Google Adwords offers numerous bid option and based on your requirement you can choose the bidding strategies. Generally we have three different types of bidding strategies i.e. clicks, impression or conversion. So, based on your requirement you can choose the one which perfectly fulfilling your requirement. We are going to discuss in detail what are the types of requirement we generally have?

Case 1: If you want to have traffic on your website, you must go with the click option i.e. CPC (Cost Per Click).

Case 2: If you want to create awareness of your brand, you should go with impression i.e. CPM (Cost per thousand impression) and VCPM (Viewable Cost per thousand impression).

Case 3: If you want to user perform action on your website i.e. filling the form or subscribing the services, you should go with CPA (Cost per Acquisition).

Let’s move deeper into Bidding Strategies!

Manual CPC Bidding

If you want to have full control over the bids you can choose the Manual CPC bidding option. Here, you can control the bidding based on your choice.

After setting the manual bid, all the keywords under the Ad Group will have the same bid.

You can control the manual bid at keywords level as well. By moving to keywords you can set the manual bid.


In the above print screen you can see there is an option called “Enable Enhanced CPC”. By enabling this feature Google Adwords will adjust your bid 10% up and down based on the keywords performance. For the performing keywords it will increase the bid upto 10% and for the non performing keywords decrease the bid upto 10%.

Automated Bid Strategies

Under automated bid strategies of Google Search Network you can have following option –

  • Target Search Page Location
  • Target CPA (target cost per acquisition)
  • Target ROAS (target return on ad spend)
  • Target Outranking Share
  • Maximize Clicks
  • Enhanced CPC (Enhanced cost per click)

Let’s discuss each types of automated bid strategies in detail. Before moving further let’s first understand what is automated bid strategies?

Automated bid automatically adjust your bid to achieve the desire result. So, based on our requirement we can choose the option from the types of automated bidding strategies.

Target Search Page Location

Under this option Google automatically set your bid to such number which help your ads to attain the top position over search engine result page.


Target CPA

Google Adwords automatically set your bid to receive as many conversion as possible. Google Adwords decides the CPA value based on the conversion activities of last few weeks.

In the below screen you can see the targeted CPA recommended by google 895 INR.


Target ROAS

Google Adwords automatically set your bid to receive as much conversion based on the average return on ad spend.


Target Outranking Share

Under this bidding option you can specify the domain which you want to outrank. Google Adwords automatically set your bid and help you to outrank the specific domain.

In the below screen you can see, there is a space for “Domain name to outrank”. Here, you can specify the name of the domain which you want to outrank.


Maximize Clicks

Under maximize click option Google Adwords automatically set your bid to have as many click as possible within specified budget.


Enhanced CPC

Enhanced CPC bid increase/decrease your bid upto 10% based on the performing and non-performing keywords respectively.


What are the criteria required to qualify for CPA Bidding?

  • You must enabled conversion tracking.
  • In last 30 days campaign must received at least 15 conversion or campaign must received conversion at the similar rate in last few days.
  • If you are already using CPA bidding and your conversion drops below 15 in last 30 days, CPA bid will remain enabled unless you trun it off.
  • If you stop the CPA bidding and in future wants to start you need to qualify the above 2 points.

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