With the growing use of WordPress (CMS) platform, I have compiled a list of best SEO plugins that works amazing to optimize a website/blog and improve its visibility over search engine.

Currently, WordPress powers 14.7% of top 100 website in the world. One of most widely CMS platform to develop website/blog. But, not all website is optimized.

How many of you have taken the right steps to optimize your website and improve its presence over search engine?

The answer is very few people are aware of such optimization.

I would like to share some of the best SEO plugins that works perfect to turn your website into SEO power hub.
There are thousands of plugins and its really very difficult for one to differentiate. So, based on my personal experience, user reviews, and active installation, here are the list of some of important and best SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO

There are hundreds of other options available, but my favourite is Yoast SEO.

How to make your website/blog search engine optimized?

Here, some of reasons why I like Yost SEO plugin –

  • Easy to create XML Sitemaps and support advance functionality for sitemap customization.
  • Manage breadcrumbs
  • Easy to define canonical URL page wise
  • Easy to define Title, Meta description, Focus keywords and more.

Active installations: 5+ million

Rating of Yoast SEO plugin

  • 5 stars – 20,219
  • 4 stars – 503
  • 3 stars – 117
  • 2 stars – 94
  • 1 star – 446

W3 Total Cache

How to improve the speed of your website/blog?

W3 Total cache is one of the best plugin to work perfect in improving the loading time of a website. Now, loading time is one of the most important “SEO Ranking” factor and to optimize the loading time; you can have W3 Total Cache plugin. This not only load your website faster but also improve user engagement over both mobile and desktop.

Benefits of having W3 Total Cache

  • Reduce the page loading time and improve search engine ranking.
  • Improve overall user engagement, which directly accelerate the conversion.
  • Page start rendering faster.
  • Improve web server performance.
  • Reduce bounce rate.
  • Support CDN (content delivery network).
  • Support AMP to quickly server the mobile user.
  • Store the caching copy of image, js, content, and more.

Active installations: 1+ million

Rating of W3 Total Cache plugin

  • 5 stars – 2,660
  • 4 stars – 540
  • 3 stars – 146
  • 2 stars – 80
  • 1 star – 425

All In One WP Security & Firewall

How to overcome security issue of your website/blog?

WordPress is one of a secure CMS platform, but to make website more secure, we must have some advance security enabled on our site. So, All In One WP Security & Firewall is one of a perfect plugin to secure website from vulnerabilities, virus, and more.

Features highlighted

  • Perfect password strength feature.
  • Completely stop user enumeration.
  • Easily detect any account with a similar login detail.

Active installations: 700,000+

Rating of All In One WP Security & Firewall

  • 5 stars – 709
  • 4 stars – 34
  • 3 stars – 6
  • 2 stars – 7
  • 1 star – 32

All In One Schema.Org Plugin

Want to present information in an attractive way over SERP and increase CTR?

Schema.org helps to present information in an attractive way over SERP and increase the CTR. Presenting short summary of your web page in the SERP of Google, Yahoo, and Bing in attractive way, i.e. star ratings, author photo, image, product information, organization information, etc.

Advance feature of All in one schema plugin-

  • Helps to forecast important information over search engine.
  • Based on the type of information can choose different types of schema.
  • Improve search engine visibility by ranking high.
  • Improve CTR (Click through rate) by presenting information in a more attractive way.
  • Support Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, Software Application, Video, and Articles types of schema.

Active installations: 80,000+

Rating of All in one schema plugin

  • 5 stars – 93
  • 4 stars – 13
  • 3 stars – 5
  • 2 stars – 7
  • 1 star – 14


Are you struggling with the loading time and page size issue?

Those who are struggling with the loading time and web page size issue can use the Autoptimize Plugin. This optimizes your website, concatenating the CSS and JavaScript code, and compressing it.

Using Autoptimize and W3 Total cache can bring lot more advantages to your site in terms of loading time.

Active installations: 600,000+

Rating of Autoptimize Plugin

  • 5 stars – 535
  • 4 stars – 30
  • 3 stars – 15
  • 2 stars – 10
  • 1 star – 37

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Is your website is compatible with mobile and tab?

Know a day’s responsive website is one of the most important ranking factor. Know more and more people prefer to use mobile phone to access website. So, having a responsive website is a most important elements to rank website and maintain good user engagement.

