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Google over its search engine present two types of result one is Organic and other is Paid. The paid ads run using Google Adwords. Google Adwords is compare to be one of the most effective way to run the PPC ads. Search ad is much more than title, description and URL. To improve the visibility of your search/text ad you can make proper use of Adwords extension.

What is Google Adwords Extension?

Google Adwords Extension are the way that help you to boost the performance of your ad by presenting it in an attractive way. Adding detail information by showcasing important information like services, location, phone no and many more.

Why Extensions are important?

There are numerous advantages of having Adwords Extension. The below are few of the advantages that you can avail using extension –

  • 1. Improve Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • 2. Improve Ad position over search engine
  • 3. Provide detail information
  • 4. Better customer engagement
  • 5. Improve ad conversion
  • 6. No need to pay extra

Is Extension Cost?

Google Adwords Ad extension does not cost any money.

Types of Google Adwords Extension?

Broadly Google Adwords extension are divided into two categories –

  • 1. Manual Extension
  • 2. Automated Extension

Types of Manual Extension –

  • 1. App Extensions
  • 2. Call Extensions
  • 3. Location Extensions
  • 4. Review Extensions
  • 5. Sitelink Extensions
  • 6. Callout Extensions

Types of Automated Extension –

  • 1. Consumer Rating
  • 2. Seller Rating
  • 3. Dynamics Structured Snippets
  • 4. Previous Visits
  • 5. Dynamics Sitelinks

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