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All About Phantom – The Quality Update

Most of us are not aware of what is Phantom update? Phantom update is nothing but a “Quality Update”. Phantom update evaluates the website whether its matching the quality standard of the Search Engine or not.

History of Phantom Updates

Phantom 1: – Phantom 1 update was first recorded in May 2013, but that was unconfirmed by Google. This was all about the quality and most of the searches saying it could be the changes in algorithm.

Phantom 2: – Phantom 2 update was first identified in May 2015 and it was unofficially named “Phantom 2” and later officially confirmed by Google as a “Quality Update”.

Phantom 3: – Phantom 3 update was identified in Nov 2015, but this was unconfirmed by Google. Most of the searcher thought this must be a “Quality Update 2”.

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