WPtouch Mobile is one of the best plugin that add a simple, elegant mobile theme for mobile visitor on your WordPress website.

What you can achieve using WPtouch Mobile Plugin?

  • You can easily customize the user interface of your website/blog over mobile phone without making any change in the code.
  • This will not affect the desktop version of the website/blog.
  • Website/Blog that are not responsive can use this plugin to improve the search visibility and user engagement.

Active installations: 200,000+

WPtouch Plugin Rating

  • 5 stars – 132
  • 4 stars – 22
  • 3 stars – 15
  • 2 stars – 16
  • 1 star – 66

SEO Optimized Images

Are all your images are properly optimized?

SEO optimized plugin works perfect to optimize every image of your website/blog. By just installing and activating the plugin you can dynamically insert SEO friendly “Alt” and “Title” attribute corresponding to any image.

Helps you crawl and index your entire website/blog image easily.

Active installations: 10,000+

Rating of SEO Optimized Images

  • 5 stars – 17
  • 4 stars – 1
  • 3 stars – 0
  • 2 stars – 0
  • 1 star – 4


The above listed 7 WordPress plugins works amazingly perfect to optimize your website/blog and accelerate your search engine optimization process. Before installing the plugin, you first need to explore each plugin and check with your requirement. Each plugin having “Installation” tab that guide you the complete steps of installing and activating the plugin.

Have you experienced these plugin, please share your views? Would you like to suggest some awesome plugin?

Please share your view in comment section.

As we already know that backlinks play a very important role in your SEO. If you have quality backlinks from high authority sites matching your theme, you gain better organic visibility. Before discussing in detail what are effective ways to gain backlink in 2018. I would like to provide the insight on types of backlink, and which types of the link should have a website.

What is backlink?

A backlink is nothing but incoming links pointing to a webpage. This can be a “dofollow” or “nofollow.” Any links that are pointing to a page counted as a backlink for that page to which it points.

Most of the time people are confused in backlink and outgoing links. I would like to explain the difference between the two. Backlink and outgoing links are a separate entity. To understand it let’s tale an example I have two webpages A and B. Webpage A passing a link to B. In this “B” is getting a backlink from “A,” and “A” is having one outbound link that is pointing to “B.”

What are the types of backlinks?

Backlinks are broadly classified into two main categories- “dofollow” and “nofollow.”

Dofollow – Dofollow backlink pass link juice. It means if your webpage is getting a backlink from high authority site you get the weight of that website.

Nofollow – Nofollow backlink does not pass link juice. It only diverts traffic.

Most effective ways to get backlink in 2018

Initially, you need to understand the types of backlinks regarding domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), spam score, and theme of the website. These are the most important factor that every webmaster must consider while start building backlink.

Here, the most effective tips to get backlinks

1. Use BuzzSumo, to identify the most popular content.

Enter the keywords in the search bar and check the popularity of the content by the searches over the social platform.

To get the insight, you can explore the content in detail by opening it. So, you get the detail on the content. Based on that you can generate the better content.

To make better content, you can create infographics. Everyone like infographics and this will helps to get content viral. Before start creating infographics, you first need to plan the complete design and content. Once, you are done with the content; you can use any of the below-mentioned infographics creation tools –

Make sure that the infographics should be super visual.

If you have knowledge of photoshop or coral draw, you can create the infographics of your own.

2. How to promote infographics based content and gain backlinks?

The best way is to integrate “embedded code” at the bottom of the infographics. There are so many free tools are available that helps you to create the embedded code. If you are using WordPress platform, you can activate the plugin called “Embedded code generator.”

3. Go back to Buzzsumo and check the no. of a share of the identified content. Explore the share detail by clicking on the “View” button. This helps you to provide who shared that content.

You can contact every single person who share that content.

Here, I would like to share the format of the mail that you can use for contacting the person –

Hey ABC,

I noticed you shared the article on Twitter call – Title of the article by the author.

I have similar content that breaks down it in the form of visual fashion, i.e. “Title.”



There are so many tools available that help you to fetch the email id of the person from Twitter and another social platform. Once you identify the email id, you can mail the text mentioned above.

