Google Ads Extension & Practices

Want to get the complete insight on Google Ads Extension and how to make perfect use of it?

In this article, we are going to explain all types of extensions – automatic and manual that Google Ads offer and how to use it to make your text ad more appealing and engaging.

Google Ads extension is one of the strongest and most important part of text ads.

What is ad extension in Google Ads?

Ad extension are the way to add additional information to your Google text ads to make it more engaging and helps user to get more information about your business.

Ad extensions helps you to show your business location, phone number, services/solution, rating, product price, app link and more.

google ad extension

What are the types of ad extension?

Google ad extensions are broadly classified in two main categories – manual and automatic ad extension.

Manual ad extensions are easily managed based on your requirement. As per your requirement, you can choose the best and customize it as per your requirement.

Manual ad extensions are –

  • Affiliate location
  • APP
  • Call
  • Callout
  • Location
  • Message
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Sitelinks
  • Structured Snippets

In automatic/automated ad extension, Google automatically pulls data using various sources to create an extension for your text ad. You cannot manage it.

Automated ad extensions are –

  • Automated call
  • Automated message
  • Automated sitelinks
  • Automated location
  • Dynamic callout
  • Previous visit
  • Structured snippets
  • Seller Ratings

Manual Ad Extension Best Practices

Affiliate Location Extensions

Affiliate Location extension helps people to find nearby location where you sell product. This type of extension works well for large brand who have their store across the country. Based on the user query relating to product, this extension show nearest store that sells your product.

How to make perfect use of Google affiliate location extension?

  • This extension is perfect for retail chain type of business, where you have so many store across the country.

App Extensions

App extension helps you to promote your app download with proper thumbnail, CTA button (call to action) and app thumbnail.

How to make perfect use of Google app extension?

  • To make it effective, integrate the conversion tracking for both IOS and Android.

Call Extensions

Call extension helps you to add phone numbers to your text ad, which improve the clickthrough rate. Mobile user can easily make a call by just clicking on the call extension button specified over text ad.

How to make perfect use of Google call extension?

  • Have the right set of keywords that helps to generate business.
  • Always integrate the right phone number.
  • For desktop user specify, “get call for free”.
  • To track the performance of each call you can enable the call conversion tracking in Google Ads with your Google forwarding number.

Callout Extensions

Callout extension helps you to specify the most important text that enhance the look and feel of your text ad. Callout extension is much similar to sitelink extension, without clickable links.

How to make perfect use of Google callout extension?

  • Easy specify the most important USP of your product/services/solution that attract user.
  • Help to improve the CTR of your text ads.
  • To get the best you can segregate the callout extension based on search term.
  • Specify all your important callout in 25 characters only.

Location Extension

Location extension helps you to show your store address and hours of operation on your text ad. This extension works amazing well to increase store visit.

How to make perfect use of Google Ads location extension?

  • This extension is more powerful when for you have local store and you want to increase the visit.
  • In order to integrate this extension, you need to connect with “Google My Business”.
  • To get the better result, integrate location extension with callout extension.

Message Extensions

Message extension one of a great extension that is specially designed for mobile user only. While enabling this extension, user/customer can see the button in addition to text ad on mobile device and using that user/customer can contact via text message.

How to make perfect use of Google Message extension?

  • This work for mobile user only. So, while implementing focus on the mobile user.

Price Extensions

Price extension helps you to present your text ad with pricing. Using this extension, you can present your product/services/solution with pricing.

How to make perfect use of Google Price extension?

  • Price extension works only when you achieve first position over SERP.
  • You can highlight 3 items/products/solution with pricing.
  • Always go for the unique URL for each of the item/product/service/solution.
  • To get the maximum of return, use price extension with call and location extension.

Sitelinks Extension

Sitelinks extension helps you to show more number of links relating to your product/services/offer in addition to destination URL.

This help user to get the clear view of your offering/services/product. The changes of click is more as compare to ordinary text ad.

How to make perfect use of Google Ads Sitelinks?

  • Maximum character allowed 75 characters.
  • On mobile 4 links are allowed whereas on desktop 6 links are allowed.
  • Sitelink work amazing with Broad Match Keywords.
  • Include most important services/offer/product in your sitelink for better outcome.
  • Always go for mobile optimized sitelinks.

Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured Snippet extension helps you to highlight three additional heading text of your business. This can be brand name, services, solution, products, and more.

How to make perfect use of Google Ads structured snippet extension??

  • This extension support 13 different types of heading – services, solution, products, style, courses, brand, amenities, destination, hotel, model, and more.
  • The character limits for each heading is restricted to 25 characters only.
  • To make it attractive keep is simple and catchy.

Promotion Extensions

Promotion extension helps you to advertise your offering using coupon and deals. If you are making perfect use of promotion extension in combination of price extension, you can generate good conversion.

How to make perfect use of Google Promotion extension?

  • Always select the right discount.
  • Landing page must the discount related information.
  • To get the maximum of return, use promotion extension with price extension.

Automated Ad Extension

As already mentioned above that sometime Google automatically pulls data using various sources to create an extension for your text ad. You cannot manage it. The best way to manage extension is to go for Manual extension only. You can easily manage it as per your requirement.

You get the clear overview on what are extension, its type and how to implement in a perfect way. Now, what are the benefits of having extension on text ads.

Benefits of having extension

  • Boost the quality score and text ad rank.
  • Improve the CTR to 10% and more.
  • Increase the number of click as compare to other competitor’s ad.
  • Improve the performance of ad over mobile phone.

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