difference between bounce rate and exit rate

Difference Between Exit and Bounce Rate

Most of the SEO professional are confused relating to the Exit and bounce rate. In this post we going to explain you in detail what are the difference between the exit rate and bounce rate.

What is an Exit Rate?

Every page on your website having exit rate. Exit rate is calculated for each page and this is the percentage of visitor who left/exit the page.

Exist rate us calculated by taking the total number of exits and divide them by the total number of page views.

exit percentage google analytics

Why Exit rate is so important?

Exit rate is one of the most important parameters that helps user to get the detail idea about how the user navigating on your website, from where they are exiting. Based on that you get the clear idea.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a single page session on your website. In simple term bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that hit your website on a given page and don’t visit any other page on your website.

Example – Visitor lands on your website home page from some source and leave your website without visiting any other pages on your website. This is a bounce rate.

Bounce rate is calculated by taking the total number of bounces and divide by the total number of visits.

Why Bounce rate is so important?

To check the bounce rate of your page you can follow the below mentioned steps using Google Analytics –

Go to Google Analytics –>Behavior –> Site Content –> All Pages

google analytics bounce rate

Here, you can see on the basis of page the bounce rate.

So, if your bounce rate is high it means it’s really dangerous for the website traffic. To sort such issue you need to first see the report with the help of Google Analytics and then start exploring which pages having high bounce rate.

Pages with the high bounce rate need attention. The below are the strategies which you can adopt to sort out the high bounce rate-

1. Need to integrate more content or improve the quality of the content.

2. Make some modification in the image.

3. Modify the user interface.

By making such changes you see there is some down in the bounce rate.

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