4. You can use Ahrefs tool to identify the most popular article and use the steps mentioned above to identify the individuals and content sharing.

5.You can use “Ahrefs” to perform the competitor’s analysis and identify the most popular content of your competitor.

The takeaway

This article helps you to provide the detail information on the types of backlink and how to develop the backlink instantly without must off-page link building. Here, you get the complete overview of how to use Buzzsumo and ahrefs to identify the most popular content and make proper use of it gain the backlinks.

Website loading time consider to be one of an important ranking factor. The most popular search engine, i.e., Google considers around 200 factors to rank a website and out of 200 “website speed” is considered to be one of an important factor. In the binging of 2018, Google stated that it is going to evaluate a website from a mobile perspective and for this purpose, Google going to roll out – Mobile first indexing, AMP, Google speed update, and Mobile search ranking update.

As the use of mobile phone is increasing at a very rapid rate and most of us are prefer to use mobile phone/smartphone/tab to explore the web. To provide the better user experience Google enforcing such update. Also, Google giving enough time to all the webmaster to get ready for such update and prepare their website in such a way that it will not hit them.

Now, let’s move deeper into the significance of having good website loading and how to achieve perfect loading time?

How to achieve a perfect loading time?

In SEO, we constantly need to evaluate a website and web pages regarding loading time and Google Updates. The best way is to keep up to date with updates and use tools.

Based on my detail study, I identified that Google is giving more preferences to user engagement and loading time. Now, how we can achieve the perfect loading time? The best way is to use following tools to check the loading time of a webpage and come up with right answer on how to sort loading time-related issues–

  1. 1. Google Page Speed Insights
  2. 2. Pingdom
  3. 3. GTMetrix
  4. 4. WebPageTest

Each tool are having a different set of data and evaluate a website/webpage on different parameters. Based on the data you can check the performance of your website/webpage. I would like to share some of the most interesting ways to work on optimizing the loading time of a website.

If you have small website having few pages, you can create a data containing following information relating to every page–

  1. 1. Google mobile score
  2. 2. Google desktop score
  3. 3. Loading time
  4. 4. Page size
  5. 5. Average number of request

However, if you have a very big website with thousands of pages, you can categorize the page by Homepage, main category, blog-post, press-release, child category, and popular product page. Collect the information on parameters mentioned above. This seems to be the most effective sampling approach and helps you to get the insight on loading time issues.

Before initiating the loading time optimization, you must first collect the data as per field mentioned above and save in excel. After that start evaluating each page in detail using any of the tools. I like to recommend “Google Page Speed.” This provides the detailed insight with the recommendation.

Let’s explore on what basis Google page speed tool provides recommendation –

  1. 1. Image optimization suggestion
  2. 2. Render blocking java-script and CSS
  3. 3. Leverage browser caching
  4. 4. Server response time
  5. 5. Minify Javascript
  6. 6. Minify HTML
  7. 7. Minify CSS

Apart from that, this tool offers optimized CSS, Image, and Javascript.

Based on the recommendation, you can implement and see the result. You can also use other tools to check which resources are talking more time to load. Based on the loading you can optimize the resource and improve website speed. Perform the same process for every page, and you can experience the improved loading time. This leads to the improvement in website overall SEO performance.

Benefits of having fast loading website

  1. 1. Rank better as compare to slow opening site
  2. 2. Reduce bounce rate
  3. 3. Improve user engagement
  4. 4. Retain user
  5. 5. Improve mobile user performance

The Takeaway –

Website loading time is one of the most important ranking factors for both mobile and desktop search. To rank good and improve user engagement every webmaster must focus on loading time optimization.

Why SEO & UX Matter The Most?

In last ten years, SEO expert experience so many changes regarding search engine performance. The search engine keeps on reforming their algorithm to provide the accurate information. In last ten years, Google made so many changes to improve the search behavior. The most famous changes are –

  • 1. Humming Bird
  • 2. Panda
  • 3. Penguin
  • 4. Region
  • 5. Possum
  • 6. Fred
  • 7. Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Now, Google is more concerned with user experience. To evaluate this Google start giving importance to both SEO and “User-Experience.” If website SEO is good and also taking care of user experience in right way, the website is going to achieve success from both user and search engine point of view.

What do all play regarding SEO and UX?


