Some publisher saying AMP causing lack of revenue and control over Ads

AMP having very mixed reviews relating to the control over ads and revenue generated using that ads. Some of the publishers shared their opinion that previously they have very good control over ads that are the part of their website and also generating lots of revenue. But after the launching of AMP they are losing revenue and lacking the control over the ads.

Before AMP everyone focus on responsive pages and people use to have better control over the ads. To sort out the slower part of web Google introduced the concept of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page).

Now we going to explain what are the reasons, why publisher encountering issue?

  • 1. If your follow step by step procedure in a right way you can generate same amount as you were doing previously.
  • 2. There are lots more publishers who were generating the revenue at the similar rate as they did with their mobile site. Also they noticed increase in the mobile page view.

The main motive behind launching of AMP is to improve the slower part of web. To get the complete over on AMP pages explore “All About AMP”.

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