Blocking Categories and Tag Pages from Google Search Engine Indexing

Most of us facing the issue of indexing the tags and categories pages over search engine. In this blog post we are going to discuss in detail how we can block the Categories and Tag pages from indexing over search engine. As tags and categories page are the part of your website and its normal that Search engine spider or crawler index it.

Tips to block categories and tag pages from indexing over Google search engine –

  • 1. Use Meta Robots tag. Meta Robots tag compare to be best option in such situation

    Use the below mentioned tag in the header part of the page which you want to block i.e. tags and categories pages.
    <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex””>

    Robots.txt file can create issue for the inner pages which are the part of tags and categories page. So, avoid using it and use the Meta robots tag on page by page basis.
  • 2. Use Google Webmaster Tool

    Google Webmaster tool (link it) compare to be very useful as it helps you to block specific pages from Google indexing.
    Site dashboard -> Google Index -> Remove URLs

    You need to specify the URL here and submit it for hiding. It takes some time to remove the data.


Here, you can main page of tags and categories.

It will block all the pages corresponding to tags and categories form Google Indexing.

But before moving to this option you must aware of your urls which were indexed over Google. To do go to Google and perform following in search bar.


For example: If I am having a website and I want to check how much pages of my website was indexed in Google. In such case I will perform:

It will fetch all the index pages of your website over Google search engine.

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