Headings are ranging from H1 to H6, and this tells search engine crawler and user the hierarchy of the content. As per the search engine guideline and for better user experience, a page must have only one H1 tag. This helps crawler and user to get the detail about what page is all about.

Apart from that, there are certain other heading tags, and web page can have any no. of them. However, use it properly by keeping in mind the user experience.

Website structure and navigation

The website must have proper navigation, and the user can easily navigate to any web page of a website from any page. Most of the website not focusing on the navigation and that leads to various issues in crawling and indexing over a search engine. Even user feeling complex to reach deeper into the website.

Website with proper structure helps the user to explore any page easily and navigate throughout the website. Also very beneficial to get search engine indexing with sitelinks. Based on the navigation and site structure, search engine algorithm automatically creates sitelinks for the website over search engine result page.

Page size and loading time

Loading time and page size seem to be important from both search engine crawler and user point of view. Web pages with less loading time get better indexing and user also like it because they do not have to wait for a longer period.

Website loading time is one of the most important elements of Google ranking algorithm.

There are various platform and tools are available that helps to check the loading time of the website. The most popular are Google PageSpeed Insight tool and GT Metrix. These tools seem to be perfect to control loading time of a website and improve its performance from both search engine crawler and user.

Search engine crawler not only evaluates loading time over desktop but also evaluate the same over a mobile device.

Mobile experience

Mobile experience includes so many factors that both search engine crawler and user consider.

  • 1. Loading speed
  • 2. Responsiveness
  • 3. Navigation and hierarchy
  • 4. Image

Apart from that mobile friendliness consider being the most important ranking factor for a website. In coming years 2018 Google going to roll out “Mobile First Indexing” algorithm and all significance will go to the mobile-friendly website.

Based on the technology development, most of us prefer to use a mobile phone to explore the website. To provide the better user experience search engine give more importance to mobile-friendly site.

Conclusion –

By reading this blog, you get a detailed overview of how search engine optimization and user experience is significance to rank higher over a search engine.

Start evaluating your website on the factors mentioned above and check how you are balancing SEO and user experience(UX).

Most effective SEO free tools to improve your organic visibility

I would like to reveal the best free SEO tools that can play important role to work smart and improve the search engine visibility. Whenever we are thinking of improving the visibility of website we always have in search of best SEO tools that provide the deep insight on ON-Page and Off-page element of a website. In this blog I would like to share most effective SEO free tools that helps to provide the detail overview of website relating to search engine optimization.


  • 1. Google Analytics – Google Analytics helps you to get the detail overview on the overall website traffic. The dashboard contains following – Realtime, Acquisition, Audience, Behavior and Goal. This helps to get the detail information on website traffic.
    This is one of the most essential tool and easy to configure and integrate over the website.
    Click here to experience Google Analytics.

  • 2. Google Search Console – Google webmaster/ Google search console is also known as one of most effective tool to check the health of website. It provides very detail information on website crawling, indexing, sitemap, robots.txt and security related issues. Click here to experience it. ()
    By following few simple steps anyone can setup Google Search console.

  • 3. Google PageSpeed Insight – Google PageSpeed Insight is one of my favorite tool to check the website speed over desktop and mobile. The calculation I done of the basis of speed of the site over desktop and mobile. If the website score more than 90 out of 100 it means website speed is perfect.
    Google PageSpeed Insight also provides the detail overview on factors relating to website speed. Also provide recommendation on how to optimize the speed. Experience it now.

  • 4. GT Metrix – GT Metrix is also one of the most widely known website speed analysis tool. This a free and easy to use tool, where you have to specify the URL of the website and click on analyze. This is most extensively used tool.
    It also suggest the area of improvement. Want to try click here.

  • 5. SEO Site Checkup – This is a free tool and most extensively used by small organization and digital agencies to have the clear overview on the website current status as per SEO. It provides score out of 100 based on your website current status as per search engine optimization.
    It provides a detail report which seems to be very impressive to get the area of improvement. On the basis of recommendation, you can apply the changes on the website and can see the difference in organic visibility of website. Click here and test your website.

  • 6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner – Most widely use tool to identify the targeted keywords. This tool provides the competition and average monthly searches corresponding to each keyword. Apart of that you can use to find the region specific most popular keywords.
    Using Gmail id you can use this tool by clicking here.

