Google confirmed one more update called – Nov. 2019 Local Search Update. This has been introduced by Google in Nov 2019 to provide the more accurate local search result. Initially most of the webmaster seen significant change in their local organic search and Google business listing ranking. Some of the webmaster called it “Bedlam update” as it’s confusing. Later Google confirmed that they have rolled out globally targeting all country and languages. They started rolling it in Nov 2019 and ends on 2nd Dec 2019.

This is an AI based update and in coming month we are going to see significant changes in the result as AI keep learning to provide better result.

Now let’s move into deeper to get the insight on this. As Google made so many changes to its algorithm to provide the better result. So, what so special about this update. In this blog, we are going to explain all about November 2019 Local Search Update.

What is November 2019 Local Search Update?

As Google keep reforming its algorithm to help user get the accurate search result. This update target two important things that makes it special –

  1. Targeting local search result only
  2. This time Google added ‘Neural Matching’ in local search

To help you better understand this statement here is the detail – After this update Google start making use of neural matching as a part of the process to generate local search results.

This update is focusing on language and relevance to better interpret each word used within search queries and how closely it is related with business website and Google my business listing (GMB).

Google confirmed this update on 2nd Dec 2019. Below is the tweet –

Local search update

How neural matching works?

Whenever the user query has local search intent, neural matching helps Google to better understand it and help to return accurate result even when no business name and description specified.

Some of the webmaster thinking that this is related to BERT update. So, to clarify that this update has no link with BERT.

Tips to prepare with this update

Below are some of the useful tips that works perfect to prepare for this update. But as per Google, you don’t have to change anything to meet this update requirement.

  1. Optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing – Enter complete business address with working hours, integrated high quality image, location should be verified, check customer review and revert if required, etc
  2. Identify long tail keyword location specific
  3. Make proper use of those keywords within content to help search engine understand and return it


The purpose of this blog post is to prove the useful content on latest Nov 2019 local search update so that webmaster can update themselves and prepare well to cope with algorithm changes. In case you have any suggestion, comment corresponding to this article please comment in the section below.