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How to boost traffic of a website

Most of the businesses and marketers are struggling in boosting the traffic of their website. In this post i would like to highlight the most important elements that can play important role in increasing the traffic of a website. Apart of that there can be numerous factors on which marketing activities depends i.e company budget, which platform to target, resource and so many.

In this blog post I am going to discuss in detail the different factors and how a business can choose marketing plan to boost the traffic. There are lot more factors that can be an important element in deciding marketing plan – Budget, source and platform.

Before start discussing each factor let’s first explore the Digital Marketing ways which can be an important in increasing the traffic of a website –

  • 1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • 2. Social media optimization (SMO)
  • 3. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • 4. Social media marketing (SMM)
  • 5. Email marketing

Now, move into detail and get the deep insight on digital marketing. We are going to discuss each in detail.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a process of optimizing a website by following search engine guidelines.

Let’s check the best part of SEO

  • • If you gain the visibility on the targeted keywords you can generate huge traffic from the website.
  • • Apart of other digital marketing techniques SEO is cheapest.
  • • Generate revenue.

The worst part of the SEO

  • • It’s a time consuming process.
  • • If the keywords are highly competitive, it may takes very long time to gain visibility

search engine optimization

The best practices of SEO

In our previous blog we shared a detail guide on SEO Checklist. To make your website SEO perfect start with the SEO checklist and follow the guidelines. Once on-page done you can start with off-page SEO activity. Below are the most common off-page SEO activities

  • • Question & Answer
  • • Press release submission
  • • Blog submission
  • • Guest posting
  • • Forum
  • • Directory submission
  • • Bookmarking
  • • Business listing/li>
  • • Review submission
  • • Article submission and marketing
  • • Blog Commenting/li>
  • • Doc and PDF sharing
  • • Infographics sharing

Social Media Optimization – SMO is a process of optimizing a website over social platform by sharing and engaging on various social platform and their communities and groups.

The best part of SMO

  • • This also compares to be economical.
  • • If you target right social platform, groups and communities you can generate good engagement.
  • • Also seems to be effective to create brand awareness over social platforms. Now a days social platforms having billions of users so targeting social platform is a great option to generate huge traffic.

The worst part of SMO

  • •Initially to build brand awareness you need to invest some budget over social platform to gain likes/follower. Once you have the follow than you can establish the user engagement.
  • On regular basis you need to contribute on groups and communities, otherwise you loss the brand credibility. This is a continues process.

social media optimization

The best practice of SMO

To make you social media optimization more effective you need to perform following –

  • • Join those social platforms that are effective for your business
  • • Join groups and communities that are related your services/solution/business.
  • • Always join those groups and communities that have more members. The more will have more engagement.
  • • On regular basis share quality content in the groups and communities.
  • • Make active involvement in the joined groups and communities by participating in the discussion./li>

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – SEM is a way to gain top visibility over search engine by paying money. Every search engine offers facility to get the top visibility instantly by paying money for each keyword.

What are the best parts of SEM?

  • • Website can instantly generate traffic by paying money.
  • • From the very first day website can generate huge traffic on any of its services/solution.

What are the worst parts of SEM?

  • • To gain visibility you need to pay for every click or impression.
  • • If you do wrong planning in terms of keywords selection, this can be very dangerous.

search engine marketing

What are best practices of SEM?

  • • Always choose right keywords that perfectly fit to your business.
  • • Select the right search engine to run your campaign.
  • • Optimize your campaign on regular basis to make your CPC low.
  • • Follow the guidelines.
  • • If require incorporate negative keywords.

Social media marketing (SMM) – SMM is the process of using social platform to gain visibility by paying money. There are so many social platforms like Facebook, twitter, linked and so many offers such facilities to run paid campaign.

What are the best parts of SMM?

  • • Best way to instantly generate traffic using social platform.
  • • Increase brand awareness instantly over social platform.

What are the worst parts of SMM?

  • • Need to invest money every time to generate product/services awareness.

social media marketing

What are the best parts of SMM?

  • • Always choose the right social platform that seems to be effective for your business.
  • • There are lot more options are available over social platform based on your requirement you can choose the type of campaign. Set the right campaign and target right audience group.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that makes a proper use of electronic mail to contact the audience.

What are the best parts of email marketing?

  • • It helps to reduce the overall time to reach the right audience.
  • • Easy to target audience using personalized message.
  • • Based on user engagement you can segment the database and in future can use it.
  • • With the interested customer you can have more frequent communication using emails.
  • • Reduce the overall cost of the sale.

What are the worst parts of email marketing?

  • • Email marketing effectiveness depends on the email marketing database. If the database is not effective you can’t generate the business.
  • • Email templates also play an important role. So, while designing the email template you need to design the engaging template.
  • • You need to have some automated email marketing solution to track email marketing activities.

email marketing

What are the best practices of email marketing?

  • • Before initiating the email marketing you need to have the perfect customer database.
  • • Need to have perfect email marketing solution. Which helps you to schedule and track the email marketing activities.
  • • Must do some brain storming before initiating emailer.
  • • Create the series of emailer based on the user types and their engagement.
  • • Identify the right days and time to shoot the emailer.
  • • On regular segmenting the database as per user engagement.

We have provided the detail insight on the most popular digital marketing techniques. Also explain the best practice relating to each techniques. For any query you can write your comment.

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