  • 7. XML Sitemap Generator– If you are a SEO professional you are aware of how significance XML sitemap is for a website/blog? XML sitemap is basically created for search engine crawler to crawl and index web pages instantly. Based on the priority score, search engine give weightage to each URL.
    There is no need to create it manually. You just have to enter the URL and click on generate button. This free tool can work only for small website that have 500 URLs or less.
    Download it and later can modify it based on your requirement.
    Want to create the xml sitemap freely click here.

  • 8. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker – One of the best tool to check the uniqueness of the content. The copyscape free account let you check the content uniqueness of a website. The premium account provides the more detail report relating to duplicate content. click here and check your Plagiarism.

  • 9. Bing Webmaster Tools – Bing Webmaster tools is similar to Google webmaster tool to check the website health status like – crawling error, indexing, search, and links.
    Most of the webmaster using this tool to check the status of their website.

  • 10. Open Site Explorer – Open site explore is one of the top tool by MOZ. This provides a detail on domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), spam score and inbound link details.
    The free account provides few number of sites under inbound links whereas paid account provide the complete detail.
    Want to check the DA, PA, Spam Score and inbound link click here.

  • 11. Google Trends – Google trends is mostly used for the purpose of identifying the trendiness of a topic. We can use it for multiple purpose for SEO purpose. Using this we can identify the trendiest topic.
    Use it identify the trendy topics for your blog.

  • 12. Schema Creator Free Plugin – If you have a website and want to create schema, you can have lot of options. My favorite is All In One – Schema.
    Schema helps to improve the website CTR. Implementing it in right way can be very helpful to present the information in much interactive way over search engine result page.

  • 13. Domain Authority Checker – The page rank concept was over, now to check the significance of a website depends on its DA and PA. DA and PA is calculated out of 100. The more score you have, it means more perfect website you have.
    We can use this tool for link-building purpose. Those websites which are having good DA and PA, can target them for link-building.
    Check this tool now.

  • 14. Robots.txt Generator – If you are struggling to find the right robots.txt file generator tool, here is the link. This tool helps to generate the robots.txt file.
    Robots.txt file is very important for blocking the content from indexing over search engine. Over every website there are certain files and folder that you don’t want to index. Using robots.txt file you can block those.

  • 15. Structured Data Testing Tool– Google provides a perfect structure testing tool. If you want to test the structured data that you have implemented over website is working perfect or not? You can use it and test your structured data.

Summary – The above list 15 most effective SEO free tools seems to be perfect to improve website/blog organic visibility over search engine. The most important is to use these tools in a correct way. Try it now and experience the benefits.

What are most effective SEO Tactics?

In order to rank high and improve visibility over on search engine, SEO play a very important role. Now a day’s almost every website adopting search engine optimization practices. There are so many SEO guru and professional using SEO strategies to rank website. Now, I would like to share most effective SEO tactics that can play very important role.

search engine optimization tactics

Competitor’s Analysis – Before starting a business or launching a website you need to evaluate the website of competitors. Identify at least 3 to 4 competitors in your nice industry and who are really doing well over search engine. There are lot more tools available that helps you to evaluate competitor’s website. If you budget you can start with MOZ tool. This is really very helpful in order to check the website.

Using this you can perform following –

  • • Evaluation of website on-page elements
  • • Check their targeted keywords
  • • How they have optimized their website
  • • How many backlinks they are having

Selection of Right Keywords – As per your product and business type you can create a list of keywords which you can think user will search over search engine. Once you have created the list of keywords, use Google Adwords- keywords planner. Using this tool put your keywords and checks its searches and competition.

Here, are tips that help you to choose the right keywords using Google Adwords keywords planner –

  • • Pick the long tail keywords which are having good searches.
  • • While searching the keyword use location keyword this will really very helpful inorder to gain visibility sooner.
  • • Don’t target very high competitive keywords during initial phase.

On-page Optimization– Last month we have published a post on SEO checklist. This is a complete list of on-page optimization. There are so many on-page factors that play a very important role in ranking a website over search engine. Some of the important on-page elements – keywords targeting, content quality, Meta tag, heading tag, image optimization, canonicalization, sitemap.xml, navigation and website structure, robots.txt and more. To get the deep insight on on-page optimization check out blog-post – Most important on-page element.

