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Most effective SEO free tools to improve your organic visibility

I would like to reveal the best free SEO tools that can play important role to work smart and improve the search engine visibility. Whenever we are thinking of improving the visibility of website we always have in search of best SEO tools that provide the deep insight on ON-Page and Off-page element of a website. In this blog I would like to share most effective SEO free tools that helps to provide the detail overview of website relating to search engine optimization.


  • 1. Google Analytics – Google Analytics helps you to get the detail overview on the overall website traffic. The dashboard contains following – Realtime, Acquisition, Audience, Behavior and Goal. This helps to get the detail information on website traffic.
    This is one of the most essential tool and easy to configure and integrate over the website.
    Click here to experience Google Analytics.

  • 2. Google Search Console – Google webmaster/ Google search console is also known as one of most effective tool to check the health of website. It provides very detail information on website crawling, indexing, sitemap, robots.txt and security related issues. Click here to experience it. ()
    By following few simple steps anyone can setup Google Search console.

  • 3. Google PageSpeed Insight – Google PageSpeed Insight is one of my favorite tool to check the website speed over desktop and mobile. The calculation I done of the basis of speed of the site over desktop and mobile. If the website score more than 90 out of 100 it means website speed is perfect.
    Google PageSpeed Insight also provides the detail overview on factors relating to website speed. Also provide recommendation on how to optimize the speed. Experience it now.

  • 4. GT Metrix – GT Metrix is also one of the most widely known website speed analysis tool. This a free and easy to use tool, where you have to specify the URL of the website and click on analyze. This is most extensively used tool.
    It also suggest the area of improvement. Want to try click here.

  • 5. SEO Site Checkup – This is a free tool and most extensively used by small organization and digital agencies to have the clear overview on the website current status as per SEO. It provides score out of 100 based on your website current status as per search engine optimization.
    It provides a detail report which seems to be very impressive to get the area of improvement. On the basis of recommendation, you can apply the changes on the website and can see the difference in organic visibility of website. Click here and test your website.

  • 6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner – Most widely use tool to identify the targeted keywords. This tool provides the competition and average monthly searches corresponding to each keyword. Apart of that you can use to find the region specific most popular keywords.
    Using Gmail id you can use this tool by clicking here.

  • 7. XML Sitemap Generator– If you are a SEO professional you are aware of how significance XML sitemap is for a website/blog? XML sitemap is basically created for search engine crawler to crawl and index web pages instantly. Based on the priority score, search engine give weightage to each URL.
    There is no need to create it manually. You just have to enter the URL and click on generate button. This free tool can work only for small website that have 500 URLs or less.
    Download it and later can modify it based on your requirement.
    Want to create the xml sitemap freely click here.

  • 8. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker – One of the best tool to check the uniqueness of the content. The copyscape free account let you check the content uniqueness of a website. The premium account provides the more detail report relating to duplicate content. click here and check your Plagiarism.

  • 9. Bing Webmaster Tools – Bing Webmaster tools is similar to Google webmaster tool to check the website health status like – crawling error, indexing, search, and links.
    Most of the webmaster using this tool to check the status of their website.

  • 10. Open Site Explorer – Open site explore is one of the top tool by MOZ. This provides a detail on domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), spam score and inbound link details.
    The free account provides few number of sites under inbound links whereas paid account provide the complete detail.
    Want to check the DA, PA, Spam Score and inbound link click here.

  • 11. Google Trends – Google trends is mostly used for the purpose of identifying the trendiness of a topic. We can use it for multiple purpose for SEO purpose. Using this we can identify the trendiest topic.
    Use it identify the trendy topics for your blog.

  • 12. Schema Creator Free Plugin – If you have a website and want to create schema, you can have lot of options. My favorite is All In One – Schema.
    Schema helps to improve the website CTR. Implementing it in right way can be very helpful to present the information in much interactive way over search engine result page.

  • 13. Domain Authority Checker – The page rank concept was over, now to check the significance of a website depends on its DA and PA. DA and PA is calculated out of 100. The more score you have, it means more perfect website you have.
    We can use this tool for link-building purpose. Those websites which are having good DA and PA, can target them for link-building.
    Check this tool now.

  • 14. Robots.txt Generator – If you are struggling to find the right robots.txt file generator tool, here is the link. This tool helps to generate the robots.txt file.
    Robots.txt file is very important for blocking the content from indexing over search engine. Over every website there are certain files and folder that you don’t want to index. Using robots.txt file you can block those.

  • 15. Structured Data Testing Tool– Google provides a perfect structure testing tool. If you want to test the structured data that you have implemented over website is working perfect or not? You can use it and test your structured data.

Summary – The above list 15 most effective SEO free tools seems to be perfect to improve website/blog organic visibility over search engine. The most important is to use these tools in a correct way. Try it now and experience the benefits.

Most Effective SEO free tools to improve organic visibility
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Most Effective SEO free tools to improve organic visibility
Find out most effective SEO free tools to improve your organic visibility over search engine result page. Explore now and start using it to boost the search engine ranking. 1. Google Analytics 2. Google Search Console 3. Google PageSpeed Insight 4. GT Metrix 5. SEO Site Checkup 6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner
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  1. This article is very informative.
    I am into this SEO profession from last 3 years and i was not aware of some of the tools.
    Once again thanks for sharing very useful SEO tools.

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