Dynamics Customized Text AD

Google Adwords providing an option that offers you the functionality to create the “Customized Text” ads. Instead of creating multiple static text ads we can create Dynamics text ad. Based on the keywords, business data and time we can create the customized text ad. This is a dynamics text ads you don’t need to create multiple text ads. Using Dynamics text ad you can meet the different search query of user.

How Dynamics Text Ads work?

1. Ads updated on the basis of the current time.

2. Based on the following attribute the dynamics ad updates –

a) Products

b) Categories

c) Price

3. Target the right set of keywords which perfectly matching the search query.

4. Right use IF condition based on the device, time, audience, gender or age.

Set Up Ad Customizers

How to Set Up Ad Customizers?

Based on the query of the user and type of device we can set the Ad Customizers. Now, let’s explore how we can set up the Ad Customizer –

Creating Ad Customizer Data –

1. You need to define the custom attribute. Custom attribute consists of following

a) Device Preference

b) Scheduling

c) Start Date

d) End Date

e) Customer ID

2. The targeting attributes would be –

a) Targeted Keywords

b) Target keyword text

d) Target ad group

>e) Target campaign

f) Target Location

g) Target location restriction

Few of the important point you should keep in mind relating to Dynamics AD –

1. You cannot pause the ad customizer but yes you can pause the ad associated with ad customizer.

2. You can remove the data from the from the ad customizer. There may be a situation when you want to remove those dynamics ads that target user of specific region. In such case we can remove that particular row from the ad customizer.

3. If you delete the whole data set you cannot create the same ad customizer with same name. You need to create the new ad customer and upload the data set/attributes.

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