Here, some of the useful tips –

  • • Keep optimizing on-page elements on regular basis, search engine crawler loves updated site.
  • • Always focus on development of high quality unique content.
  • • Avoid old gray hat and black hat SEO strategies of keywords stuffing, publishing duplicate content and more.

Off-page Optimization-Off-page optimization is nothing but to develop the backlinks from the nice site of high authority sites. While doing off-page optimization don’t always focus on getting the backlinks. Always start to build the relation. I would like to recommend some of the link building practices that really helpful are Guest blogging, Blog Posting, Question Answer and Forum.

Explore our blog post- link building strategies to get the insight on how to gain back links.

On regular basis you must evaluate your backlink. Ahref is one of a best tool to get the detail on following types of backlinks-

  • • Broken link
  • • 404 link
  • • Check links and their importance in terms of domain authority and page authority

seo tactics

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SEO Secret – Every Business Must Aware off

Search engine optimization (SEO) has undergone so many changes in last few years – to make search engine result more accurate and relevant as per user query. SEO has been in the market from last one decade and during last 1 decade we have seen so many changes in overall search engine behavior. The most famous changes are Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, Pussum, Mobile SEO, Pigeon, AMP, mobile first indexing, machine learning and much more.

seo secret revealed

I would live to reveal the secret of SEO. To make your search engine ranking high you need to follow below practices. These are the most important secret that most of us are aware of but not applying the same –

Need to keep yourself updated with the search engine behavior and algorithm

Those who are doing SEO or are into the field of SEO need to keep themselves updated with search engine updates and algorithm. The most famous SEO sites that provide the deep insight on search engine behavior are – Search Engine Land, Moz and more.

Always focus on creating the quality content

High quality and unique content is the utmost need of SEO. If your site has high quality content everyone loves. Not only user loves it but search engine crawler also loves it.
To create quality content you must have the deep knowledge of the topic and do some research as well. The detailed, unique and quality content is always having the high priority as compare to other content. Search engine loves to crawl quality and unique content.

Always focus on user experience

User experience is very important. In addition to quality content, we need to take care of the user experience. The user interface of your website should be perfect from both search engine crawler and user point of view. Also make sure that your website should be compatible with different devices. Search engine giving preference to mobile optimized website as compare to non-responsive website.

Build positive relationship. Don’t always involve in link building

Still most of the SEO professional thinks that by having more backlink they can gain the visibilities. Always focus on the quality content and make sure that it should be reachable to the target audience by sharing. Make your brand recognizable by having high quality content. So, focus more on building relationship not the links only. Good relation works perfectly for brand reputation for longer period.

Too many backlinks fro irrelevant sites can hit your site. Penguin especially works for the spammy backlinks.

Start your SEO plan with the long tail keywords

Always start your SEO activity by focusing on long tail and location based keywords. This will help to gain the visibility sooner and also helps user to know about your brand and services. Long tail keywords with location targeting seem to be the best option to get the recognition instantly over search engine.

Promoting short keyword at a beginning is not the right option. Once you gain the visibility on long keywords you can start working on short keywords.

Make proper use of keywords in the content part

Targeting right keyword in structured way seems to be the most important ways to communicate information to the search engine. While integrating the keyword you need to focus on the keywords density and placement.

The keywords should appear in a natural way within the content and make sure that the keywords density should not be more than 1.6%.

Make proper use of social platform

Now a day’s social platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Linkedin are very popular. These platforms can bring lot of user engagement to your site if used in a right way.

Target the groups and communities that are related to your site and keep sharing unique and quality content in these groups.

This can brings lot more user engagement and traffic. Apart of that Search engine consider social as a strong signal for site popularity.

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Will SEO Die or Not

Most of the SEO expert predicted that if SEO is not dead now, it will going to die soon. But this not the case, as per the detailed analysis, we identified that there are lot more modification in the way search engine works and evaluate a website. From last many years major search engine keeps modifying their algorithm to provide the most accurate result. If we talk about the most popular search engine – Google, we can say that in last few years we have seen so many updates like humming bird, penguin, panda, pegion, fred and so on. Now SEO is more focused towards the high quality content. As compare to traditional SEO we can say that there are so many changes to rank higher in search engine. Now ranking is more depends on the high quality content with proper optimization.

