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Creating Under Construction or Coming Soon Page

In this article I am going to discuss in detail how to create an under construction or coming soon page using Godaddy. One of my friend recently purchased a domain through Godaddy account and he wants to host his domain on Godaddy server, which is available on some other account.

Now, here the challenge is to first do the mapping of the domain with the hosting and then create an index.html file. I will demonstrate the complete process and this will help you to create under construction or coming soon page over Godaddy server.

Now, the question comes how to map domain name with the hosting located on other server?
Login into the Godaddy Account

Move on to the Domain for which you want to create an under construction page or coming soon page. I have to host my site on Godaddy server which is the part of other Goddady account. In below screen you can see I have 4 domains and I have to host

change domain a record

Click on the “DNS”

A new page will open, here you need to make changes in the “A Record” of the website.

Before inputting the hosting correct A record you need to change what is the “IP Address” of the hosting, This can be checked by using cmd prompt.

In cmd window write –

Ping server IP Address.

I have hosted on the same server where I want to host

So to check the IP address I can do ping

command prompt

Here, you can see my server IP is

I will change the A record of the domain. In the below screen you can see I have updated the A record with the same IP Address –

change a record

Now, I have to create an under construction or coming soon page using over the site.

Move on to the C-penal of the hosting.

Click on “Addon Domains”

Enter “New Domain Name”

add domain name

After adding a domain a domain is created under the “File Manager”. In c-panel after adding the domain, you can click on the “File Manager”.

You need to create an index file with .html extension.

Below code will be perfect to create a perfect under construction or coming soon page.

index file

Open notepad, copy and paste this code. Create a file with the name index.html.

Upload the file over the server in the root of the domain by opening the domain – and upload the index.html file.

upload index file

Over the internet browser hit the website url and see that your website is live with under construction page.

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