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Targeting Domains To Specific Country

To have country specific traffic over your website is not a big issue. You can achieve this by following the few simple tips. Now a day’s company use to have multiple domains and each domain targeting specific country.

Now, the question comes how you can target specific country. Here, the tips that help you to achieve it.

  • 1. Buy the Top Level Domain Based on Geography
    If you want to target Australian audience go and have domain. For UK you can go for and similarly for the rest.
    If you have the .com or .org domain then its very difficult to target specific country over search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc. So, the best practice is to target country specific Top Level Domain. This helps you target the right country.

  • 2. Targeting Using Google Webmaster Tool
    Under Google Webmaster Tool there is an option that helps you to target specific country corresponding to domain. For detail overview you can explore our blog “Targeting country Using Google Search Console”.

    Below are the steps that help you to set the location targeting:

    a) Search Console Dashboard –> Search Traffic –> International Targeting
    b) Move to Country tab
    c) Select the desire country and tick mark the check box.

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  • 3. Server Hosting Location
    Location of the hosting matter the most. If you want to target in Australia you must host your website on Australian server. Based on IP address the website load faster and search engine crawler easy to identify the location of the domain.

  • 4. Backlinks
    Based on the Backlinks search engine identify the location as well. If a domain having backlinks from specific country it helps search engine crawler to identify the domain targeting region.
    So, here the important tips to acquire backlink from specific country:

    a) Identify the most important website from specific country using various off-page optimization techniques.
    b) Blog commenting
    c) Guest Posting
    d) Local Listing
    e) Directory listing

  • 5. Using Content for Targeting
    a) Write country specific content over your website.
    b) Use country targeting keyword.
    c) Integrate country targeting keywords in the title, Meta description and Meta keywords.

  • 6. Hreflang Attribute
    Use hreflang attribute to specify specific language and country in the source code of your website. This guide the crawler to identify the language and region you are targeting.

    <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-IN” href=””>
    <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-AU” href=””>
    <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-NZ” href=””>

    Here, you can see we are having two domain and targeting three languages English India, English Australia and English New Zealand.

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