In last few years Google made so many advancements in its algorithm. All such changes were made to refine the searches and provide the more accurate results. Previously there were so many black hat SEO techniques were used by professional. The most common were keywords stuffing, low quality content, high keywords density, poorly optimized content, re-use of same content on multiple site and so on. To overcome such issues and to provide the more accurate result Google Search engine keep working on this area.

seo future

Now, the question comes why search engine changing their ways to evaluate a website

Here, we would like to evaluate the most important changes to make SEO more effective in terms of user query. Let’s consider Google and start elaborating the reasons –

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird was launched on 22nd August 2013

To provide the more accurate result, Hummingbird evaluates the search query and provides the more accurate result that perfectly matching the query. Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query rather than keywords.

In order to make your make your visibility more accurate and perfect, understand the user query. Based on the user query you can generate the keywords. Initially start with long term keywords.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin was first launched on 24th April 2012

The main motive of penguin is to evaluate websites on the basis of backlinks pointing to site. Algorithm evaluate following –

  • • Is the backlink matching the theme of the site?
  • • Is backlink is natural in nature?
  • • What is the spam score of site from where backlink are coming?

How it works – Google penguin basically evaluate every site on above listed parameters. Previously Google released so many different version of Penguin to update the Google search result. Last year 2016 Google incorporated it into core ranking algorithm. So, Penguin is now evaluating every site on real time.

Google Panda

Google Panda was first launched on 24th Feb 2011.

The main motive of panda was to evaluate every web-pages and websites that is indexed over Google on following parameters –

  • • Duplicated content
  • • Thin content
  • • Keyword stuffing

How it worksGoogle Panda basically evaluate every web pages and website that are indexed over search engine as per ranking factor, then assign quality score. Quality score works as a ranking factor. Previously Google released so many different versions of Panda to update the Google search result. Last year 2016 Google incorporated it into core ranking algorithm. So, Panda is now evaluating every website on real time.

Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon was first launched in US (24 July 2014) and then in UK (22 Dec 2014)

Pigeon Update is an algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search result. The main motive of this algorithm is to improve local search result.

So, to rank well over search engine, you need to optimize the site by including the location based keywords and apart of that perform local business listing. This will help to rank well as per pigeon.

Google Mobile Friendly Update

Mobile update was first noticed on 21st April 2015

Mobile update evaluates every site and web-pages as per mobile compatibility. Sites and web-pages that are responsive, ranks higher in the mobile search engine result page as compare to non-responsive pages.

The main motive of introducing this algorithm is to focus more on mobile compatibility. As the use of smartphone and tab are increasing, many of us are using mobile and tab to explore the site. To provide the more accurate result Google introduced Google Mobile updates.

Also very soon Google going to roll out mobile first indexing


Possum launched on 1st Sept 2016

Possum is all about the filtration of local business listing over Google Map. The main motive of introducing this algorithm is to provide the more accurate business listing information. Also Google removed all the duplicate and unauthenticated business listing.

To get the complete overview on possum algorithm explore our blog – http://www.alljobshub.com/tech_blog/possum-local-ranking-algorithm-update-by-google/

Google Fred

Fred updated was first noticed on 8th March 2017

How It Works – Google Fred update evaluates a website on the basis of thin content, heavy affiliate and ads content. Google Fred is a latest update confirmed by Google. This basically target those website that focus on generating revenue by using below mentioned techniques –

  • • Low quality or thin content
  • • Affiliate content
  • • Ads

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

AMP launched on 24th feb 2016

Accelerated mobile page are very fast loading mobile version of the web-pages. To improve the mobile web speed Google introduce the concept of AMP. The main motive of AMP is to meet need of mobile user by providing AMP version of the same page that is specifically designed for mobile users. By eliminating some part of javascript, HTML and CSS it makes the loading time of a page much faster over mobile devices.

seo never die

Conclusion – SEO is now becoming more important to gain visibility. If you follow the guidelines and optimize the site with high quality content and other important factor, you can win the game of ranking. So, SEO will never going to die.

