of search engine behavior.

The below screen show you the overview of “Search Analytics”.

search analytics

Now, we are going to discuss in detail of using “Filter” over Query.

Follow the following steps:

Query -> No Filter -> Filter Queries

  1. Queries Containing
  2. Queries Not Containing
  3. Queries is Exactly

Linking Google Analytics & Google Webmaster

Linking Google Analytics with Google Search Console helps you track useful information relating to Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you to track the keywords current status like ranking, impression, landing pages and many more. So, by linking Google Analytics with Google Webmaster you can track some useful information relating to your website/blog.

Now we demonstrate the complete process of integrating Analytics and search console. After setup of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster account. You can establish the connection between the two by integrating.

How to integrate it? To integrate you need to go to the Google Analytics and then login.

After Login click on “Admin tab” and move to the “Property” and the click “Property setting”.

google analytics overview

Once user click on proper setting a new window will open. Here you need to select “Adjust Search Console” button. This is specified in the bottom part of the page. In the below screen its specified in the green outline area.
google analytics property

This will take you to the new window, where you need to click on the “Add a site to the search console” button. This step integrate Google analytics with Google Search Console. Once done, hit the refresh button after some time. The below print screen will give you complete overview.

google analytics linking

Once the link establish you can check the search traffic by exploring:

Acquisition ->Search Console ->Queries

integration process

This will help you to explore important information relating to following:

  • Landing Page: Landing page tab let you see the complete information relating to all the landing pages where user lands corresponding to your website/blog. Relating to each landing page you can see the Acquisition, behavior and conversion.
  • landing page

  • Country: Under country section user can see the traffic acquisition, behavior and conversion pertaining to different location.
  • country traffic

  • Device: Device section shows the total traffic from different devices like tablet, mobile, laptop, desktop, etc. So, using this you can know which types of devices user are using and pertaining to each device you can know the total acquisition, behavior and conversion.
  • device specific traffic

  • Queries: Queries section shows all the queries user are using to search your website and corresponding to each queries it shows clicks, impressions, CTR (Click Through Rate) and Average Position over search engine.
  • integration analytics webmaster

Stay connected with us we will help you to get the detail overview relating to various technical concept. Hope you like it.

Setting Up Google Webmaster Account for Your Website/Blog

Google search console compare to be one of the most effective tool to check the health of your website/blog. You can get the deep insight about the website/blog crawling, indexing, sitemap, robots.txt and security related issues.

If you are planning to have the website you must set the “Google Search Console”. This will be very beneficial to check the complete health of the website. Now we are going to explain the setup procedure of Google search console.

To start you first need to have a Gmail ID. You can use either the existing gmail id or you can create the new.

Go the URL:

This will ask you to put the credential. Once you enter the credential you will be moved to the new window where you need to input the domain name of your website. If you want to setup Search Console for the app you can use it. But this work only for android app.

Suppose I am having a domain

Put the same domain in the box corresponding to website “Add a Property”.

google webmaster welcome

After entering domain name you need to click on “Add a Property”.

This will take user to the next screen. Here, you need to verify the ownership of the account. There are two tabs –

  1. Recommended method
  2. Alternate method

Go with Recommended method.

The below screen is showing Godaddy because my website is hosted on Godaddy server.

verification process

Click on “Verify Button”. This will ask you to put the credential. This will take few seconds to complete. Once the process is completed your Google search console account is set up.

In other case, where you have different hosting. I mean to say your website is hosted on some other server. In such case the Google Search Console verification process will be like the one as specified in the below screen.

google webmaster verification

The detail overview of the option available under recommended method:

recommended method google webmaster

If you go with this option you need to download this HTML verification file and upload over the server in the root directory. You can upload it using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

After uploading this file, your Google webmaster/search console account is activated.

If you go with Alternative Method you will have following options –

  1. HTML Tag
  2. Domain Name Provider
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Tag Manager

Before moving into detail first have a brief overview the snapshot of the alternative method:

google webmaster alternate method

Now we are going to discuss each and every option in detail that is available under alternative method tab –

  1. HTML Tag:Under this option a Meta tag will be provided by Google. You need to integrate the same in the header part of the source code.
    Once done, click on verify button.
    Make sure that you should not remove this tag from your source code. If you remove you loss the verification and again you need to perform the same process.
    The below screen will give you the complete overview, where to integrate the code and how it looks.
  2. html tag method verification

  3. Domain Name Provider: You need to select the domain name provider from the list and then you need to input the credential. Once credential match your account get verified.
  4. domain name provider

  5. Google Analytics: If you choose the Google Analytics method you need to follow few simple steps:
    a) Setup the Google Analytics and extract the Google Analytics Java Script code.
    b) Integrate the Google Analytics code in the header part of the code. As explained in our blog “Tracking Traffic of a Website Using Google Analytics”.
    c) “Edit” the permission for the Analytics web property.
    d) Click on the “Verify” button.
  6. google analytics method

  7. Google Tag Manager: If you planning to use the Google Tag Manager you need to use the “Container Snippet” and the Google Tag manager must have the “manage” permission.
  8. google tag manager

Based on you suitability you can choose any of the option available for verification of Google Webmaster Account. Once account is verified you can get the complete indexing, crawling and other website health related issues.

Targeting Country Using Google Webmaster/Search Console

In order to set the preferred location for your domain you can use Google Webmaster/Google Search Console. This is one of the simple and perfect way to set the location targeting.

Why we need?

Most of the time we want to set our domain to specific location. Suppose we have a website and want to target “India” only and have a separate website which we want to target to “Australia”.

Process of setting up the preferred domain

  • Go to
  • Log in using the credential
  • Click on the site for which you want to set it.
  • In the Search Console –> Search Traffic –> International targeting –> Select Country Tab
  • Select the country based on your targeting.
  • Click on save button.

The below screen will give you the complete overview of the layout.

It takes time to implement the targeting.

country targeting