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What are most effective SEO Tactics?

In order to rank high and improve visibility over on search engine, SEO play a very important role. Now a day’s almost every website adopting search engine optimization practices. There are so many SEO guru and professional using SEO strategies to rank website. Now, I would like to share most effective SEO tactics that can play very important role.

search engine optimization tactics

Competitor’s Analysis – Before starting a business or launching a website you need to evaluate the website of competitors. Identify at least 3 to 4 competitors in your nice industry and who are really doing well over search engine. There are lot more tools available that helps you to evaluate competitor’s website. If you budget you can start with MOZ tool. This is really very helpful in order to check the website.

Using this you can perform following –

  • • Evaluation of website on-page elements
  • • Check their targeted keywords
  • • How they have optimized their website
  • • How many backlinks they are having

Selection of Right Keywords – As per your product and business type you can create a list of keywords which you can think user will search over search engine. Once you have created the list of keywords, use Google Adwords- keywords planner. Using this tool put your keywords and checks its searches and competition.

Here, are tips that help you to choose the right keywords using Google Adwords keywords planner –

  • • Pick the long tail keywords which are having good searches.
  • • While searching the keyword use location keyword this will really very helpful inorder to gain visibility sooner.
  • • Don’t target very high competitive keywords during initial phase.

On-page Optimization– Last month we have published a post on SEO checklist. This is a complete list of on-page optimization. There are so many on-page factors that play a very important role in ranking a website over search engine. Some of the important on-page elements – keywords targeting, content quality, Meta tag, heading tag, image optimization, canonicalization, sitemap.xml, navigation and website structure, robots.txt and more. To get the deep insight on on-page optimization check out blog-post – Most important on-page element.

Here, some of the useful tips –

  • • Keep optimizing on-page elements on regular basis, search engine crawler loves updated site.
  • • Always focus on development of high quality unique content.
  • • Avoid old gray hat and black hat SEO strategies of keywords stuffing, publishing duplicate content and more.

Off-page Optimization-Off-page optimization is nothing but to develop the backlinks from the nice site of high authority sites. While doing off-page optimization don’t always focus on getting the backlinks. Always start to build the relation. I would like to recommend some of the link building practices that really helpful are Guest blogging, Blog Posting, Question Answer and Forum.

Explore our blog post- link building strategies to get the insight on how to gain back links.

On regular basis you must evaluate your backlink. Ahref is one of a best tool to get the detail on following types of backlinks-

  • • Broken link
  • • 404 link
  • • Check links and their importance in terms of domain authority and page authority

seo tactics

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