As Google dominates the search engine and with more than 2 million advertisers, Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is set to continue the growth. Out of all the available ads options – Google text ads is the first choice to grab user attention. Text ads not only help you to reach online users but also target the right customer at the right time and improve online presence.

Writing compelling text ads is not easy as it sounds! You need to follow some of the best practices and guidelines to make it perfect. In this article we will talk about the Google Ads overview, characters limit, writing compelling ads and guidelines.

Let’s begin to explore it in detail!

Google text ads overview

Three most important component of text ads are –

  1. Headline – The first element of text ad is Headline and you have three fields each having 30 characters limit. Out of two one is optional so based on your requirement you can use. So, depending on the type of device – Mobile, Tab and desktop the heading may wrap into the second line.
  2. Description – Allows two 90 characters description fields that help advertiser to specify the description relating to the service/product. These two description fields give advertiser control on making ads more appealing and engaging.
  3. Display URL – Specify your final URL, not the landing page URL. Generally, advertisers specify the domain or product/service main page URL.

Character limits of text ads

  • Headline 1 – 30 Characters
  • Headline 2 – 30 Characters
  • Headline 3 – 30 Characters
  • Description 1 – 90 Characters
  • Description 2 – 90 Characters
  • Path – 15 Characters each

Text ads example

text ad example

Write compelling text ads

To write effective and compelling text ads you should be very specific on what you write and how to establish user engagement. Below are some of the effective tips to write compelling text ads –

  1. Highlight your USP – While writing text ads always include your unique selling point that makes you unique to the customer. This helps to grab user attention and click.

    While users search for a product/service they generally compare it with competitors and in most of the cases users perform some detailed analysis about the product/services. So, it’s important to incorporate USP in your text ad that makes your ad stand unique and best as compared to competitors.

  2. Include price, promotion and offer – Users are always looking for an offer or pricing that helps them to compare it with other services provided. So, if you are offering services at lower cost or discounted price then the chance of increasing impression into conversion is high.

  3. Enable right CTA – Adding right CTA text seems to be necessary to grab user attention and force them to click on the ad.

    Place a call to action text within the heading or description line. Some of the best example of call to action single word text are –
    • Buy/Purchase
    • Try
    • Get
    • Call
    • Save
    • Discount
    • Contact
    • Sell
    • Visit
    • Register

    Some of the example of call to action text that you can incorporate in your headline/description to capture user attention and improve impression to click ratio –

    • Buy Today & Save $20
    • Get Your Subscription Free – On Us
    • 30% Discount Avail Now
    • Save Money With Us
    • Grab $100 Instantly

  4. Match with the landing page – You ad should match the landing page. This not only helps users to get the detailed information about the services/product for which you have created an ad but also helps to increase the quality score of your ads. And on low bid get better ad position.

    Important tips –
    • Must have a dedicated landing page specific to each ad
    • Page should be responsive and user from different device easy to explore it in detail
    • Integrate the right form on the first fold to capture user data
    • Contain all important information about product/service that influence user decision

  5. Perfect for mobile and desktop users – While writing ads make sure it should be perfectly viewed on desktop and mobile. Your main offering should be visible on the first line.

    Within Google Ads there is an option of “ad preview”. So, after writing a text ad you can preview it on both devices and check how it is appearing.

  6. A/B Testing to get the best ad – Create multiple versions of ads and review the performance. Keep active the performing ads. It’s a good practice to create 3 to 4 versions targeting each ad group.

  7. Perfect use of Extension – Make perfect use of Google Ads extension to make your add more appealing.

Google Text ads guidelines

Some of the most important guidelines that you need to follow before writing the text ads –

  1. Must make the proper spelling and use of capitalization and symbols to all ads
  2. The information specified in the ads should be perfect and relevant to the landing page/targeted page
  3. Never use inappropriate content
  4. Google Ads restrict the use of adult content. So, if you are writing an ad for adult content must follow the guidelines
  5. Never use the trademark of others in your ads
  6. Follow the character limits

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