Most Effective Way to Have Appealing Organic Listing

In this blog we are going to discuss the most effective way to improve our organic listing over search engine. Here, we are taking Google as a search engine and sharing the most effective way of improving the organic visibility of the website.

If you don’t have impressive listing over search engine result page you will loss all your clicks. The website with catchy title and description can attract all the visitor. Now, we are going to share most effective way of improving the organic visibility of the website.

Step 1 – You need to identify the website pages with low CTR.

The best way to check the web pages of a website with low CTR can follow the below mentioned navigation over Google Analytics

Google Analytics –> Acquisition –> Search Console –> Landing Page

Export all the data and check the landing page which is having low CTR (Click Through Rate).

Step 2 – Review the Title and Meta Description of the Landing page.

You need to review the Landing pages with the low CTR. Generate the new Title and Meta Description. These are comparing to be the most important on page SEO element. Make it more appealing. There is no fix length of the title. Google display the title in pixel form. The best practice is to have title of 65 character or less. To make it more appealing I am going to share some of the examples which work for you –

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Step 3 – Review the Meta Description of the Landing Page

Review Meta Description for all the landing pages those having low CTR. Need to optimize it in such a way which makes user to click on it and convert impression in click. The Google display the Meta Description in pixel form. The character limit should not be more than 160 character including spaces. Make the right use of 160 characters and write catchy description using targeted keywords. Make use of keywords in natural way.


Step 4 – Make use of Rich Snippet

Make use of Rich Snippet to provide additional information relating to the landing page and this seems to be the best way to improve the CTR of the page. Based on the type of landing page you have you can choose the rich snippet and implement it.

Rich snippet present additional information corresponding to the page.

These are the few practice which you can adopt to improve the CTR of your website over search engine listing.

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