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SEO Link Building Strategies

In this blog post we are going to have a very detailed discussion on SEO link building strategies. SEO is broadly divided into two main categories on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Most of the webmasters are aware of on-page SEO optimization. Those who want to have a detail insight on on-page strategies can explore our blog – SEO Checklist. Apart of normal off-page activities I am going to share the best strategies of acquiring the backlinks. Now, let’s move on SEO link building best strategies. Most of us are struggling to get the links and gain visibility on the targeted keywords.

link building strategies

I am going to explain you the best link building strategies, which we can be very helpful for any type of site-

Competitor’s analysis – Using AHREF tool we can do the backlink analysis of our competitors and able to identify the website from where they are gaining the links.

This helps you to get the insight on following –

  • a) What types of backlinks your competitor’s having?
  • b) Is this is a do-follow/no-follow backlinks?
  • c) What is the domain authority of the site?
  • d) What is the page authority of the site?
  • e) What anchor text is using for hyperlink?
  • f) Links pointing to which page?
  • g) Is still links are active?

Based on the above data you can create an excel sheet and list out the sites. Once the sheet is done you can start approaching the site for link building.

Note – you can repeat the same process for more than one competitor.

404 error page – Using the same tools AHREF you can do the very detail analysis for all the backlinks pointing to error page/404 page. Download the data from the AHREF tool and start investigating the backlinks that are pointing to error page.

Such type of error may appear because of following reasons –

  • a) Syntax error
  • b) Page no longer available
  • c) Page URL changed

Once you get the list, you can start approaching the webmaster of the sites to correct the links or you can use 301 redirect for all the updated and removed URL.

Moving men method – moving man method is one of a new technique for building backlinks from quality sites of your niche. Moving men method is a perfect way of gaining backlink instead of creating brand new content. Using ahref you can find the list of sites that removed the content or changed the brand name. In such case you can appoint moving man method. This is really very helpful in gaining the backlinks.

Now, I would like to highlight the best practices of moving men method –

  • a) Find the web pages that are out of dated
  • b) Optimize the content in much better way as compare to older one.
  • c) Contact the webmaster of the site that linked to out dated web pages and ask them to update the links pointing to new content.

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Which SEO Activities Is More Important

SEO is broadly divided into two main categories on-page and off-page. Here, the question comes which is more important as per search engine point of view? Now, in this blog I am going to evaluate both on-page and off-page SEO activities in detail and also going to explain which is more important for SEO.

If you ask from webmasters, some will say on-page is more important and some says off-page is more important. Let’s consider Google as a search engine. Google consider so many factors to evaluate a website and on the basis of that rank a website over search engine.

Both on-page and off-page are equally important in order to rank a website over Google search engine. Few days back I shared a post on SEO checklist that will give a deep insight on the most important on-page elements. Now, let’s check the most important on-page SEO elements

onpage seo elements

  • Keywords in Title Tag
  • Unique title for every page
  • Title length should be between 55 to 65 characters
  • Brand Name in Title
  • Keywords in Meta Description
  • Unique Meta description for every page
  • Brand Name in Meta Description
  • Title length should be between 150 to 160 characters
  • OG Meta Tags
  • Keywords in H1 and H2 (Heading tags)
  • Keyword density within content
  • Unique content on page basis
  • Quality content with good length
  • Images with Alt attribute
  • URL Structure as per the hierarchy
  • Using of Keywords in URL
  • Use of dash operator in URL
  • Avoid using session ID, parameters and any special character apart of dash
  • Interlinking among pages with proper anchor text
  • Canonical tag integration for redirection and non-indexing
  • Meta viewport for mobile SEO
  • Broken Links redirected with appropriate link
  • If Broken links not redirected remove it
  • Custom 404 page for all non-available page
  • Favicon
  • Blog
  • Sitemap.xml
  • SSL
  • Robots.txt
  • Mobile compatible
  • Page size
  • Page loading time
  • W3C validated

Now, let’s move on the off-page SEO Elements

offpage seo elements

  • Question & Answer
  • Press release submission
  • Blog submission
  • Guest posting
  • Forum
  • Directory submission
  • Bookmarking
  • Business listing
  • Review submission
  • Article submission and marketing
  • Blog Commenting
  • Doc and PDF sharing

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